How COVID-19 is Resetting the Idea of Traveling & Socializing?

COVID-19, Quarantine, Social distancing & Isolation are new terms for almost everyone! And, all of this is definitely resetting our idea of traveling & socializing. 


When we are afraid of meeting people, stepping out of our houses and exchanging greetings, we are understanding how important it is for humans to socialize & travel. 


While COVID-19 has come as a devastating issue for the world, you can deal with it with a positive frame of mind. You may yet perceive this time of SOCIAL DISTANCING as a motivation for learning how to SOCIALIZE and Travel?


Here are a few reasons that are the evidence of how COVID-19 has come to reset the idea of traveling & socializing. Let’s see how:


1.Traveling is almost Banned throughout the World

Because of the COVID-19 breakdown, the world no more seems like a single entity! Most borders have been sealed and all kinds of traveling have been banned except for the official ones. So with this scenario, it feels like a metal pressure of why we cannot cross the borders and see what’s happening in other parts of the globe. 


Now that you are all stranded in your own homes and towns, you must be realizing why people around you and the places around you are important. 


What you could do about it? Nevertheless, whatever is happening is for some reason and we have to understand that. You can use this time creating your Travel wishlist, planning Virtual Vacations, and exploring places you wish to travel to.


2.You Cannot See New Places & Spend time in Nature

It all feels like whatever happened to Chuck Noland in the movie Cast Away (only some similarities). Now that this worldwide pandemic has happened, we have come to realize that we have the gift of nature that we often forget to realize. There’s tremendous beauty out there to explore and discover. It makes us all realize that when you see this amazing beauty out there that God has blessed us with, we must spend more and more time into it and should travel around often.


What you can Do about it? You can make your socializing & traveling vows for the future (when we have a Corona-free world. You can seriously create your travel wishlist and make sure that you are going to follow it strictly in the future.


3.You Cannot Meet Friends & Family Living Far Apart

Now that we are all stranded where we are, we realize how it is important to travel to our loved ones. While COVID-19 is giving us the time to spend time with our people, it is also making us realize how life would have been if there were no chances to meet our loved ones, if there were no chances to travel. So, make sure that when the world recovers back to normal after winning this battle of COVID-19, you are often traveling to places where your loved ones are living. 


What can be done about it? Till the time the Governments are fighting to come over this disastrous disease, and we are contributing to these efforts, we can sit back and prepare ourselves for our upcoming friendly-travel plans.


4.You Cannot Commute to Your Workplace

Most affected countries have asked their employees to work from home. While in normal days, it would have been an idea of celebration, but given the tenure of Work From Home, and there are no commuting, no public transport, no eye to eye conversation with fellow commuters, it looks so tough. It’s all about these short trips every day that makes life happen or we connect with the world. The observations, meeting strangers, getting into trouble, and more small things like that make us LOVE LIFE. 


What you can Do about it? Given the current situation, you cannot actually do anything about it. But, you can make yourself and people around realize that what we do every day, the way we commute to work is all good things about our life, we must enjoy the process of nature.


5.You are almost Isolated from the Outside World

Thanks to the technology that we can even hear each other write to each other or we have been in real trouble. Apart from digital communication, we have no connection to the outside world. We are almost isolated from the outside world. Forget about International vacations, trips & tours, it’s scary to even move out of our respective homes. This is a lesson for human beings that while you have so many precious things around (available for everyone), be grateful for it. There are places around the world to see, people to interact with and things to enjoy.


What can be done about it? While you cannot travel until further orders from Governments of different nations, you may so all prepare for your next vacations. 



So, all the above points and a little more of contemplation makes us realize how COVID-19 is literally setting our idea of traveling and socializing. The quarantine, social distancing, and everything that came with COVID-19 is making us realize a different meaning to life. Just absorb in our heart and soul whatever message the universe is trying to convey. And, make sure that you work on the mistakes that you have been making. 

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