Super-Cool Virtual Vacation Spots During Quarantine

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 13,2020

With COVID-19 at the forefront, everything else is going Virtual. So, why not virtual vacations? Stop just talking about a virtual vacation, make it happen, right here right now. 


COVID, social distancing, quarantine - you can now see an opportunity in every part of this world crisis. And, Traveling is also possible! Wondering how? 


There are a number of tourist places that are providing virtual vacation experience for their regular and new customers. So, all you have to do is find out about these service providers or the tourist destinations where such a facility is available and request for a service.


Isn’t it easy & a super-cool Idea? It is guys! In fact, no one should not miss this unique opportunity.


To help people with their quest to travel and discover the world, we have researched and created this list of those places which can turn your dream of virtual vacation into reality. 


Let’s drift over the seductive landscape for an upbeat & positive attitude towards quarantine & social distancing. Read the article to find the list of these virtual vacation destinations. Let’s get started:


Leverage the potential of Virtual Vacation while you are self-quarantined inside your home:




Experience various vivifying Virtual visits throughout Florida as organized by the tourism board of the city. Sitting at home, now you can bring the magic of the Sunshine State at your home. From the underwater videos to the beach view, you will enjoy this Virtual vacation not any less than any real vacation.


Top activities to Do on your Virtual Vacation to Florida: virtual go-karting, streaming IMAX films, floating down a lazy river, and more.


The tourism team will also share some fun activities to do from home. You will be shared with some local recipes, musical night experiences will be taken to a virtual art tour of the Salvador Dali Museum, and experience live-beach webcams. 


You will also be given the freedom to enjoy the Miami region’s live webcams. You will enjoy an underwater coral reef cam and sweeping beach views. So, there is nothing to worry about being in quarantine - you can still travel a long way.


New York


New York City gets you a bouquet of experiences from the comfort of your homes. This unprecedented experience is all about banishing the blues of sitting at home & not being able to explore new places. 


The NYC Go has all prepared itself from the empirically evaluated travel trends from the past. From genealogy discovery lessons with Ellis Island to live streams of performing arts, you will get to see & experience every part of the beautiful city. You will experience virtual exploration of the Botanical garden with this virtual experience. 


In addition to that, with New York City ballet taking a free ballet class on Instagram is an amazing part of the whole show. On the Instagram Live channel of various hotels, you can tune into for Monday Movie Nights, a Weekend Reads book club and more. 


Top Activities to Experience on NYC Virtual Tour: virtual experience of Niagara Falls, the state’s brewers association virtual happy hours experience, a baby goat cam from local skincare brand Beekman 1802, and more.




You have this opportunity to see Amazing Australia from the comfort zone of your home during the quarantine. Through the YouTube channel of Tourism Australia’s 360-degree aquatic and coastal experience the beauty of the country. You will enjoy the waves rolling in along the Great Ocean Road, discover Tasmania’s Three Capes Track magical scenery, and enjoy watching the amazing scenery over the Sydney Harbor.




With this brief foray into the world of travel & vacationing, Chile presents to its customers with this lifetime opportunity to see the spectacular tourist attractions of Chile from the comfort of your homes in Quarantine. 

With the free app Chile 360, you can discover some of the most exotic tourist attractions of the country and make your dream come true. Through this app, you can see top tourist attractions like Torres del Paine, Easter Island, the Atacama Desert, and many more. You can also go on a discovery of the natural landscape, arts, and culture of the Santiago Chile observatory and the National Historic Museum. So, while you cannot go out and have to inculcate social distancing as a part of your life, enjoy this virtual tour of Chile so that you can use them later on a real trip.




The European nation Malta has tied up with Google Arts & Culture so as to help travelers & explorers go on virtual tours through beautiful Malta. The idea is to beat the blues of being confined behind the doors of your home in quarantine. Now, even when you cannot step out and go on a real tour, you do not have to just sit and keep missing these spectacularly beautiful places. From temples to forts to museums, UNESCO Heritage Sites to many of the amazingly built archeological sites, you can now see everything that is a part of an extremely enjoyable vacation.




Right from your computer screen from the comfort of your home in quarantine, you can now travel through the vineyards in France, climb across the Louvre, and climb the Eiffel tower. The France tourism board also has created a list of movies & books for travelers to enjoy while they are under confinement in their homes. So, there is nothing that you will have to miss when you cannot travel in real life.


So, these are some of the destinations that have opened their virtual vacation option for their travelers while they are under quarantine. Other than the above-given destinations, places like Japan, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, San Antonio, TX, Sonoma, CA, have also opened themselves for virtual tours & vacations. With these amazing opportunities, nothing can keep you away from your favorite location and from the dream of exploring the world. Just Go & Grab this opportunity!



Stay Home, Stay Healthy - Fight COVID-19!!


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