Top Tourist Spots To Visit On Good Friday 2020

Who doesn't like to hear the word 'holidays'? Spending some time away with your families, or even getting the opportunity to be on your own for some time gives a relief more than anything else in the world. And when the occasion is marked by some festival, then your visit becomes more of a celebration than a mere journey. An event like the Easter Holidays or Good Friday creates a special kind of vibe that gives a good boost and makes one organize something special on it. And what better than to visit a beautiful place that matches exactly with the occasion you're looking for.

Good Friday expects you to follow the same and everyone wants to make the best use of the weekend. To help you plan it better, here's some ideas that can help you decide the kind of place you want to be at. In most of the cases, people want to be away with their families. So keeping that in mind and also certain special features associated with the destination that will keep you glued to them. Have a look at them to make your weekend special for Good Friday

Rome, Italy

What better than the capital of Catholicism itself in the western world. But don't get stuck by its religious aura only. It has a lot to offer other than that. It has many religions that unconventionally form the religion that Rome is known for. And you already know what that is. If you're still not aware of the food associated with the place, then you must be living under a rock. If that is so, there's no better time than Good Friday to mark the time to visit Rome which could even turn out to be the time of your life. You'll understand the true meaning of the phrase 'Eat as the Romans do'. With the fervor of religion and taste of Rome, you can have the best experience of a holiday and Good Friday that you’ll remember forever.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another little beauty of Europe, it is an amazing spot to visit, Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It's known for many things. Among a few are its canals, houses, walking paths, coffee shops, and some of the free stuff you get there. A perfect location for a perfect weekend and to have the best possible use of a Good Friday. No doubt, food will be good here as well. But another great feature that makes this place worthy of being preferred for celebrating a Good Friday weekend is shopping. You can get a variety of things to buy here, and nothing more than that makes you and your family happy. During Good Friday, you can find lots of things which are available for free or at a very little price. You must put this one in your catalog.

Vatican, Vatican City

Of course, Vatican City! It need not even mentioned when traveling plans come to your find in the event of a Good Friday or Easter Holidays. The epicenter of the festivals. It's an independent city-state located in the vicinity of Rome and provides the best ambiance for your family to have a perfect stay during the holidays. A city full of cathedrals, churches, chapels, with positivity all over the place. And not to forget, museums are something you must have a look at visiting there. You’ll find the best art engraved in a manner that it starts to feel holy during the visit. It will be a perfect place to visit, especially considering Good Friday and holidays, no other match perfect for each other.

Maramures and Bucovina, Romania

If you are a lover of the religious festivities and adamant on being there, in the presence of them, there's no better place than Romania. Good Friday will present itself to you in the grandest way possible. And when you are there, mark these two cities, Maramures and Bucovina. The presence of different monasteries just light-up your mood and you start to feel better already. The rituals that take place here are simply something that you've never seen anywhere. It's a great place that you'd want to have on your list and a memory that you'll want in your life. Romania is another religious place especially marked for Easter events and Good Friday. Make full use of that by visiting it.

Goa, India

India is one name that strikes like nothing else. And one might not have thought about it, but it's an amazing place to visit during Good Friday. Goa is the place that you should look out for. It's famous for its beaches, but more than that it's the celebration which counts. The lights, candles, and sparks of the music make it a really good site. And the churches are lit during the festivals. You can find such artistic shops in Goa, selling beads and sculptors crafted in a classy way. Goa attracts several tourists from all around the world and it's worth spending your Easter time here. From shopping to eating, you'll find every kind of little stall here. And especially during the festivals, it's no less than a carnival here. Arambol is one of the most famous beaches in Goa. You should keep this in mind while planning for your Good Friday Evening. It provides almost everything that one looks for in a holiday.

Wrapping Up 


One likes to have a certain itinerary to sort out the destinations of his own choice, as picking out places can be a tricky task. And planning such things while keeping holidays and events like Good Friday in your mind adds a little more responsibility for choosing the travel destination. Everyone wants their Good Friday weekend to be of the kind that one remembers it forever. And it's important to be at the right place to make such a dreamlike experience look a reality. The places mentioned here can do that for you. Pick the best one of them based on your likes.

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