Why Hamburg, Germany for Your Post-COVID Travel Plan?

So, what is the best thing you can do during quarantine? Did you just say - a Post-COVID Travel plan? Sounds amazing! You have got the right kind of idea, really an encouraging one. 


Let’s help you with this Hamburg vacation. It’s a beautiful state in Germany & has absolutely amazing things to discover. Since the time of the medieval Hanseatic League, this part of Germany has been an Internationally recognized port & free city. The Hamburg city ranks second in the list of busiest harbors in Europe. 


And, it is this constant ebb and flow of seafarers that have made Hamburg one of the most favorite tourist attractions for travelers from around the world. From the peace of its canals to the Alster lake in summer to the many other beautiful tourist attractions, there is something to explore for everyone. 


Why do we say that Hamburg, Germany for Your Post-COVID Travel Plan is the perfect thing? Is it because every single second the city is changing & transforming? So, after the quarantine & the crisis of corona gets over, don’t wait anymore. Get on this amazing journey of a lifetime. 


You can find everything about Germany & Germany vacation packages at leisure.com. However, to give you an overview of this tremendously beautiful part of Germany, we have collected interesting information about some of the top tourist attractions in Hamburg.


Let’s make use of your time in quarantine by knowing about some of the most amazing tourist spots in Hamburg. Here we go:




With a height of over 100 meters, the Elbphilharmonie is the tallest inhabited building in Hamburg. The official announcement of the same was made in the year 2017.


The amazement of this beautiful edifice has often been compared to that of the sails of a ship & a quartz crystal. It is absolutely a unique creation of the Herzog & de Meuron, which, in spite of this huge height, it has never compromised in its quality. 


Around 1000 curved windows alongside the glittering facade are something to die for. And, the Plaza, which is an observation deck, makes it look all amazing. With space for around 2,100 spectators, the Great Concert Hall will keep you glued to its surroundings. With tourist spots like Elbphilharmonie, you should not miss considering Hamburg for Your Post-COVID Travel Plan.


Kunsthalle Hamburg


It won’t be wrong to say that Kunsthalle is going to justify you choosing Hamburg for Your Post-COVID Travel Plan. Strolling around from Hauptbahnhof, between the Binnenalster and Außenalster is definitely a great retreat for your travel experience and is one of the best museums in Germany. And, the masters like Lucas Cranach, Rembrandt, Goya, and Rubens are additions to its galore.


The 19th-century gallery has some of the most amazing collections including Max Liebermann, Caspar David Friedrich, Gauguin, Degas, and Manet. And, the modern gallery and contemporary art take you through the exploration of Franz Marc, Paul Klee, Francis Bacon, Joseph Beuys, and more.




Listed among the World Heritage Sites, the Speicherstadt is also referred to as the city of Warehouses. It has an amazing atmosphere of its own that differentiates it from other parts of the city. 


It was in 1888 when Hamburg finally joined the German customs zone. And, at the same time, the preparation of working on a warehouse district for its free port began. Under this program, the Zoll Kanal residential centers were removed. In the place of the Zoll Kanal residential centers, storage facilities were built. 


The warehouse was built with Gothic Revival architecture. Waking through these red-brick canyons will make you realize why Hamburg, for Your Post-COVID Travel Plan is the perfect thing. The wonderful decoration on the gabled facades is a perfectly amazing thing to witness. While some parts of the warehouse have become apartments, some into tourist attractions and a part of it still exists to serve the purpose for which it was actually built (for storing tea, coffee, spices, electronics, and other items).


Other top attractions to explore in Hamburg for your Post-COVID travel plan:


4.International Maritime Museum

5. Miniatur Wunderland


7.Planten un Blome

8.St Paul

9.Harbour Boat Tour


11.Elbe Tunnel

12. Außenalster

13.St Michael’s Church



So, these are some of the most amazing places to enlist in your Post-COVID travel plan to Hamburg. You are a traveler, and this much creativity is evident. With this precious moment, when we are all under quarantine in the confines of our home, we must know how to make use of this time. You plan your upcoming top vacations and update your bucket list. 

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