World Health Day 2020: Things You Must Do to Fight COVID-19

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Sep 06,2023

Amidst this coronavirus health crisis, we are going to celebrate World Health Day 2020 on the 7th of April!


So, how are you making yourself ready? What you must do to fight COVID-19, a disastrous health crisis? 


How you must feel encouraged & motivated to fight the COVID-19 health crisis while celebrating World Health Day 2020?


World Health Day is celebrated every year on the 7th of April since it was started in 1950. Every year the day is celebrated with a specific theme focusing on one or another aspect of improvement of the health sector. This highlights an area of work for WHO (World Health Organization).


The theme for World Health Day 2020 is a celebration of the nurses & wives. This is to remind the role of nurses and midwives, which play a very important role in keeping us all healthy. 


The tagline for World Health Day 2020: Support nurses and midwives


This time its all something different around. COVID-19 has all surrounded us bringing us all in the state of turmoil. Amidst all these uncertainties & the unexpected situation, we are all surviving to survive. 


The fear of this invisible enemy is so much so that every time we turn around there is something that reminds us of the steps we must take to fight COVID-10 while we celebrate World Health Day 2020.

We have created this piece of content to help you with the things you must do to fight COVID-19 while we celebrate World Health Day 2020. 


Lets read the article to find out what contribution you can make to fight this disastrous health crisis. Here we go:


1. Follow Social Distancing 



Before we even start talking about this point, you must know why following social distancing and the idea is important to us? 


In the context of coronavirus, social distancing is like a cure. The fact that the virus is extremely contagious and even a simple handshake with an infected person can make you ill. 


In addition to that, no countries around the world, have so far been able to design vaccines for this highly contagious disease thats been spreading so rapidly. 


And, with all that, the only thing that can help with containing this virus is Social Distancing. Here are some tips you can use to follow the idea of social distancing:


1. Dont meet people.

2. If its urgent meeting someone, refrain from handshakes.

3. Maintain at least one-meter distance from the person you are talking to.

4. Be in your homes & go out only if its very necessary.

5. And, follow instructions and guidelines.


2. Stay Home, Stay Healthy

While most of the time, we have been asked to go out, work, and be as productive as you can be. But, when the fear of coronavirus is all surrounding us, all we can do about this is stay home & stay safe. 


So, While the Governments are working out solutions for coronavirus treatment, we can all contribute to this endeavor by staying home. Or we will have to face the extraordinarily heavy result of this pandemic.


We call all stay healthy only by staying home. Most countries are locked down and people have been asked to stay in their homes. They should step out only when there is some kind of emergency including medical emergency or for buying house essentials.


3. Work from Home

While there is nothing about informing about the work from home policy. Most companies & establishments have already followed the work from home policy. And, all of us are working from the confines of our homes. 


But, its really important to do that with a positive frame of mind & a positive attitude. A variety of memes and posts can be seen all over social media showcasing the frustration of people who are working from home.


This frustration is going to do nothing, but make our battle with coronavirus way more difficult. There are good things about this work from home things, which we are not going to get anytime soon in the future after this mayhem of COVID-19 gets over.


So, the best way is to be optimistic, positive, plan your day, make time for everything, and make the best use of the time that we have got the chance to save ( the time commuting & other things take).


4. Keep Your Surrounding Clean


Coronavirus has highlighted the concept of Hygiene in our lives! Everyone around has become more conscious about keeping their surroundings clean & healthy, which is a very good thing.


And, the best thing is, because of this period of quarantine, we have got a lot of time to keep our surroundings clean. Therefore, we must understand the importance of hygiene and actively work on it.


So, you are not actually jobless, you have a lot to do. Think optimistically and understand that God has given this time of relaxation and understanding of whats important.


5. Wash Your Hands Regularly

And, the most important of all the Quarantine Tasks is washing your hands regularly! This can save us from the scary & the deadly coronavirus. If we together will take this task seriously, it will save us all from dying. 


So, as directed by doctors & other specialists, you must wash your hands after every 20 minutes.  This will reduce any chances of getting infected even if you have touched a surface or anything that carried the virus.


6.Donate to the needful


Another important thing you must do, in these times of turbulence & mayhem is donated to the ones who are needful. As much as you can, you must donate to whatever way it is possible for you. You can either help someone in need, feed them, help them with money or do whatever they want you to do. Or, you can donate to any organization that is actively involved in helping the group of people whom this CRUEL COVID-19 has affected.


So, these are some of the most amazing things you must do to fight COVID-19 and propagate this idea of celebrating World Health Day. This is a golden opportunity when you can help yourself and help people around.


May we win this battle against this invisible enemy!!


May we come healthy, Happy & alive!!

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