Items That You Can Ditch For An Easy Travel

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 09,2020

Everybody loves packing the Essentials but some go over the board by packing things that they might not be used on their vacation. It is always believed to pack light on your vacation but when you are going on a backpacking sort of traveling then even too much seems to be too little. But the correct way to go on a backpack vacation is to carry as little as you can. This will help you feel more freedom and give you more flexibility. A person only needs their wallets and passport along with some important documents only. Everything else can be taken or bought when you are on the stride.


There are people who make a big mistake by packing items that they might not even be using while they are traveling around. The one with experience knows what kind of hostels they would be staying back at, the kind of people they will be meeting and how no one cares about their appearance and the fashion. A Traveller never worries about their look and focuses more on experiencing the good moments of their travel. The pro-tip for any kind of an occasion is to always pack light and keep only the useful and comfortable things. Here is the list of the things that you can ditch on your backpacking travelcation.


Taking a big towel


Instead of carrying the ordinary towel that you use at your home, you can make it more travel friendly by using a towel made of microfibers. The normal cotton towel could be a little big and might not be travel friendly. If you want to go for a towel then you must take a microfiber towel as they are very much space friendly and even dries faster. When you are on a backpack vacation the place you would be staying is obviously a hostel and most of them don’t provide the travel facility hence you need to have one but one needs to be smart with their choices.


Too much of Denim


Carrying more than one pair of Denim or more than that could be a mistake. Only one pair of denim is enough for any kind of occasion or adventure you would be taking on. If you carry more than one pair then you might just be traveling with a lot of stuff. Denim is very hard to fold and it might be using more space. Instead of Denim go for a pair of jeans and pack light with t-shirts and comfortable shorts. It is better to take only one Denim even a denim jacket should be left at home.


Stylish shoes


If you are thinking of those stylish and comfortable shoes just to show off some fashion sense of yours then you might be wrong. When you are on a backpack vacation you must pack shoes that are comfortable and will give you full support during the harsh weather and difficult conditions. You must carry only two pairs of shoes; the one you would be wearing and one extra pair. You can even plan on taking some sneakers or some flip flops so that you feel comfortable all the time. None of the backpackers has a pair of glittery High Heels or some fancy shoes on their trip.




Keep it simple. If you want to carry your makeup kit on your backpack vacation then you are totally wrong. When you travel you will have very little time for your makeup. Nobody cares what kind of bronzer or highlighter you have used or if you have blended your make upright. The basic rule of any vacation is to let your skin feel free and time to breathe. As much as you want to have a fresh breeze of air, the same goes for your skin hence never carry a makeup palette with you. But if you are someone who can't survive without makeup then you can carry a Kohl and a lip balm. These two things are enough to make you look good in every picture you post.


Guide book


Why carry a guidebook when you have every information available on your mobile? The internet is a new guide book. If you were traveling a few years ago then a guidebook would have been essential but with the change in time, they are just a weight. Why carry additional weight when you have all the information and services that you want in your mobile.




You might want to flaunt your cool and cute umbrella while you are on the trip but they are completely useless now. Whenever you travel the first thing to do is to check out the weather there. Not every destination is rainy. Even if there is sudden rainy weather you can always invest in an umbrella from the country you are traveling to. But if you want to save some bucks and want to be prepared in advance then a rain jacket would be enough.


Carrying more than one electronic device


While you are on a vacation nobody needs a laptop and iPad both together. Also, nobody wants to carry a laptop until and unless you are supposed to work from home or from the vacation. Laptops are the unnecessary way that you would be carried and also they might get stolen. On the trip, you will get very little time to spend with your favorite laptop and a good smartphone with a good power bank is all you need for your backpack vacation. Vacation is all about staying offline and enjoying the time hence carrying more than one device would be a bad idea.




Nobody reads more than one book on their vacation. Even if you feel that you would be reading the book the entire time or at night while you are traveling then you are in the wrong notation. Even if you are staying at a hostel most probably they would be having a free library where you can read the book. Books are a heavyweight that should not be carried around. Even if you want to travel around with your book because you are a bookworm then also you may find book shops where you can read for free. There are many cafes Around The World that offer you a good cup of coffee and a book of your choice.

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