Travel Safely During Pregnancy By Following These Tips

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 31,2020

Being pregnant is a magical experience and puts one in a very challenging role. There are many challenges in this path but when one has a new life in their hands that makes all those suffering worth it.


It is very important that one keeps their body moving and get inadequate sleep during the changes that one faces amidst the pregnancy. Few people believe that one should not travel during the pregnancy but forget about the mood swings women can have. If one is pregnant that doesn't mean one should stay home and avoid traveling during the entire tenure of 9 months full stop according to a study gynecologist believe that it is safe to travel during the first 36 weeks of their pregnancy hence one can go out and travel the world.


However, according to ACOG, the best time for a woman to travel is during the 14 and 28 week time or one must travel during the middle of their pregnancy. Traveling after that can cause few issues in their health which might be disturbing and unwelcome. In this article, we are going to tell one the few pregnancy tips one must keep in their mind while traveling so that one has a safe journey and doesn’t have to face any after-effects of it.


Talking to the doctor

The first step before going on any journey is to meet their doctor and clear out their travel plans before one starts their journey. If one plan early then one must include regular health checkups and different advice that their doctor might give one. one may also connect to the pharmacies so that one has all the necessary medication before one reaches their destination. However one should also connect with the doctors of the country one is traveling to so that one can have an emergency landing in the hospitals if needed.


Consider taking travel Insurance

One should always buy travel insurance even if one is not traveling in any medical conditions like pregnancy or something else. Travel insurance will include their medical coverage before their trip and it will keep one covered during the entire Journey too. But before buying any travel insurance one must check the fact whether it is applicable to their destination or not. If one is traveling while one is pregnant, it is a very important necessity as one doesn’t want to end up spending heavy bucks on their hospital stay during the journey.


Take the medical reports too

It is very important to take their medical records with one so that one can have better medical care facilities at their destination. one never knows what situation one may face during their journey and hence it is always preferable to be proactive regarding their medical condition and taking along the necessary documents, that would eventually help in determining the cure and the possible steps the doctors must take. Their medical reports would help them in treating their case with more sincerity and in a better way.


Ditch the sedentary lifestyle

When it comes to their help one should always take the necessary steps so that one doesn’t have to face common health problems even if one is on a trip. It is always recommended to take mini breaks so that one can keep their body awake and ditch any circumstances that could cause a higher risk of blood clots or sitting for various hours. Even if one is on a flight they should take small walks every few hours so that they don't have to sit for long hours. One can also bring compression socks along so that there is no swelling or any serious medical condition that could worsen their situation.


Stay Hydrated

It is a piece of very common advice that everyone would give. If one takes lots of water they can say hydrated and this will avoid any blood clotting. If they are dehydrated they might feel unwell and one may have to face premature contractions that would obviously harm their health as well as their journey. Whenever traveling one should always bring a recyclable water bottle in which one can continue to refill water again and again so that they stay hydrated no matter where they are. Use this bottle to fill water during the flight or on the road trip that one takes or any adventure they go for.


Healthy Snacks

While one is pregnant they have to feed, two people. Also, not every airport will have healthy eating options with them. It is very rare to have such options and even if they are present they are too expensive. Hence to avoid spending a large amount of money on healthy snacks or to avoid the last-minute issues one should always carry healthy snacks with one. It will not just save one a lot of money but will also save one a lot of time. one can pack light fruits and vegetables along with some dry fruits or any such healthy snacking option.


Choose the right luggage

one should not forget to bring luggage which is easy to carry and easy to move around different places. If one is carrying heavy luggage with then they might have to face many issues and one won't be able to have a very smooth trip. One already is carrying a baby weight with them and don't need to have an extra strain on their shoulders. Hence if there is an option to be flexible with the travel dates they should make plans in the first trimester of their pregnancy. If one makes plans during the final trimester then one might have to face many health issues and might not even get a clearance to travel.



One needs to be extra careful during the pregnancy and must check with the airlines in advance that one needs any clearance certificate from the doctor so that one can fly or not. 

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