Here's How to Celebrate International Mother Earth Day 2020

International Mother Earth Day 2020 - so what are your plans for celebrating this big day? 


It seems that Mother Earth is in its process of healing once again! With coronavirus, COVID-19, the fear of dying, social distancing, and quarantine all around, you must not be able to think of any celebration.


Thats what this post is all about. So, the best way to celebrate International Mother Earth Day 2020 would be to help with this healing process of Mother Earth.


With the outbreak of coronavirus, the roads look serene and peaceful. We are all quarantined inside our houses with no room for getting out and exploring. You could neither see people nor any kind of pollution that has affected the entire Earth so badly.


The good news for travelers is, meanwhile we are all quarantined inside our houses we can do different things to help in this healing process of Mother Earth and celebrate International Mother Earth Day. 


This will not only help mother Earth but once we are free of this unforeseen situation, there would be better chances to get in tune with nature and be the best version of ourselves. Lets find out what are the ways to celebrate International Mother Earth Day 2020. Here We Go:


Start Gardening

To start with the celebration of International Mother Earth Day 2020, gardening can be a perfect idea. We often underestimate the importance of the resources mother Earth has provided us for free. But, resources like plants & trees are very crucial for the survival of mankind.


So, if you have a garden, you have all the time and reason to make it beautiful on our own. We have so far been depending on the gardeners we have hired for making it look beautiful. But, now that we have all the time and it is important to get in tune with social distancing, we can give our time to things that can encourage the process of healing the Mother Earth. Watering, sowing new seeds, cleaning it up, and regularly visiting the garden will not only help nature but will also help you with fresh air.


Start Saving Water

Another important thing you can do as a part of the International Mother Earth Day celebration would be saving water. With all that is happening around the world, we must have understood why these natural resources that look so tiny to us are immensely important and utterly significant for our survival. 


So, now that you have understood this amazing concept, you can contribute to the healing process of the Earth by saving water. Every time you are using water, you must keep in mind that it must not be misused. For example, when you are switching between your work and not using the tap water, make sure that the tap is turned off so that the water does not flow unnecessarily. 


Whenever you are using this precious natural resource, water, always keeps in mind that once Mother Earth will turn her face around and stop this smooth flow of water, we would not be able to survive even for a single day. This is kind of beyond the control of humans! So appreciate what we have, dont always run behind what we do not have.


Care for Animals & Pets

So, animals & pets are out of this danger of coronavirus. They can roam around freely. They can do what they have been doing before. But, we humans are suddenly caged inside something really horrible. Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever contemplated how it had only happened to humans?


The answer lies in the question itself. The havoc, the widespread destruction of the coronavirus has happened to only humans. It is humans who are caged and the animals are moving freely outside. So, the message that Mother Earth is trying to convey is that without the consent of someone be it humans or animals, you cannot cage them.


Whatever, we humans have been doing to the animals has happened to us all. And, we can see them freely walking on the streets. So, this International Mother Earth Day 2020, make sure that you have sunk in completely, this message. Make sure that you are going to be animals & your pet around. Treat them the way they should be treated. 


This satisfaction is incredible. Therefore, bring it in action now.


Keep Your Surrounding Clean


After the outbreak of this deadly thing, coronavirus, we have become more conscious about our hygiene, which is a very positive indication of healing of Mother Earth. As a part of the celebration of Mother Earth Day 2020, it is very important to understand the importance of keeping our surroundings clean. 


With this period of quarantine, social distancing, and the complete lockdown, it is quite easy to understand. Another catalyst for the idea of hygiene and cleanliness is the remedy of COVID-19. With a continuous emphasis on washing our hands regularly and keeping it all clean (in the process of keeping away from coronavirus), the good thing is that we have become a little more conscious about keeping the environment clean. 


So, dont throw waste material anywhere. Keep your neighborhood clean. Keep your house clean. And, do keep your body and spirit clean, if you really want to protect yourself from the effect of Coronavirus. 




So, these are some of the ways that are best for celebrating International Mother Earth Day 2020. Every coin has two sides! So, even if we are in a situation like this, we can always work out positive & optimistic ways to deal with the situation. 


International Mother Earth Day 2020 has come at a time when we are facing challenges like coronavirus. It has come at a time when Mother Earth has planned to give us good lessons. It has come a time when we really want to meet with the magical power of Mother Earth. 


This is the right time to be grateful to all those priceless gifts Mother Earth has given us. Lets together, respect what we have and forget what we do not have. 


Stay positive! Stay Healthy!

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