How Extroverts Should Deal with Social-Distancing

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 17,2020

Humans are pack animals! We need each other for our healthy state of mind. More so, some people need this phenomenon of socialising more than others. These groups of people are called extroverts.

With social-distancing at the forefront of our lives - till the time the world restores to normal, we must forget this definition of being pack animals.

While for introverts, social-distancing is not a tough nut to crack, for extroverts it is too frustrating to live without interacting with people. They are kind of people who cannot live away from their friends, going out, and partying. 

Therefore, COVID-19 and social-distancing has come up as an immensely frustrating scenario. For them staying at home, completely cutting off from the outside world is nothing less than some kind of a punishment. 

But, a positive outlook of any situation is always good for you and also people around you. So, when, to help yourself and to help the world therefore you have home quarantine yourself and live in self isolation, we will help you get over the hump.


We have created this list of things that will help extroverts deal with social-distancing. Read the full article to discover these helpful ways. Here we go:


Watch your Favorite Shows & Movies

There are a number of media to make this happen and deal with social-distancing. Today we can easily access the internet, we have Netflix, hotstar, television, and more where we can watch our favorite shows & movies. So, while you have got enough time to complete that list of top shows you have always wanted to watch. In the normal days, most times when you have free time, there are plans for party & meeting friends. So, why not to enjoy this part of the game with a positive frame of mind. So, without giving it any second thought just start this way of spending your quarantine period maintaining social-distancing.


Read Your Favorite Books

So, even if you are not a voracious reader, this is the time when you can expand your knowledge. There could not be any other way of expanding your knowledge than reading different books. The other way out would be (if you do not want to read something against your extrovert nature) then you can choose your reads accordingly. Maybe God has given us this time to do something special, something that we have never done before. 

And, if you are confused on how to choose this list of books that you must read, you can refer to a number of online sites. You search over various book suggestions & reading sites like good reads & any books. There are also great recommendations on various youtube channels. Believe it or not, but this reading habit will necessarily help in the long run. 


Cook Your Favorite Food

What is your favorite food? Do you like cooking? 

No matter if you like cooking or not, but during this period, we are sure you will love cooking something that you really like eating. And, more so when you have enough time. So, not just for extroverts, but anyone who really wishes to spend their period of quarantine in a better way. You can go for something  regional or can try something from a different country. If you are living with your family, getting feedback on your cooking skills by your family members. Till the time we are fighting the menace of COVID-19, you must keep yourself optimistic, positive & happy. 


Learn something New

This is the right time, if you have been thinking of learning something new - a particular interest or hobby. However, the reason for maintaining social distancing and living in home quarantine is not something to celebrate, but the good thing is always about being optimistic and doing things with a positive frame of mind. 

So, when you have a lot of time living at home, you can make use of this time for something good. Even if you are extroverted and it’s hard to live without your peers & friends, this is the only time when you can develop some other qualities to help yourself up in the future.

So, get into the shoes and learn something different that when you go out in a COVID-free-World, it’s about you. This one thing can be anything like singing, guitar, professional skills or anything. 


Start working on Your Dream Project 

So, have you been thinking of working on your dream project but because of the hoem & and office work you have not been able to work on this then this is the time. You have plenty of time to invest on your personal project. Even if you are working on weekdays for the office, weekends are all free and stress-free when you can start working on your project. Schedule every part of the day and then without procrastinating start working on this project. No one knows, in this adverse time, you might come out with something valuable and immensely great that can shape your future. Don’t wait, get going!!



So, these are some of the interesting ways, which can help extroverts to survive social-distancing and create something of value for themselves. While the world & Governments across the globe are fighting against fighting to get rid of these challenging times, you must support in this crusade. 


All you have to do is to be at home without cursing the situation or the Government. Unless we all come together, fighting this invisible enemy is not possible. So, even if you are an extrovert and have never thought about staying home for this long, you can do it now and help yourself & thus help the situation!


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