Virtual Vacations During COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Plan?

We all are aware of the fact that the world is fighting the disastrous virus COVID-19. Millions of lives are at stake! Most of the affected countries have asked people to take “Social Distancing” very seriously and Stay at Home in Isolation till further orders from the Governments.


Now that we are locked inside our homes for probably so many days, we are really getting closer to the idea of what socializing is all about and why every single interaction we do throughout the day matters. And, with that, we are single-handedly responsible for our thoughts & the results. 


While every single person has to bear the brunt of this MADE IN CHINA pandemic, it is those ardent travelers who have to suffer the most. All their plans have made them feel like that fish which has been taken out of the water. 


But, there is always a way out! Every lock has a key and likewise, every situation has a way to deal with it. There's good news for travelers & explorers! During this important time of quarantine, you can feed your wanderlust in a little different way. 


Here’s how ardent travelers & explorers can feed their wanderlust with the idea of VIRTUAL VACATIONS. Let’s throw some light:


What is a VIRTUAL VACATION all about?

A virtual vacation is visiting a place without actually traveling. The idea of Virtual Vacation works particularly for those who are not comfortable spending money & their time physically going to a particular place. However, they are as much to discover about its history, geography & everything as a real traveler is. It is where a VIRTUAL VACATION comes into the picture. 


How to plan a Virtual Vacation at the time of COVID-19?

While in most parts of the world, people are in isolation and most countries are not allowing any kind of traveling, you can travel from the comfort zone of your homes. There can be different ways of a Virtual Vacation. Let’s see:


1.Reading Articles on the Specific Place:

It’s almost the end of the month and you must have to postpone your plans because of the disastrous spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Given the extreme conditions, while you cannot travel, you can be positive & be grateful for this time when you acquire enough knowledge for your next many vacation destinations on the radar. 


There’s enough material available online which you can discover and read. There are different online sources available viz. Google,, Instagram, Facebook, and various other platforms. You have got thousands of images and reading material to check out. This will not only enrich your knowledge but will also make you travel like a pro without requiring any guide.


2.Watching Videos on Discovery & History of the Place:

Television channels like Discovery and National Geographic, that present their content in such a manner that it all seems real. And, in addition to that, there are various other online sources like youtube, where you can find about history, geography & everything about the place. Watching a video content that is designed to get directly into your heart observed by your mind is another way of making this VIRTUAL VACATION possible.


3.Watching Movies on Traveling & Exploration

Movies are another source of enriching your knowledge of whatever field you are interested in! There are plenty of them available on different platforms you can choose according to your interest, likes & dislikes and enrich your knowledge on the place you are planning to travel. While you are in Isolation looking for different ways that could feed your wanderlust, watching out movies that matter to your travel checklist. Plan it out & make sure that while you are keeping in the instruction of Isolation, you are utilizing your time for better vacationing plans when it all gets fine.


4.Interacting with Explorers on Different Forums & Discussion Boards:

Irrespective of your vacation plans - whether it is about Albania vacation, Bhutan vacation, India vacation or any part of the world, there are people out there active on various forums asking questions and sharing their experiences. So, if you want to make the most of this time, you must immediately look for an option. You can share your experiences, ask fellow members to share theirs and enrich your traveling experiences in the future.


5.Reading Books on Traveling & Exploration

It’s quite sure that if you are an active traveler, you are an avid reader! It happens in 99% of the cases (exceptions always exist). So, you might have been thinking for a long time to prepare your list reads on traveling. So, now is the time! There are no travel plans for the next few days, there are no shopping plans for your next vacation, and you are all free. Just grab some interesting traveling stories that you can pick. If you are puzzled to find the list of books on traveling then this article 15 Must-Read Books For Every Ardent Traveler will definitely help. Every single book mentioned in this article will encourage you to travel. Just make sure that you are not wasting this precious time!


6.Reading stories from Traveler Bloggers from around the Globe:

In the last few years, travel blogging has become popular leaps and bounds! Every day we see stories of travel bloggers from around the world. So while you are at home and have no travel plans because of the COVID-19 crisis, you can read these stories. You can find out how these extraordinarily enthusiastic people made their dreams of traveling and writing their stories thereof made possible. You can follow them on various social media platforms to get their stories directly into your inbox.


So, these are some of the ways of VIRTUAL VACATION for all those voracious travelers who are struggling sitting at home without any travel plans. COVID-19 is undoubtedly a topic of concern for the entire world, and meanwhile, the experts are working out solutions to fight it, we must find ways that can multiply our productivity in the days to come. This way not only we can work out a motivation for us but can also help the Governments in furthering the economy. 

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