Celebration Ideas on World Creativity & Innovation Day 2020

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 03,2020

So, we are in the month of April of the year 2020. On the 21st of April, the world will celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Day. 


This particular day has different shades. People with varied interests celebrate world creative and innovation day in different ways. And, that is true for travelers & explorers too.


But, with COVID-19 on top of everything, this time it’s definitely going to come up with some different shade. 


Because of the fear of this highly contagious disease called coronavirus, we are all confined within the boundaries of our houses. Most of the national and international borders have been sealed by the Government.


Therefore, what is it that comes to your mind, how far you can think about World Creativity & Innovation Day celebration Ideas for travelers & to satiate your wanderlust?


Well, for this question to be answered properly, you first need to know about World Creativity & Innovation Day. 


The World Creativity & Innovation Day is observed every year on the 21st of April, which is right a day before International Mother Earth Day & six days after the celebration of the Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday. This has been deliberately positioned so as to spread the message of developing multidisciplinary thinking & bringing in the extraordinary creative energy that the world is worthy of. 


Like for every interest, every profession, there’s a way of expressing a particular creative & innovative aspect, explorers & travelers do have their own unique way of expressing their creativity.


This post is all about world creativity and Innovation Day celebrations for Travelers during the time of quarantine. We have found unique and will share them with you in this post. Let’s read to find the detail:


1. Find some Creative Ways of Celebrating the Health Professionals


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every part of the world. The extraordinary silence outside that has not been experienced in the last many decades compels us to believe that there is something that is helping the Universe through this process of restoration and reinvigoration. 


Because of the fear of life, no one is daring to behave usually and step out of their homes. But, there are people who are working day and night with high chances of getting infected. These are our health professionals. Without them, it would not have been possible for us to get out of this dangerous situation. 


So, when the world is going to celebrate World Creativity & Innovation Day 2020 on21st of April, you can too. But, you can incorporate this extraordinarily remarkable contribution of these health professionals in some unique and creative way. Here are a few creative & innovative ways to show gratitude towards the work of these health professionals:


1. You can design creative posters showcasing their contribution.

2. You can create social media posts urging people to show their gratitude too.

3. You can follow strictly the instructions given by these professionals and do more.


2. Picking Creative & Innovative Ideas from Your Past Travel Journeys


Now that we are all locked inside our houses, and that for a good reason, the best way to deal with the blues of not being able to explore the world and showcase your creative side. But, someone has very rightly said that there is something good in every situation. 


World Creativity & Innovation Day is going to be celebrated on the 21st of April. With that opportunity when you are directed to be in the confines of your home, you cannot miss out doing something creative & innovative from all that you have learned.


There are plenty of World Creativity & Innovation Days celebration Ideas for travelers to borrow from their past traveling experiences. Here are some ways you can use:


1. You can start writing about all those past traveling experiences.

2. You can start your blog to share your short stories from past traveling experiences.

3. You can call & connect with all those strangers that you came across in the past and do much more.


3. Read & explore all those Exemplary Nurses & midwives around the world


It’s not today that the nurses & midwives are working hard for a healthy & happy world, but there have been nurses around the world who have made huge contributions to society in their own unique way. 


So, to be able to celebrate this great day of World Creativity & Innovation Day 2020, you must know about these contributors. There have been nurses like Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, Mary Breckinridge, Dorothea Dix, Margaret Sanger, and more from around the world.


There is information about these nurses and how they gleefully devoted their lives to the service of the people. This could be another beautiful way to celebrate World Creativity & Innovation Day 2020 for travelers.


4. Paint, Sing, Dance - Do anything you can to Encourage their Contributions


So, if you like painting, singing or dancing, you can use your art & creativity to showcase your gratitude & encourage the contribution of people who are actually working day and night so that the world restores to normal and we start functioning in a similar way, we used to, all over again.


So, if you know how to paint, just go for it. Paint something touching giving your message of gratitude to all of these workers out there. If you can sing, this is the time, you must sing it loud and make them feel that the world cares. You can dance it out to send them love & well-being.


5. Don’t go Out & Help them in fighting COVID-19


Another thing you must do is very simple. Every now and then & through all the media, you are being asked to follow the instructions to contribute in the fight against COVID-19. 


We must know that health professionals & researchers across the globe have not been able to design any drugs or vaccines for coronavirus disease. And, the only remedy is the precautions. 


Social distancing, quarantine, and staying at home away from people are the only precautions we can take to support people who are going out, risking their lives to eradicate this invisible enemy from our lives. Support them by staying home!

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