Corona-Safe Places To Visit These Days - COVID-19

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Sep 05,2023

Coronavirus has turned into a pandemic and has started affecting the entire world. On one hand, there are countries like USA, Italy, China, Spain, France, Iran, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, and so many more where the virus has spread like a wildfire, there are several other countries where the virus is not able to spread.

If the travel fanatic in you is all crazy about travel and does not wish to sit at home, it is fine. You dont have to cut travel out of your list for 2020.

We have made a list of corona safe places you can go to and live like the pandemic never happened.


Corona-Safe Places To Visit These Days 

The world is a pause and the chaos is strained. The peace is all around, surrounding you with jitters and happiness.


Greenland is a humongous Island bordered as a country at the Arctic oceans north most point. With only traces of the virus, Greenland stands on the top of our Corona safe travel list.

The exuberant beauty of nature in Greenland is something that will woo your mind but that is not all. Greenland has something exceptional to offer to its travelers. The phenomenon called Northern Lights.

Northern lights is a naturally occurring phenomenon that fills up the night sky with stunning shades of light. The stunning image of the lights will stump your heart and leave a never lasting memory in your mind.


Greenland is also named as the land of adventures for the adventure lust travelers with hundreds of unattained paths in the country.



The stunning clear blue waters spread across miles and miles sends breezy waves your way. Take a cabin or a floating house to the Maldives and let the place calm your soul.

Coronavirus has reached the islands but it is under high control and on a very low number.

The Maldives gives you the experience of serene beauty as you lay on the white sand beaches. The calmness of the waters and the shining sun will rejuvenate you. The picturesque landscapes and mesmerizing sparkling water makes the Maldives the most romantic place in the world. While the world is giving you time, spend it with the one you love on this stunning Island.



Mauritius is a gorgeous Island with stupendous natural wonders to make your travel worth it. The island hosts several water activities that will take you on an adventure. Take the paddleboard and wander around the waters.


The waves on the beaches are never too high with a long reef system protecting the collision of massive waves in the region.


Mauritius is not hit by the pandemic on a large scale yet. There are very few registered cases of coronavirus that are decreasing every day.


The boundless beauty of this island attracts tourists from around the world. While the world is on hold right now, you can spend isolated time and literally have the entire place to yourself and enrich you, soul, with the charm of Mauritius.


Ivory Coast

These Caribbean Islands are studded with beautiful sandy beaches running for miles and miles alluring the mind and heart of the visitors. Every single island of the coast has a unique thing for every single traveler. The marvelous colonial architecture covering the islands for over centuries has a story to tell of times gone.  


Ivory Coast is still in the first phase of Coronavirus and the virus is not spreading in the Island anytime soon. This makes it the perfect destination to be termed corona safe.


Have a relaxed time or wander around to witness some of the most fantastic and endeavoring natural wonders. The sparkling native spices serve you the flavor of scrumptious traditional European food.


Costa Rica

The tiny country of Costa Rica is the best place in the world to travel around. With fantastic stories to learn, to stunning artworks around the border, the country will amaze you in thousands of ways. The country is called a mystic combination of wild, serene, and marvelous to start with.

The colonial narrow streets, the mesmerizing sights of the wild, the enchanting festivities of the cities, the bars and pubs to serve the best flavors of nightlife, and the classic yet beautiful landscaping of the country that sits on the edge of the sea is everything beautiful.

Costa Rica has reported a very less number of cases yet and is still in the safe zone.


Measures to take while traveling in the times of corona that would keep you safe:


1.Symptoms of the Virus

The World Health Organization says that the symptoms of COVID-19 are very similar to those of flu. One may suffer from fever, difficulty in breathing, a sore throat, cough, muscle pain, and fatigue. If you or anyone around you suffers the symptoms, it is time to get tested and make sure you stay away from people.


2. At Risk Groups

While the entire world is at risk, most people only suffer from mild symptoms. The virus acts on and troubles the people who are weak in their immunity the most. This includes old aged people and people already suffering from diseases mostly. The death rate is apparently less but elderly people have a high chance of losing their lives to this sickness.


3.The Destinations to be Avoided

Avoid taking a cruise ship because it is enclosed with very close proximity. You may also wish to consider complex hotels to avoid proximity and practice social distancing. It is better to take a B&B or an independent villa to be safe at most times.


4.Travel Kit

As you travel in the time of the pandemic, here are some of the vital things you must carry to protect yourself from the virus.

Take a mask and always keep it on. Buy latex gloves and do not take them off until you are in isolation. Always carry a sanitizer with you. Avoid touching your face completely. Whenever you can wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Make sure you maintain a minimum of 1 meter of distance from everyone. 

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