Lessons from Past Travels to Better COVID-19 Quarantine

“A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”– Duke Ellington


This Deep & intense thought has been so beautifully & simply conveyed by the statement. 


So, have you been giving this huge problem of Corona, a chance to ruin your peace of mind or are you joyfully and courageously taking this opportunity to do your best during the period of COVID-19 quarantine?


Quarantine and social distancing are not simple terms. Particularly for the ones who have a fear of confinement. In general, it’s quite a tough battle for travelers & explorers. But, everything, every time, and every situation have something good about it.


No matter what part of the world you belong to, If you are a traveler, you can better this period of COVID-19 quarantine with the lessons from your past travel experiences. 


For your convenience, we have worked out some of the interesting ways that can help you make the most of this period of quarantine. Let’s get started:


Lesson 1 from the Past Travels: Show Your Gratitude to the Universe


How to Use Lesson 1 During COVID-19


So, if you have traveled in the past voraciously, you will understand how important is the beauty that the universe has provided us with. You must have known how it has given your life a differently amazing direction. If you have actually traveled in the past, you will understand how it has shaped your life. Wandering around must have made you realize what precious gift we are all blessed with.


While you are in quarantine, fighting the disastrous COVID-19, just make sure that you are making use of this lesson. While you are away from nature, the beautiful things universe has given us, be grateful for every little thing. Every day, when you get up early in the morning, say thank you to the Universe for all that it has provided to mankind. 


The best way to spend this time of quarantine is to keep calm and be grateful to the Universe!


Lesson 2 from the Past Travels: Learn Something New


How to Use Lesson 2 During COVID-19


If you have traveled across the world, you must have developed the keenness to learn new things. Having traveled to different places, you must have found that people from different parts of the world have different things to teach. And, these journeys might also have taught you the art of being confident. It might also have given you the mindfulness to develop a different perspective for life. Learning new things feels you with all the confidence and love for life.


So, while you are quarantined, you might use this time to learn something new & something interesting. This way, you would be able to utilize this time optimistically, getting something good of this unforeseen situation.


For better utilization of this time, you can contemplate and decide which area of life has been left behind in the rat race. And, after this contemplation session, you might choose one or two that you want to focus on at this point in time. You can also learn a language or a new skill for your profession. For travelers, starting a travel blog would be an amazing idea. But, this will completely depend on where you would like to focus.


Lesson 3 from the Past Travels: Keep your Connection Alive with Family & Friends


How to Use Lesson 1 During COVID-19


Family & friends are always important! This period of quarantine must have made you realize the importance of being with people around. This is the time when you can make those connections once again alive. 


Many times, while traveling through different parts of the world, you must have realized why it is important to be surrounded by people. If you have had the opportunity to go for a solo trip, you must have realized why you need them at various times.


So, while you have a lot of time in quarantine, you can create a list of all of your family members and family. You can follow the list to connect with all of these people who matter in your life. You can make the most beautiful use of this time by doing so. 


Lesson 4 from the Past Travels: Get Surrounded  with Positivity & Optimism


How to Use Lesson 1 During COVID-19


So, if you have traveled through the world, collecting new & different things. As a traveler, you must vividly understand the importance of getting surrounded by positive things and of being in an optimistic surrounding. 


While you are at your homes in quarantine, make sure that there are a lot of plants, sunlight & a vent for natural air in your home or where you are spending most part of your day. Collect colorful pictures, make a collage and keep it in any part of your room. This will further help with productivity & optimism.


Lesson 5 from the Past Travels: Keep Calm and Don’t Lose Hope


How to Use Lesson 1 During COVID-19


One of the antidotes for fighting this unforeseen crisis of coronavirus is keeping calm and not losing hope. For travelers, this concept must have been easy to understand. While traveling around, they might have had to face several challenges, where learning the importance of keeping calm in challenges like this is essential.


So, while we are quarantined, locked in our houses, we must make sure that we are not losing our hope and keeping calm. Nothing is as big as hope & faith in what is being done and what you are doing. There is a day after every night, therefore, keep this chain of life beautiful, help Mother Earth in this process of restoration, and be hopeful.

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