Precautions You Must Take Traveling in a Corona-Free-World

So, are you going to be a more responsible & careful traveler in a Coron-Free-World? Will you make those boundaries while vacationing that you must have created in the past? 


Well, for sure, those who are serious travelers will definitely bring about those changes and be more responsible while traveling. 


What a relief it is, even if we talk about a Corona-Free-World. We should not be panicking about it, there's a day after every night. But, we must learn lessons and apply them to our lives. We must reset how we execute our plans in whatever we are working for. 


If you are a traveler, you must start working on your travel manual - that lists all the precautions and guidelines that you must follow - whenever you are traveling in any part of the world.


Here is our list of precautions of the guidebook to follow in a Corona-free-World. Lets read the article to discover:


Be Gentle with Animals

With this pandemic, we must also learn to be gentle with animals. We must learn that they are not just pieces of showcases. We must also learn that they can also feel, and be hurt like humans. 


So, next time when you are visiting a zoo or a forest area, dont do anything that can be painful for them. Make sure that you are taking care of the surroundings that they live in. For your interest or whatever you call it, dont kill animals.


Apart from that, for your personal happiness, dont try caging these animals. Like we feel helpless today, when we are caged inside our houses, they also must be feeling when they are forcefully kept inside and are not able to roam around (as their actual nature is).


Refrain from Playing with Nature


Now that we are sitting quarantined inside our houses without the freedom to step outside, we understand the importance of being in nature. Now that something very unusual has happened we have started thinking about the precious gifts (for which we do not have to pay anything) nature has given us. 


The irony is, we do not value things that we do not have to pay for. We only realize the value of something when we no longer have access to that very thing. But, this Corona thing has made us realize that we just learn to value what we have and must not misuse it. 


So, next time when you are on a vacation, you must know that the gift that nature has given us is beyond any other materialistic thing. And, we must be gentle with nature. Next time whenever you are traveling refrain from playing with the gift of nature. Refrain from contaminating any part of it. If anything that you feel is doing harm to nature, just act immediately. Know that money cant buy the beauty ]we are blessed with.


Take proper care of hygiene whenever you travel

With the outbreak of coronavirus, hygiene has become the most important part of everyones life. With continuous appeal from Government and other different sources to wash hands regularly and keep the environment clean, or nothing can save us, we have suddenly become more conscious about hygiene & cleanliness, which is indeed a good sign for a better future.


To make hygiene & cleanliness a part of our daily routine, when you travel in a Corona-Free-World, make sure that you take good care of not only yourself but also your surroundings. Keep the hygiene kit with yourself, make sure that you are regularly washing your hands, so as to keep away from any kind of virus. Also, take care of the surroundings by not throwing waste material on the road and not harming nature in any way.


Help anyone who needs

So, helping each other is not about this period when we are all in trouble, but it should be basic human nature. 


Isolation, quarantine, and social distancing have made us realize how much we need each other. And, this realization is coming out, when we have technology via which we could connect to each other. But, think about the scenario when it would not have even been possible to connect via phones & video calls.


So, when something like has come to make us realize that we are all connected, we are all social animals and it is hard for all of us to live without each other, we must act in the direction. 


Next time when you pack your bag for a vacation, in a Corona-Free-World, make sure that when you find someone who is in need, you will act and help. No matter what part of the world you are traveling, you must be gentle with people around you. 


So, these are some of the important rules from the guidebook for traveling in a Corona-Free-World. You must make sure not to fall back in the phase we were in a few weeks ago. Next time when you plan your vacation in a Corona-Free-world, be more compassionate towards nature & people, help people, value the gift of nature, take care of your personal hygiene as well as the hygiene associated with nature. 


Lets hope together that we are going to come out of this very soon! Lets hope together that this mayhem gets over soon and we will be able to travel in a Corona-Free-World!


Stay Healthy! Safe!!

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