Happiest Destinations: Stay Positive in the times of COVID-19

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Sep 06,2023

As per a report by a group of collaborative individuals, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and the Netherlands are the happiest countries throughout the world. With the disastrous COVID-19 affecting the world, we must find reasons to remain positive as per our likes & interests.


While travelers and explorers cannot go out and explore at this point in time, but, they can very much explore the happiest countries around the world and remain positive when COVID-19 has locked us all inside our houses. 


If you are also an explorer, this list of five happiest countries will arouse that much-needed boost. It tells you everything about traveling to these five happiest countries around the world.


With this knowledge, you will have the freedom to plan a vacation and understand what makes these places happy and how you can walk on a similar path. In fact, there are certain criteria on the basis of which the happiness index is assessed. In general, there are six criteria including GDP, Corruption levels, general life expectancy, freedom of making choices of life, and more.


In the list, the top happiest country is Finland. Surprisingly, the top five countries are all from Europe, which makes out that the lifestyle that Europeans lead is way better, which makes them happier & optimistic about what they are doing. Lets find out the happiest nations around the globe and what makes these five nations top traveled spots &. Here we go:



With Finland ranking top on the list of happiest countries around the world, it makes out that your next vacation after COVID-19 & we restore to normal, the next vacation must be Finland, which is quite a simple country to travel. Finland is believed to be one nation, where communal support among the residents is quite commendable and that people have a feeling of merriment and happiness living together. 


The only fact that people are supported and they feel a sense of satisfaction with the freedom of making their own choices, it is evident that the group of people are way happier than others. And, the other important thing is corruption, which can play a big role in diminishing negativity from your surroundings. Finnish people have a way more positive outlook towards life than people around the world. 


This makes out that traveling or planning Finland vacations is a better way of rejuvenation & relaxation. So, dont forget to plan a Finland vacation, when this COVID-19 terror vanishes and the world restores to normal. Here is the list of top places to visit in Finland:


1. Suomenlinna Fortress

2. Kauppatori (Market Square)

3. Oulu

4. Lake Saimaa and Savonlinna

5. Northern Lights



The second country in the list of the top five happiest countries, Denmark ranks second. With COVID-19 affecting the world, most of the world is locked down, and we can hardly cross borders. So, while this effect slows down and you are in self-isolation in your home, just explore this place and plan out your next vacation. 


After lockdown, social distancing & quarantine is over, Denmark could be another destination for your next vacation. The fact that Denmark has a little higher level of corruption as compared to Finland, brings it to second in the list. 


So, if you were thinking of a Denmark vacation, its the right time when you can find the most important reason to sit, explore, and plan out this vacation. With happiness being an important part of Denmark, its too positive an experience traveling to Denmark. Here are top places where you can travel for a perfect getaway in Denmark.


1. Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

2. National Museum of Denmark

3. The National Gallery of Denmark

4. Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

5. Frederiksborg Palace




Norway is the third happiest country around the world according to this report. While the criteria that decide the happiness index are different, yet its amazingly beautiful a place to travel throughout the world. From beautiful Osle to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Bergen, theres nothing as peaceful & beautiful as Norway. With happiness & positivity surrounding, you will definitely enjoy your next vacation here, after COVID-19 turmoil is over.


And, another positive aspect of planning Norway vacations is its people. The more you are happy inside out, the more overwhelmingly you welcome people in your space and thats true with people of Norway. Norwegians are overwhelmingly welcoming. Here are the top places you can travel to feel happy & rejuvenated like never before.


1. Atlanterhavsveien (The Atlantic Road)

2. The Hamny

3. The tiny village of Reine

4. A Spa Boat Ride in the Arctic Circle

5. The Pulpit Rock



Iceland ranks fourth among the top five happiest places around the world according to this study. Among these top countries, Iceland surprisingly witnesses the lowest percentage of corruption every year, which is really good news for travelers & explorers. While the social support system is at a lower level than the other three countries. So, if you are planning to travel to a place without any stress of corruption then Iceland is the place for you. There is almost negligible corruption which means that you are all safe. No matter what part of the day you are planning to roam around and see your favorite tourist destinations, its all safe. So, when the COVIS-19 terror is over, make sure that you go and see this place. Lets find out which are the top tourist spots in Iceland. Here we go:


1. The Blue Lagoon

2. Gullfoss Waterfall

3. Grundarfjordur

4. Myrdalsjokull Glacier Park

5. Landmannalaugar


The Netherlands

And, the Netherlands ranks fifth in the list of happiest countries to travel around the world. While there are aspects in which the Netherlands ranks lower than the other five countries, it competes well to Finland in terms of GDP per capita & the average life expectancy in the Netherlands is a little higher. 


If you are planning to travel to the Netherlands, you are definitely going to see plenty of modern developments. It makes out that the Netherlands is one of the best tourist destinations the next vacation after COVID-19 gets over. While it is not that big a chunk of land, but a small but beautiful piece of land that everyone must travel once in a lifetime. 


The amazing tulip fields, wildlife, the historic windmills, and the world-popular collection of art will win your heart for sure. While the first thing that people wish to see while they are in the Netherlands, there's much more to discover all through the country. The bewitching blue skies, wonderful canals, and the amazing church spires are all thats enough to win your heart. Here are top tourist spots in the Netherlands:


1. Jordaan and Amsterdam's Canals

2. The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

3. Keukenhof

4. Anne Frank Museum, Amsterdam

5. The Windmills of Kinderdijk


So, these are the top five happiest countries around the world as found by a team of experts. While you are quarantined inside your homes and there is undoubtedly no way to travel, you must read thoroughly about these happily charming places and think about planning your next vacation to 

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