Roads You Must Take For The Thrilling Road Trip

Imagine being on a road trip to the most scenic locations, your favorite music, and a fresh breeze. It’s the cure of almost every heartbreak, low mood and anything bad that might be making you sad. Road trips are for making your soul happy. It’s the best way to find yourself. Those empty roads can bring back the memories of good times. If you have anything going on your mind and you are not able to figure out the solutions, pack your bags, rent a car or simply take your own, put your phone on flight mode, uninstall the messaging apps and take on the journey to rediscover yourself. 


But, the biggest question is where could you find this peace or solace, in this hustle-bustle of the city? We have the answer to this question. Here are the few roads that you must explore at least once in your lifetime.


1.Route 62

Route 62 is the famous road of South Africa which is stretched over 748 kilometers and gives you endless reasons to forget your worries in its charm. You can either take a continuous drive or simply take multiple spots to relax and rejuvenate. There are almost 65 wineries on this stretch that makes you stop and take on an experience of a lifetime. You can even stop by to take on the hike to the Donkey Trail. A road trip that has everything to offer you awaits at Route 62. Make sure to take on this road trip when you are in South Africa.


2.Wild Atlantic Way

It is the world’s longest coastal route that stretches up to 2500 km. It is surely going to sway away you with the amazing coastal view it offers. The road ends up to the Western Coast of Ireland and the journey is a scenic one. If you love beaches then this is the route especially meant for you. You cannot complete this road without taking breaks, hence it is advisable to go slow on this path and cherish the little moments you experience on this journey. During the journey, you will find many cliffs where you can fulfill your adventurous kick.



It is a jewel amidst Scotland. It is counted amongst the world’s best road trip and you should be here at least once in your lifetime. It was inaugurated in 2015 and the main aim behind it was to showcase the amazing coastal reef of Scotland. It is a treat to eyes and stretches over 830 kilometers. This route offers you the view of unspoiled and untouched European villages and territories.


4. Ticlio Pass

Hold your hearts if you are faint-hearted. This passage is meant for the one who loves adventures and needs to be a good driver too. However, this tough road is worth riding on as the end view is spectacular. It is only 132 kilometers long and you can easily switch on your favorite playlist and gear up for the adventure that will unfold with every twist and turn.


5.The Atlantic Road

It is just an 8 km stretch but is surely worth trying. It has so many varieties to offer in such a short distance. You are surely going to love this trail. In the end, you can even go scuba diving. You may even park your car/bike on the side and do some lazy bird watching. It is a very beautiful stretch that is found in Norway. It gives you another reason to be in Norway. It is a very idle and lazy drive here and you can hear the ocean waves and the sunset from here is very beautiful. 


These were the top roads that you should travel at least once in a lifetime. However, there are a few essential tips that you should keep in mind while you take on a road trip to some unknown place.


1.Always carry your important documents as you might need id proofs while traveling to other territories. It is advisable to keep your original and photocopies in different areas.


2.Carry a power bank so that you never fall out of battery and keep the emergency number of the country traveling on speed dial. You never know what issue you might face and hence it is advisable to be safe and secured.


3.Keep driving essentials like car oil, petrol or diesel, and an extra tire, etc, handy. You need to be prepared for any worst situation. You might not get any petrol stations on your way or you might have a tire burst and the mechanic may be far away. Hence, be prepared for such situations.


4.Carry basic food items and enough water so that if you plan to travel without taking frequent breaks, you don’t have any hardship.


5. Keep essential toiletries as you might feel irritated if you don’t keep yourself clean and hygienic. It is always to keep yourself fresh and clean as you might accidentally bump into some handsome stranger.


6. Carry medications for medical emergencies. Weather and food are two very unpredictable things. You might end up eating something that doesn’t suit your gut. Also, if the weather becomes unpredictable and you catch the flu you must be prepared in advance.


A road trip is a journey that takes you to the unpredictable experiences that might help you in healing your inner self. There might be different reasons you plan on this journey but you must test your driving skills in the worst situations in advance. Solo road trips are for the experts and instead of traveling solo to other countries, you must take your few close friends with you. A journey with friends becomes the best and you can have many unforgettable moments that make your bond even stronger. What are you waiting for? Get your friends and pack the essentials. The most beautiful roads are found in Europe and you must have a vacation in this country. However, the current scenario doesn’t allow us to travel a lot. Even if you are planning a vacation where there has not been a corona outbreak.

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