Top Ways Virtual Trip Can Reduce Anxiety

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 15,2020

Virtual traveling is the need of the hour! It’s time to release our stress away to a foreign land.

The COVID-19 in a way has tried to empty our bucket list, striking off our travel plans conveniently. The virus suddenly has brought about a halt on our dream travel plans. Our euphoric plans have gone for a toss and our anticipated castle of dreams has been sabotaged. With a change in our traveling plans, the stress level has been boosted all across the globe and thus it is important to get rid of the anxiety caused by the pandemic. No fear when technology is here!

The movie Harry Potter quotes, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, but only to those who remember to turn on the light”. And here virtual reality stepped in to ensure that you find your long lost happiness. Traveling is a unique experience that has the power to bring a plethora of positive emotions that can be felt throughout our bodies. However, resorting to the reality it is physically impossible for us to book tickets, fly to our favorite destination, check-in a five-star hotel or even enjoy a Thai spa and thereby pointing an arrow towards the virtual world. With all the time in the world, we can virtually travel to feed our desperate souls and release our stress away. 

Let’s talk about some magical ways which help us travel virtually and reduce our anxiety in a snap. You might want to pen it down!

1. Several networks feature shows, which are deeply connected to travel and tourism, are available on the internet. Documentaries, practical shows and reality shows portray video content covering continents all across the globe. Furthermore, many travel shows also show beautiful places which help us calm down our nerves; it acts as a stress buster! With the advancement of technology, such content can be streamed from any desired OTT platform. From food streets to adventurous animal safaris, mountain climbing to scuba diving, such fascinating experiences can drive in vessels of positivity. Such content prompts us to explore the beautiful world and with the current physical isolation taking place worldwide; it only provides us an escape from reality. Forget the world outside and dive into the pool of the internet. 

2. Undertaking the journey through words: given the resources to us today, we cannot give the excuse that the bookstores are closed due to the pandemic crises since a wide range of content is available on the internet. We can buy books online and read the beautiful journey of the author simply with the help of a screen. Such books can be chosen based on their reviews and ratings. Thanks to the lovely bookworms out there. Readers can simply immerse themselves in the fantasy world and travel places through their imagination. One can learn about different places through books and distract themselves from the chaotic situations we’re surrounded by. This definitely prompts us to visit the beautifully described places; the way every part of the story has been knitted only wants to make us experience the place ourselves. By reading books we are just reminded of the fact that the globe is a treasure trove of beautiful places, exotic cultures, grandeur monuments, magnificent flora and fauna, artistic corners, divine mountains, and sparkling rivers. Thus, one looks forward to undertaking such delightful journeys filled with positivity. It helps us to forget about our negative entangled thoughts and urges us to focus on the pretty picture where we could be happy.

3. Virtual Reality is one unique medium that transports us to another world while we’re still physically at the same place. Physical limitation can never be a reason we can give up on our bucket list, right? Thus, this magical technology takes us to places beyond our imagination, makes us want to trek on the Himalayas and dive in the Caribbean Sea all at once. We can all be temporarily stuck with the four walls but thanks to virtual reality that we can travel across the entire globe simply by choosing our destination on the screen, nothing more nothing less. In our favor, one does not even have to deal with fellow tourists in the most crowded places. Forget standing in lines for your favorite dolphin show, you can just sit on the front row without waiting for hours. From the historic museum to the International zoo, you are just a click away. The eye-popping scenery will just make you fall in love with the idea of traveling. Once a person has magically traveled to his bucket-list place, there is nothing but joy! And feeling such emotions in such a situation is the need of the hour. Any person feeling depressed can literally be happy again without physically moving. Sit on your couch and feel the joy! Virtual reality makes you forget what is happening around you and forces you to feel and sense everything you can see on the screen instead. Drop your anxiety-filled and stressful thoughts at your favorite destination and come back!


While there are certain applications which are designed from the motive to travel the world in 360-degree experience are ideal in such situations. Just imagine sitting on the elephants in Africa, skiing in the Alps, enjoying the view from Eiffel Tower and sailing around the Pacific. Does it not drive in the sudden urge to download these apps and experience your personalized vacations? 


As a matter of fact, the WTTC has asked the governments across the globe to rely on Virtual reality in such a situation. It only helps us to relieve our stress and enjoy the beauty of some of the greatest places on Earth. People can just lie down on their couch, visit Bali or Maldives and plan an actual trip after the lockdown. In no small measure, virtual reality has helped people gain confidence in traveling. This technology sizzle has made it possible for us to look at the brighter side. It has definitely made people happier!  It made you and me happier!

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