Best Audiobooks for Travelers During Quarantine

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 16,2020

The one who travels, explores! The one who has the deep desire to discover everything that comes along is an explorer. The one who knows about the intricacies of the smallest of the things. The one who is always ready to move to the next location. And, the one who has always the keenness to befriend the universe is a traveler.


With this definition at the core of every travelers’ heart, it is quite tough for him when he is asked to sit quietly at one place. For most travelers, this period of quarantine feels in the similar way. Quarantine is like keeping them away from their life. 


But, there are always ways out there, which can help beat the blues something that would have been so impossible. One such thing that can help travelers during the period of quarantine is listening to top audiobooks. 


To help you travelers, we have prepared this list of the best audiobooks for travelers. Read the article to find. Here we go:


The Night Tiger (14 hours & 8 minutes)

Author: Yangsze Choo


This particular audiobook is going to be perfect, if you are in the mood for a road trip. Get into your cocoon, switch off all the lights and listen to a book, the feeling is nothing less than a road trip. 


Plot: It is the story of a hardworking dressmaker. He lives in a Malaysian village where something strange starts to happen.  A series of deaths in the village takes place. And, there are rumors running around about men turning into tigers. This amazing tale of the dressmaker is an incredible replacement for a road trip.


Before She Knew Him (10 hours, 15 minutes)

Author: Peter Swanson


This is an amazingly complex crime novel. You will love the idea of how all keeps you engaged in guessing the next move of the characters.  It’s interesting and definitely take you through an adventurous journey of an unsolved murder. This audiobook is perfect for you if you are in the mood of an adventurous trip. 


Plot: Like those trips of your life that have kept you up all night in thrill and excitement, the plot of this audiobook too will. It is a wicked thriller that never stops that much-needed joy of discovering a story. It is the story of Hen and her husband Lloyd when they have settled outside of Boston, Massachusetts spending a simple life.


Life Will Be the Death of Me ( 5 hours, 25 minutes)

Author: Chelsea Handler


Life will be the Death of Me is an amazing piece for travelers who wish to explore the most popular country in the world, America. The rawness with which the story & everything has been narrated is worth appreciation.


Plot: The book written by popular comedian Chelsea Handler will inspire you to keep discovering your potential no matter what. It is a story of a woman, who, at one point in her life, decides that there are enough of the privileges she has had. She then thinks that it is the time to do something meaningful, both for herself & the world at large.


True West (87 minutes)

Author: Sam Shepard


For the ones who are dreaming of vacation through the West, this dark comedy and American classic is the perfect thing to listen to. It’s the best audiobook to grab if you want to feel that punch of adventure surrounding you. Based in the California desert, this is a story of sibling rivalry.


Plot: The story is about that of the two estranged brothers Austin and Lee, who have reconnected after a series of events in both of their lives. In the story, the two brothers see each other after five years of their estrangement. Be a patient listener and listen to this interesting story that can keep anyone engaged.


The Pioneers (10 hours, 23 minutes)

Author: David McCullough


So, here’s this interesting piece of art for the history buffs! If you like discovering the history and are keen to know the story from the past and right now you are in that mood of historical discoveries then this audiobook is for you. Grab a bowl of some home-cooked popcorns, switch off the lights and get through this incredible historical journey.


Plot: The Pioneers is the story of the period, when settlers from Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Wisconsin have first set out to rule the American Northwest. There are also some of the real-life stories of the subjects of the book.


The story has been narrated around five of the key characters - Cutler, Ephraim (Cutler’s son), Putnam, a man who has an architect from a carpenter, and a physician (who later became a popular name in American science). The Pioneer is the story of their courage to build a town in a primeval wilderness in spite of a huge number of difficulties like fire, flood, beer, wolves & more such. It’s about how they did not let any obstacle be a hindrance to what they aimed for.


So, these are the top five audiobooks that will help you not miss those amazing trips and vacations. While many people are wasting their time, blaming the situation, making it an issue to have been locked in with no option to do anything creative with what they are doing, you can make your way in a positive way.  


By listening to these beautiful stories, you will make sure that the zeal to discovery has not got any break. You will realize that it's an ongoing process and can go on every day in every situation if you are creative enough. Make your virtual travel possible while in quarantine.


Stay Home, but don’t forget to Roam!

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