Relax Your Mind With Calming Montego Bay Vacation

The chaos of everyday life fills your mind and body with stress. Cleansing of the mind and body is extremely important and the only way to do it is by relaxing. Humans around the world have their own ways of relaxing, but taking a Montego Bay vacation in the tropical land of sky-high coconut trees and picturesque beauty of the white sandy beaches is something that leaves no one untamed.


Montego Bay is the perfect place to have an utterly relaxing vacation amid the chaos surrounding you all the time.


As you lay on the shiny sandy beach of Montego Bay and watch a pearly green wave of water coming and colliding with every single particle of sand to throw it away with a spark. The soothing sound of the waves with sun brimming the light and warmth makes it the perfect destination for your relaxing holiday.


Relaxing your body and mind is an art. While you are on Montego Bay vacation, here are 6 things you can do in the gorgeous land.


Rose Hall 


Rose hall is a stunning plantation house that sits on the top of a hill, making the life of it grander. The house is one of the most historic plantation homes the country of Jamaica has. The house peeks over the ocean, stamping your heart with utter peace and serenity splashed at you at the moment. The house will take you back in the time to the 1770s.


The locals believe that this stunning house is haunted by Annie Palmer, the madam of the house who died decades ago. She was known as White Witch and had killed several people inside the house. She had three husbands and all of them were killed in this humongous mansion. Take the tour and who knows if you could see her too.


Doctor’s cave beach 


Beaches will always remain the best places in the world to have a relaxing day. The crystal clear blue water of this beach will mesmerize you.


The name of the beach is after the magical powers of the waters of this beach. The locals say the water of this beach has powers to cure any sickness once upon a time. The water has cured several people but the magic is gone with time leaving the name behind.


Doctor’s beach is a stupendous place that attracts all the tourists and travelers coming to Montego Bay.


The refreshing breeze, the cool water, and the white spread of sparkling sand is everything that makes your mind lose all the stress.


Beach horse riding


Riding a horse on the white sandy beach is something we imagine in our perfect dreams. None of us really gets a chance to live this fairy tale experience until you are in Montego Bay.

Book a horse ride for yourself and live the dream. Befriend the gorgeous horses who love to wander the beaches all day long. If you are lucky enough, your horse may even take yours for a little ride in the water.


These horses love to take a swim in the water. They are pampered with love and affection and will only allow you to get on its back if the horse likes you. The caretakers of the horses do not force the animal to take a tour around or for it to dive into the water.


Rafting in Martha Brae    


Rafting in the present is known as a sport and raft is known as a rubber boat they sit in. The origin of rafts did not come from rubber but from wood. Rafting in Martha Brae River will take you to the depths of nature. Surrounded by jungle, this is one of the longest rivers in Jamaica. The river that goes through a village will take you on an adventure on a real bamboo raft.


The authentic raft is made purely and entirely out of bamboo to give a feel of nature’s authenticity and wildlife. The rusting and tranquil experience in the river will make you calm and relaxed by relieving your mind of stress.


The experience will bring you closer to the way locals and tribal life in the region and go through their everyday life for survival. The 3 miles long raft will also bring you closer to the dense jungle in the region.


Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon


Imagine filling your palms with glitters under the night sky, this place gives you the exact feeling. The lagoon caters to the travelers in the night with the mesmerizing waters. This beautiful water glitters as the light from the moon falls on it.


The gorgeous beauty of glittering water captivates heart and mind alike. The glitter in the waters comes from microorganisms living in the water. Whenever these are touched or distributed in the water, they illustrate a blue ray of light that gives a glittering effect to the water.


Hundreds and hundreds of tourists visit the lagoon to witness this heavenly magic of nature.

The glistening water phenomenon is found in very few places in the whole wide world, making it a massive attraction for Montego Bay. Take a cruise ship or a yacht and experience this once in a lifetime adventure.


Snorkeling Scuba Diving 


To fill your mind with peace, humans need a warm hug from nature. Water is the most calming element in the world.


The marine life is waiting out there to befriend you. Rent snorkeling gear and go on the adventure that will never slip out of your heart. The calmness of the ocean, the serenity of reefs and rocks, and the exuberant beauty of the fishes in all colors tearing the blue water apart will take you to the unexplored depths of the world.


Away from the human touch, the life of a marine is preserved. Go to the unseen depths of the world and take back the memories along with you of Montego Bay vacation.


While some of the snorkeling companies make sure you get the training, others use the right equipment that does not require any training to survive underwater.

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