Travel with your baby bump to these amazing staycations

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Apr 01,2020

The honeymoon has always been on the trend and is considered to be very helpful to come closer to your partner. However, there are new trends in the market and the latest one is a vacation before your big day. Whenever a lady transforms into a mother it is a miracle and their experience can be quite stressful. All the mood swings that you get affect relationships too. Parenthood can be difficult for both parents and the relationship they share gets affected because of the constant maturity they have to show. The relationship starts losing spark because of the responsibilities one has to take and the sleepless nights. The doctors advise not to travel during your pregnancy but there are few trimesters where you can travel to your favorite destination. That vacation can be really helpful if you get a chance to relax and read you meet yourself before going into labor. There are many restrictions regarding food, stay, traveling that you need to focus on in the final trimesters and it could really be stressing you out.


If you don't have a partner to rekindle your Romance then you can obviously go for something where you get to spend some time to yourself. Every woman needs pampering and if it means going on vacation then you should obviously choose one full stop before going on any vacation you must consult with your doctor about the places and the precautions you are supposed to take. It is always advisable to go along with your partner so that you have someone to take care of you. Women also prepare to go on such trips with their best friends but it's always stressful for the rest of the family.


Benefits of going on a baby vacation with your partner:

You get enough time to spend with your better half and this eventually helps in Rekindling your Romance. It is essential to build a romantic vibe during the pregnancy stage as it is a very crucial and emotionally weak time for both the parents.


You can easily take some stress off your sleeves when you spend some relaxing time in the unknown places.


You can learn about different cultures via locals who can help you get a deeper understanding of the rituals and culture they follow with the pregnant ladies. A little blessing from your elders never hurts.


You and your partner can take on activities which are not just helpful to your baby but for you too, some spiritual teachers suggest that spending quality time doing some yoga and meditation along with your partner helps in giving positive energy to your baby, you should plan on a trip where you both can do the same.


Click those amazing couple pictures that you could show off to the entire world. It has now become a sort of trend to get clicked on a vacation with your baby bump. And these look best with your partner not with your friends. Your wish you will get a chance to get clicked with your friends on a baby shower but why to let a chance slip out of your hand of spending some time with your better half.


Here are the places that you can think of traveling with your partner.



It is a very peaceful place to find solace for the future mom to be. It is home to many crystal clear white sand beaches which are both dazzling and adventure. If pregnancy can stop you from adventures then you can always ask for other options like kayaking, fishing and relaxing beach time. Florida is considered to be the best place to visit when you are in the US because it has many peaceful spots like Siesta Key. One can spend some me-time at the gulf of Mexico too.



The lands of Maryland are the perfect romantic Getaway for anyone. Not just a romantic Getaway but it also offers you a very relaxing staycation. If you want to have some exclusive time with your better half you can enjoy the activities which are specially meant for couples. They even offer you free Kayak along with private Cruises and Yacht. If you are a couple you can even spend at least 5 free activities on a daily basis.



Venice in Italy is already very famous for the picturesque location it offers. The gondola rides here are so famous that people from around the globe pay heavy bucks to just experience at. Many Hollywood movies have also glorified the beauty of Venice and Italian have always been famous for the amazing food that they offer. Not just this but having a paper equation in Italy can be a mesmerizing experience.



It's Summertime ladies and what could be better than visiting California in the midsummer to beat the heat. If you are during the summer then you should visit at least the weekly Street fair that happens in the streets of California. Who doesn't love Mexican foods and it is best tested in California. Being pregnant doesn't mean that one has to compromise with their taste Buds and temptations. If you are good with your communication you can score some amazing local cuisine specially curated for you because you are pregnant and that's the bonus.



Switzerland is a very stunning location which you can visit with your partner. It has many e mesmerizing architectures that are surely going to amaze you. If you are a lover of sports you can visit the Olympic museum. It has many things to offer you when you visit here and the places to visit you will never end but your time for vacation could.


Hoping that you take on the much-needed baby vacation and will feed your soul with some mesmerizing and breathtaking experiences. It is very important for the pregnant lady to be relaxed so that they can have a healthy delivery. To avoid any complications you can take a first aid kit along with you and your medical reports so that if there is any time of emergency you can check it bravely.

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