Top Positive Affirmations in the Times of Corona

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 16,2020

Positive affirmations in the times of Corona ~ does that sound strange to you? 


Why does everyone keep talking about being positive all the time?


What is this secret? Does it even work?


Whatever the secret maybe, but have you ever got entangled in a situation where you have no way to get out of it?


What do we usually do in such a situation?


We then Pray & polish our minds with positive thoughts! 


This result is, though intangible, it’s there. Persistent positive thoughts & being in an optimistic frame of mind can make magic happen. 


We are talking about those Positive Affirmations in the Times of Corona. You cannot give up. 


You have to fight back everything that comes with a positive frame of mind without burdening your mind about the results. 


According to a study by the Laboratory of NeuroImaging at the University of Southern California, we get 48.6 thoughts per minute. 


This means a normal human mind gets 70,000 thoughts per day. 


The average person has about 48.6 thoughts per minute, according to the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the University of Southern California. That adds up to a total of 70,000 thoughts per day. 


This is a huge number. The secret theory of thinking says that, if we keep thinking about the same thing persistently without stopping with a particular strong intensity, it miraculously turns into a truth anyhow. 


So, when we have nothing to fight this crisis of corona why not try the power of positive affirmations. Till the time we are confined inside our homes, why not sit back and repeat positive affirmations for fast recovery of the world. 


Without worrying about the results, we must try Positive Affirmations in the Times of Corona. Faith & conviction are powerful tools. They can provide you freedom from all types of fear. 


To help our readers, we have created a library of Positive Affirmations in the Times of Corona. Read below to find. Here we go:


Positive Affirmations in the Times of Corona:


1. I will exercise, meditate, eat healthily, and think healthily. I will fight & win over coronavirus, no matter what.

2. I will promise to show gratitude, love & happiness for having everything that I have. I will never regret things that I do not have.

3. I see myself happily and healthily walking on the streets. I can see myself chatting with my friends and meeting them. I promise to treasure the friendship & every companionship.

4. The outbreak of coronavirus seems to be a lesson to mankind. I will remember all the lessons that nature is trying to convey (as far as I understand).

5. I take everything including lockdown, self-isolation, and quarantine as a way of healing the universe.

6. With the outbreak of coronavirus, my faith in the almighty has increased manifold. From the bottom of my heart, I believe strongly in the existence of God.

7. Without regret for what has happened around in the last few weeks and months, I will focus on what is currently good about life.

8. Now I have become more compassionate, helpful, loving, responsible, and I care for everyone around me.

9. I bow my heads in the service of the almighty every day. With all my power & strength, I will contribute towards making the world a better place to live.

10. I will never hurt any living being including animals, plants, and human beings. I know everything and every single person I meet is important in my life.

11. I Know if not immediately, but surely I will be a free bird again. I can again walk fearlessly on the streets. God is sending more power in the Universe.

12. This is God’s way of strengthening the foundation of Human life. God is helping us release the negative energy and sink in the positive energy.

13. Every morning, I will wake up sending love, compassion, affection & more of positive energy to all those who are in Pain.

14. I promise to respect everyone and people of every profession including sweeper, maids, scavengers, and everyone. I know now, the difference we have created does not actually exist.

15. I love & respect every part of my body. I am grateful to the almighty for blessing me with such a beautiful, strong & amazing body. I’m grateful for my beautiful legs, hand, eyes, nose, and everything.

16. Nothing, but love completes me. I love everything and everyone around me. I feel loved every day. I’m living in abundance & happiness.

17. I’m grateful for everything including the water that I drink, the earth on which I stand, the air that I breathe in. I’m grateful for all the resources I have to lead a happy life.

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