How to Feel Like a Vacation While You're at Home?

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 30,2020

With some really unusual things happening around and that too for everyone throughout the world, it's obvious that you must be missing your traveling plans and everything. Particularly, the ones who are keen travelers must be missing those plannings and the trips. 


But, not to worry, while you are at your homes, you can feel like being on a vacation. Every coin has its both sides, it will depend on how you are fitting it into your requirement at that point in time. So, while you cannot change this situation, you can accommodate yourself and your needs to fit into it.


It’s not always about being present at a place, a country or a continent, sometimes it’s amazing to feel everything without physically traveling to the place. If you are yearning for a beach vacation, you can have that created at your home, if you want to discover a historical site, you can always read, watch and explore the historical facts about the place.


Here’s everything on how you can feel like a vacation while you are staying at home. There are ways by which you can trick your mind and plan a HOME VACATION. Let’s see:


So, First of all, what is the idea behind a HOME VACATION. You can say it’s something like the PLACEBO EFFECT, which tricks the patient mind & thinking process and cures a disease. In a similar way, we may create a placebo effect for our condition that wants to travel by making our homes a vacation spot. 


Here are ways by which you can create Placebo Effect for you Wanderlust: 


For a Food-Vacation at Home:

If you are a foodie and you often like planning food-trips, there is nothing to worry about. While most of the world is fighting COVID-19 and is living under self-isolation in our homes, we can create a placebo effect for our food-vacation at home. No matter which food, you wish to try this time and know about, for this kind of vacation you are almost always ready.


The best part of such a vacation is that you will cook it all on your own! There is enough information available on the internet, you can hit on to find these recipes. So, just get started and watch out, what all you would need to prepare these dishes and enjoy this unique food-vacation at your home. 


For a Historical-Vacation at Home:


Are you a history freak? Your concern and anxiety are obvious with the COVID-19 Quarantine period. But, you can make use of this time to explore more historical facts about places you already have visited and the ones you are Preparing to travel in the future. 


So, there are various means via which you can explore the historical facts, like youtube, television, and magazines. Read about the battles, about various leaders who have played an important role in the past.


For a Beach-Vacation at Home:

The best way is to pretend as if you are on a beach you wish to! You will just need a few accessories to create this beach-vacation placebo effect. For example, if you can arrange a light therapy lamp, you would be able to feel like being in the sun across a tropical beach paradise. One good thing about this kind of home-beach-vacation would be that while you bask in the light, you can rejuvenate without getting exposed to the UV rays.


Then you can use aromatherapy oil that is based on tropical scent. This will make you experience the beachy scent that perforates through your body & soul. It does not only give you a beach-vacation experience at home but also relaxes your mind. You may also add to this great feeling while you are in quarantine with an Opulence Essential Oil Diffuser. So, until there are no chances of stepping out or planning any vacation then you can create this 


For a Complete Relaxation-vacation at Home:

So, this is the perfect time to plan for a complete relaxation-vacation at home while you are sitting at home in isolation. You can do this by planning your sleep! Nothing is a better way of rejuvenation than sleeping well. It gives your body the time to restore to normal. But, in the rat race of everyday life, we tend to forget about giving enough rest to our body. But, now that we have got enough time, we must plan this complete-relaxation vacation. 


For a Solo-Vacation at Home:

You might have often thought about a solo-vacation, but have never found enough courage to plan one. Now that COVID-19 has come with this need to stay indoors in isolation away even for our family, it’s a perfect time, we create a virtual solo-vacation from our bedrooms. For whatever days, you want this vacation to be, you can just plan around. Design a no-entry board on the entrance gate of your room and make sure that it’s just you who enters the place (considering it a solo-vacation). Make sure that there are enough facilities like wifi, your phone, a television, your laptop & more. Make a proper itinerary and accordingly, you can read, watch and learn about places and things you want to see on your Solo Trip. Make sure that you are following your day-wise itinerary. 


For an Adventurous-Vacation at Home:

Adventure is not always about hitting it hard and about physical exercise. Sitting at home in front of the television and watching something that relates to you can be equally adventurous. In fact, doing something (during this time of quarantine) that you have never done before can be equally adventurous & fun. 


So, these are some of the ways by which you can feel like being on a vacation from the comfort zone of your homes. While this long period of isolation has come as stress, you can turn around the story by making your home feel like a vacation spot. Just make sure that design your dream Home vacation the way you have designed in your head. This is going to be really interesting and a lifetime experience!!


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