Know Good Reasons To Visit Southern Asia In March 2020

March is the beginning of the Spring season in Asia and probably the best time to experience various shades of this season, especially in Southern Asia. Be it the colorful festivals, or thrilling activities to do, Southern Asia has got it all for travel-enthusiasts. Therefore, get ready to have an excellent experience while making well memorable in the month of March. 


Here is a list of places that deserve your visit in the month of March:


India for Holi Celebrations 


India is the only country that has a lot of colors this month. Around the country, people like to play with the colors and when you visit here in the country, the country looks completely into colors. There is a splash of colors that brighten up the mood with its vividness and the beautiful culture that fills the heart with delicious delicacies and spirit of the festival. Holi festival is the best way to experience Indian culture in a totally new way. So what could be more fun than experiencing the arrival of the spring season by splashing colored water and seeing the different sides of the country during March? All over India, this colorful festival is celebrated with happiness, fun, and excitement and below are a few places where it is worth visiting to celebrate during Holi:

1.Braj ki Holi - UP

2.Shimoga or Rang Panchami - Maharashtra

3.Basant Utsav and Dol Jatra - West Bengal

4.Royal Holi - Rajasthan

5.Phaguwa - Bihar

6.Hola Mohalla - Punjab

7.Baithaki Holi - Uttarakhand

8.Dola - Odisha

9.Lathmar Holi - Uttar Pradesh

10.Manjal Kuli - Kerala


Japan for Hanami Celebrations 


Cherry blossom festivals or Hanami is a traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers all over Japan that is celebrated in the spring season. It is not important to see the blossom of flowers all over the country; however, there are some parks where you can get to see the beautiful sight of flowers. This festival starts from the last week of March and ends in early May, which means that this blossom festival lasts for just a week or two. In this Japanese festival, Hana (flowers) are always referring to those of the cherry (sakura) and less of plum (ume) trees that fill the place with their pinkish beauty. 


Not the only but the best way to enjoy Hanami is by visiting the famous Ueno Park in Tokyo where cherry trees bloom in front of a temple or a castle. This is not the only place where you can get to see this beautiful sight; rather, there are plenty of places where you can actually see these pink flowers blossom. Below are a few mentioned places:

1.Maruyama Park in Kyoto

2.Ueno Park in Tokyo

3.Mount Daigo in Kyoto

4.Mount Yoshino in Nara


The Sukura blooming festival is such an important festival that it is impossible to escape this floral festival in Japan. 


Thailand for The Full Moon Party Fun


The concept of the Thailand full moon party is to party hard all night long under a beautiful full moon near the concave beaches. This festival attracts tourists around the world in the month of March. The Full Moon Party celebration begins three nights before the event finally happens and among three-day celebrations, the first two days are sheerly dedicated to warming up for the real party night. In the first two days, you will experience the real fun of the coral bungalows parties and the jungle party that will refresh your mind and warms up your body for the actual party.

The highlight of the event is that you can party till sunrise with live DJs, scintillating disco lights, eccentric music, and fire skipping ropes are one thing that can’t be skipped from the party. Brew into the world’s best alcohol to make the moments lighter and enjoyable. Getting into the funny, crazy and vibrant props will add an element to the party. And as far as body painting is concerned, it is an art that makes way for you to the beach and once you are done with this art, you are all set to join the wild and crazy party. Don’t forget to get your props intact with some funky neon colors painted on your body.


Bali for Nyepi Balinese New Year Celebrations 


Contrary to all other countries’ culture of celebrating New Year, Bali has a unique way of welcoming a brand new year with complete silence. When the world celebrates New Year with sparkling lights in a dynamic way, Balinese people prefer to stay quiet. Famous as the Balinese Day of Silence, Nyepi is an event that promotes 24 Hours of Silence among the island. During this time of period, it becomes mandatory to be a part of this festival. The life of people and the things get immobile during the celebration as there is no electricity, no cabs facility, no flights, and hotels have leeway to move freely on the Balinese Day of Silence. 

It is a 6-Day celebration and on the third day of the event, the entire island comes to a standstill in which no flight takes off, the shops are shut and the hotels are asked to cover their windows. This is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the island and it is better not to plan any activity around this time of the month. 


Wrapping Up 

If planning anything for March, it is suggested to go through once all the places that have been mentioned in this post. As of now, you are March-ready to have fun while traveling around the best places in Asia. 

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