9 Unique Ways to Celebrate Siblings Day 2020 in Quarantine

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Apr 09,2020

Do you love your siblings? It may be hard to say aloud, because of the superficially tumultuous equation you must have been sharing. 


But, deep inside, you know, all that matters is love, the immense love for each other. All that matters is the fondness for each other that the musketeers of your life have had together. 


Siblings Day which is celebrated on 10 April every year celebrates this never-dying bond. The power, strength, and support brothers & sisters give each other are unmatched. 


They are the once, we have been living together since we were born, and it feels absolutely impossible imagining life without them. Most times, you fight, make irrelevant comments and complain about each other. Yet, you know that the unseen love-bond is beyond anything and you will cross all boundaries to protect your siblings. 


Siblings day celebrated every year on April 10th is about appreciating that ever-lasting bond. Let’s find out in brief about Siblings Day and how it came into being. Here we go:


A Brief History of Siblings Day


Having had lost both her siblings in an accident, Claudia Evart was extremely in pain. And, to celebrate her love for her siblings, which she lost in an unfortunate situation, she started celebrating National Siblings Day on 10th April, which was the birth anniversary of her late sister.


And, in line with her celebration of love for her siblings, the day is now celebrated internationally. Much as Mother’s Day & Father’s, which are about family values, relationships & affection - International Siblings Day is also a celebration of the relationships we have been born with. 


Given the significance of this popular day and the impact it can have on your relationship, let's work out some of the best ways to celebrate Siblings Day while in quarantine. You definitely need to tweak around the celebration during the times of quarantine, social distancing, most of all COVID-19. Read below to find out the best tricks to celebrate & surprise your siblings during quarantine:


Living Away? - Give them a call!


While the world is hit-hard by the disastrous effect of COVID-19, and we are, therefore, quarantined to maintain distance from those who are infected. 


So, in case you are living away for a long time quarantined inside your houses, you have plenty of ways to celebrate Siblings day and surprise your sister or brother. Keeping the connection alive is something very valuable that this invaluable time has given us.


So, just as a way of celebrating Siblings Day 2020, take out your phone and give them a call. Get prepared for a long call. While you may be calling each other every day, this has to be special and different. 


If you are more than two siblings, go for a conference call and say everything good that you have in your mind (that you never had said). And, also reminisce about the past childhood memories and anecdotes that have made your relationship so strong & growing. Add to it some fun elements. The best idea is to prepare an overall script for your call (sounds creepy, but that has to be special anyway).

Living Together? - Be Together the whole Day!


The second thing would, you might be living under the same roof. So in that case, you have a bundle of opportunities to surprise your siblings. The fact that you people are together, makes out that you have been lucky in that way.


So, even if it’s just about staying at home and you cannot go out and party, you can do amazing things at home. The best is about staying together for the whole day and sharing individual stories from each other’s life. 


The other way is catching up with a bowl of popcorn and watching a movie or a Netflix series together. You can do small things for him/her that you usually fight for - like you can bring a glass of water in the middle of the movie or maybe some snacks. This will enhance your bond and both of you will realize how it has been so wonderful being together.


Want to Wish Them? Send an Ecard!


While because of this menace of COVID-19, you cannot send a physical Siblings Day card, but the technology has made this game simple for you. If you really want to wish them and show you are here, you have plenty of e-cards, you can choose from. 


Choose the one that best showcases that feeling of your heart & send it to them. Another way out is, if you have a friend or an acquaintance who is adept in designing an e-card, you may ask for their help and get it customized the way you wish to. If there’s a way out to add a “NOTE”, it would be wonderful. So, this is another amazing way to celebrate Siblings Day 2020.


Want to Gift something? A DIY Gift is Perfect!


DIY gifts have always been an amazing way of making your loved ones feel cared for. It's always been appreciated. And, in the times of quarantine when you cannot buy anything for them and cannot lure them with costly gifts, DIY gifts would be perfect. But, make sure that you are going to do something occasion specific and unique. 


There many ways you can surprise your sibling. Just collect some rare pictures (from your mother or elders) that your siblings have not seen in quite some time. Then make a collage video using these pictures incorporating a tune that matches the occasion (showcasing sibling Love).


Want to Connect to the Family? A Group Video call will Do!


Although the day is about sibling love, it’s also about connecting the family. Every celebration is, in fact, a way of connecting each member of the family. So, while COVID-19 has played this prank on us, it has quarantined us all inside our houses, and we are working from our homes, it has unknowingly come up with good things too. 


Now, we have enough time to connect with our loved ones. We now have enough time to talk about things we have forgotten about. We have enough time to contemplate the kind of life they have been living. So, you have occasion also, so why just to celebrate with your sibling. You can involve the whole family. For the ones who are living together can enjoy the quality time together. And, for those who are living far apart, you can connect via a video call (group video call). Sounds interesting! Involve every single person of the family in the loop.


Missing Them Genuinely? Remember them Heartily!


For those who have unfortunately lost their siblings, this is the perfect way to remember them heartily. While, all these years, every second of the day, you miss them, but Siblings Day 2020 is a special time of the year when you must remember them. 


On Siblings Day 2020, what you can do is remember them the whole day. One of the best ways would be to cook something that he/she liked the most. What you can do is, call upon some of the underprivileged children from your neighborhood and feed them with this food. This would surely establish a soulful connection with your siblings who are watching you from the heavens, being proud of you.


Want to feel like a child all over again? Recreate pictures from childhood!


So, because you are in quarantine, you have enough time & energy to recreate those childhood pictures. Remember the most memorable picture that you have & your siblings always loved looking at. For this occasion, a picture that reminisces of the funniest in your relationship is the perfect thing. On siblings, Day 2020, pose around in a similar way and recreate that moment.


Want to Confess Your Love? Create a Social Media Post!


Siblings don’t usually confess their love for each other. This is because of the kind of equation they share. Fights and competitive spirit are all that this relationship has looked like. But, there’s another side of the coin too. 


So, if you have siblings and you have been looking out for that perfect time to confess your love then this is the time. In the Digital World, when you can say it all from the comfort of your homes, the best way is to write a social media post (a palpably moving one). 


Design a Facebook or Instagram post consisting of a wonderfully palpable piece of content along with a childhood picture of you both. So, while she is resting or doing her stuff in the neighboring room, you can post it and surprise her (without giving any clue).


Want to fight together COVID-19? Spread the Message of Staying Home!


This siblings Day 2020, you can contribute to the society & to the world to showcase the siblinghood we all share. The need of the hour is to spread the awareness of staying home, spreading the awareness about social distancing, coming out to help people who are in need, and strengthening the hope of people. Celebrate this siblings Day 2020 with a uniquely broader perspective showing camaraderie with the world at large. Be one, be hopeful!!


So, these are some of the most interesting and apt ways of celebrating Siblings Day 2020. While you are not living & functioning like any other day with COVID-19 at the forefront, there is always room for doing what’s important for you in life. 

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