How to Keep Vacation Bad Habits at Bay?

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 30,2020

When you travel a lot, you tend to develop habits that fit your vacation requirements. While you gradually become expert and know how to do it all with ease, there are a few basic things that even after too many reminders, you make the same mistake again and again. This list will help with a clear picture of how to avoid bad habits during a vacation. 


And, more than the experienced travelers & explorers, the beginners need advice on how to avoid these bad habits during a vacation. The article is about all those habits & how you can work on avoiding them. Let’s read this article to avoid the common vacationing habits that bring about a hindrance to a trip. Here we go:


Not focusing on learning the basic communicating vocabulary


Before traveling to a new place, it is always important to learn the basic communication language. You must have the knowledge of how to say Hello, Thank you & basic things like that when you are at a new place. While it’s not a great idea to learn a language when you are traveling just for a few days, knowing the basics will definitely make you feel like home and make your vacation way easier. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not learning the basic communication language that could bring both the host & the guest at ease. This small step can make you feel more comfortable communicating with locals. While for some people this may seem difficult, but there are definitely a few ways you can deal with this issue. Here’s the solution for you.


What you can do to work with this habit: It’s quite simple as there are plenty of ways you can learn a language. There are tutorials & a variety of apps where you have easy access to the content that helps you understand the basics of the communication language of the particular place you are traveling to. Moreover, if you cannot do that, you can alternatively note down the same on a piece of paper or on your phone to use whenever required. This way you can keep them handy.


Always making last-minute bookings

While you wait for last-minute prices to drop, it even soars and you have to pay even higher than normal. If it happens with you every time you plan a vacation, it has actually become a bad vacationing habit. Not only this bad habit of making the bookings in the last-minute affects your budget negatively, but it also affects other aspects of planning this vacation. No matter, if you are booking accommodations, flights or the entire trip, booking in advance will benefit you in a number of ways. 


How to make it Happen: The best way is to make a self-imposed deadline and follow it strictly. Even if you want to wait for the prices to drop, you must complete all the bookings (accommodation, flights & vacation packages) at least a week or two before. You can mark 0the date on your calendar and make sure that you have made it happen before your own self-imposed deadline.


Always allotting less time for packing than Required

It’s because you do not give priority to packing. If you think that it’s the last thing that should be done then you are the one who always struggles with packing. You have to be very specific about giving time to every aspect of vacationing and packing is one of the important things to do. 


How to Smartly allot time for packing: The best way you can handle this is by beginning it from the very beginning when the thought of a vacation comes. You can do it slowly & gradually segregating it on the basis of days you are planning this vacation. Allot a specific part of packing on day 1 and proceed in a similar way.


Packing unnecessary Items

Most people struggle with packaging unnecessary items! This is a common problem and creates problems while you handle your luggage. We tend to pack unnecessary items that we feel in the later stage of the vacation could have reduced the extra burden. 


How to work to avoid packing unnecessary items: The best way would be to use a small-sized suitcase or wherever you are using to carry your vacation essentials, clothes & everything. The best way to avoid the bad habit of overpacking is to always have in mind the vacation duration and the items that could be reused.  


Hesitation in Spending When it’s actually Required

While how we want to spend varies from person to person. And, how you want to save will also depend on what’s important for a particular traveler. But, sometimes, this desire to save more and more makes us feel tired and the vacation becomes just like any other day. For some people saving money could be compromising on food and for others, it could be saving on things like taking cabs and preferring to walk around. But, all this, in the end, becomes tiresome making one feel exhausted that takes away the real sense of vacation. 


How to refrain from any such situation? The best way to deal with this situation is to segregate a budget to extravagantly spending separately. This money will help you avoid any type of guilt of spending on unnecessary things.


Not Acquiring Enough Knowledge of Exchange Rates in Advance

This can negatively affect your budget. For every traveler, this is an important thing to consider and know about the exchange rates. The other way around you may feel stranded every time you are paying for something if you are paying right or not. 


How can you keep yourself updated with the Exchange rates? 

One of the amazing ways is having an app on your phone which keeps informed on the exchange rates. This way you can keep yourself updated with the most current exchange rates.



So, these are some common habits that can affect our vacation negatively and make it feel like any other day. The good part is that there is a solution for everything wrong you are doing. Avoid these bad habits while you are vacationing to make sure that it’s just a vacation and not tiresome like any other day. 

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