How to Use the Commute Time While You Work from Home?

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 17,2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19, work from home has become prevalent across industries. Social distancing is an important part of the preventive measure of coronavirus spread. Therefore, work from home is a common phenomenon these days.

While this has not happened out of any good reason, but there are many positive aspects to the same, if someone would contemplate. One of the most noticeable things is, you have all that time to make use of the way you have always wanted to, which you used to spend in commuting. 

There are plenty of ways you can make use of this commute time while you are working from home. While everyone can customize their time to fit in their schedule, we have jotted down some points that will surely help.


Let’s find out how you can fit in these ideas into your schedule to make the best use of the commute time during work from home. Here we go:



A Concentrated Audio Book Listening 


If that used to be messy listen to your favorite audiobook ~ that’s over for now. Because you have to switch between stations, go to the counter for tickets, answer the phone calls, you have not been able to complete even a single book in an absolutely concentrated way. But, now that you are away from all the mess, that unbearable rush through the crowd, it’s the time you make use of that commute time, sit in a quiet corner of your home and listen to your favorite book. Proceeding through after a blueprint plan would be the only great way to go about.

Prepare your Wodorous Wishlist

So, that is why you have not been able to prepare your wondrous wishlist? Because you spend a lot of time commuting to the office? You came back tired with no energy left to do anything as creative as preparing your wishlist. And, you are occupied on weekends with other things. So, now that you have all that time, why are you sitting back regretting the lockdown & quarantine? Isn’t that crazy? Hey! Get up make use of this time ~ if not more, you can make it a single stretch of two hours every day (spent commuting both sides, to & from the office). Pen it down whatever you wish for, show some more creativity, because you have more time to think peacefully. Do not wait - It’s time to act.


Pack Your Traveling Bag

If you have been thinking of packing your traveling bag for the next trip, this is the time you can do it right. Until I did not try on my own, I have never been able to understand why doing something big, bit-by-bit is a great idea. That comes up with something very solid and worth appreciating. The reason is every day when you return back to your work there is something new in your mind. So, you can make use of this commute time that you are getting on a daily basis in doing something as good as packing your travel bag.


Yoga & Stretching Your Muscles  

So, if this has been one of your concerns that you have not been able to consistently do some muscle strengthening stuff then this is the time. Taking into account this sudden outbreak of the deadly coronavirus that is absolutely health hazardous, YOGA is something you must practice regularly. And, if you are wondering where to cut through your time and dedicate it to yoga ~ you must think about the long commuting hours that you spend. You must dedicate at least 40 minutes two times a day including morning & evening. This Will not only help you make the best use of this time, but it will also enhance the immunity of your body. It will make you ready to fight the cruel corona and cut through the stress.


Creating a Serene & Tidy Reading/Work Space

If you are someone who understands depth, this must always have been on your mind. But, since you spend a lot of time in the office, commuting to the office, and doing other essential things. While you cannot cut through the office work hours, even when you are on work from home, you can always dedicate the time that you usually spend commuting to do something that you have always wanted to do. Guys! This is really a lifetime opportunity and you must make use of this time and get all your pending creative work that can be done from home. 



Everyday Video Call two People from your List


And, this can be really a game-changer in your life. These days we are all living in isolation. Those who are all alone will understand exactly what social interactions mean. Social interactions knowingly or u knowingly play an important role in keeping us all mentally healthy. Had this concept of social interactions had not been there, we would have more cases of people in depression than the cases of the corona. Had not there been the concept of family, friends, colleagues & of social life, there would have been another challenging situation for us to deal with. So, while you are working from home, and you have some extra time that you used to spend on commuting, you can make use of this time to build back all your relationships. Make a thumb rule to video call two people from your close circle (you have not been able to talk) every day. 


 Write Your Heart Down

So, one of the most amazing things about writing is that when you pen down what you feel ~ you kind of feel rejuvenating. If you have been wanting to try your hands-on writing, but because of the lack of time, you have not been able to get that motivation, this is the time.  And, why we say that because you do not have to commute to your work. You can peacefully work from home without any stress of traveling. So, you have all the time, you can sit quietly in peace, contemplate & write.


So, these are some productive ways to make use of your commuting that the work from home policy is saving for you. Let’s find optimism in every part of the quarantine, every part of our fight over COVID-19. This is how, together, we can win this battle against the invisible enemy - coronavirus.


Let’s be hopeful!

Let’s fight it with a positive mind frame!!


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