How about Donating Your Travel Budget during COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic is all over! And, there are people who are really suffering because of this worldwide pandemic. 


Indeed, most of the world population is sitting at home quarantined to protect themselves and their families from this disastrous disease. 


Those ardent travelers are also protecting themselves & the people around them by sitting at home. Most explorers who are keen travelers have their budget for their next 4-5 trips for the future. 


This time, since the world is stuck, and there are hardly any chances of any trip in the coming 4-5 months (if you really want to be safe). In that case, you can help those who have been stranded in this unwelcome situation. 


You can donate your travel budget to those in need. There are different ways by which you can donate your travel budget. In this article post, we would tell you those different ways by which you can donate your travel budget. Read to find out how you can do that:


You can Help the Elderly

Its not always necessary to provide the financial support, you have many other ways. For example, there are a huge number of elderly people who are suffering because of this unexpected health crisis called COVID-19. So, if you have kept aside a part of your income to plan your next vacation, this is the time when you can make the best use of it. 


If at any point in time and anywhere (on the roads, in your neighborhood) you see an elderly struggling for anything, be it food or grocery or anything, just help them. 


Since we all know that the elderly are more prone to catch this disease, and therefore, they are vulnerable if they are getting out of their homes. So, you can help the elderly in your neighborhood or anyone you notice feeling uncomfortable going out for any kind of home needed items. 


Apart from that, if you have any elderly in your relationship, or you know any who are living alone, you can console them about this situation. Since social distancing is very important at this point in time, you can console them by sending optimistic messages and calling them every day.


Go to a Food Bank in Your Area

The COVID-19 pandemic has already taken a toll on people particularly the lower section of the society. Many of them are not able to get their daily requirements for food. Therefore, if you really want to help these people and donate your travel budget to these people in need and feed them, then you can go to a local food bank in your area. 


With your donation, the food bank would be able to feed more and more people and beat the blues of this disastrous pandemic. 


With the coronavirus pandemic at its peak, most establishments that provide non-essential items to the public have been shut. But, the food banks and other essential item selling establishments have kept their doors open. You can help these food banks with your travel budget. 


If you do not want to get out of your home and keep the idea of social distancing alive, then you can very easily make this donation through online mode. This will help the people associated with food banks to buy the food items they need. If you have extra grocery items and other things that you have preserved for your next trip then you can donate it to those who are in need.


Must Help Your Neighbor

This is one of the best ways to contribute to whatever is going on. If you cannot do much about it, if you do not have money to spend, you can do your bit by helping your neighbors. 


There might be people in your neighborhood, who, for any reason, cannot go outside and therefore face a lot of problems getting their grocery and daily home needed items. Therefore, you can help them with that by delivering their needed items. You must take care of placing these items on the entrance gate of their home so that there isnt an issue of it getting transferred. Also, make sure that you are sanitizing yourself after that.


In addition to that, if someone in your neighborhood is living alone, you can make them feel happy by calling them and texting them regularly. And, if possible, you may also keep interacting with them (of course maintaining the needed social distance).


Volunteer Online

And, this is a great opportunity for everyone to do something for their countries and their fellow beings. This is the time of all those volunteerism travel plans that you have made in the past. While you cannot go out and volunteer, there are ways by which you can make this happen. 


Volunteer online. This way you would be able to maintain the much-needed social distancing and also do your bit of volunteering. 


There are various organizations and NGOs who are working for such a situation. You can give them free services, and help those in need.


For Example, if you can translate between languages, you can help these organizations spread awareness about coronavirus (symptoms, causes, transmission, and more). Then, if you are good at counseling people, you can work with plenty of organizations that help in boosting people & strengthening their mental strength, particularly during this pandemic. 


Some other Ways of Donating your Travel Budget:


1. Donate to the Government Relief Funds

2. Donate your travel budget to the daily wage workers

3. Save your budget for helping others after the pandemic is over

4. Ask your friends & family if they need anything and more.


So, these are some of the best ways of donating your travel budget and help people to help society. There are various other ways that you can think of according to your convenience. Know that this act of yours can create a positive impact on someones life who is needed. You can earn this money later on in your life, but earning these precious lives & their precious blessing is not always possible.

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