How Nature Is Having Benefits From Coronavirus

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 27,2020

From quite a few days everyone has been negative about the effects that Corona has on our Nation and to the world. But just like every coin there are two sides to it. It might be a concern because it is taking on life but it has been able to do what humans were failing at for a very long time. Countries like China, Italy, and the US have declared a complete shutdown and there have been many benefits to it. One might feel that we are crazy about taking a stand for the good side of Corona when the whole world is suffering from it. But one should take a look at the bigger picture here. The novel coronavirus might be making a panic situation worldwide regarding human life but it has surely affected the environment in a very good way. Since the outbreak of this virus, people have started staying indoors and have even started their business Windows. The cars are now standing at their parking place and all the families that have been staying in different countries are finally spending time together.


The beauty of Venice restored

The best example to depict its positive side in Venice. Well, it has been the romantic getaway and the favorite tourist spot of many people. It has been the center point of many tourist activities and is famously known for its water Canal. However, most of the time the Venice Canal used to be bogged down with the tourists and the Cruise ships. But due to this lockdown, it is now clyster clear. The entire country is under lockdown and there are no tourist activities going on The Cruise ships are also not functioning. The water of Venice was never allowed to self cleanse itself because of the continuous activities going on there. If it was a normal summer then you could have expected more than 7 million people to be there. Just because the tourism of Venice has seen a great decline, the Lagoon waters are back to be what they used to be earlier. During the time of the post-war period, they were so clean that people use to bathe in those waters but if one has been in Italy previously they would be knowing that it is now next to impossible to even think of taking a bath and it.


Air quality 

The air quality has increased to a substantial level, it is again back to be breathable. The social isolation is quite difficult but has created a positive effect on the harmful gases that were admitted in the environment due to the increased footfall on earth. According to the latest studies, the concentration of the harmful gases that were produced by the cars and the power plants have seen a huge amount of change in today's air quality. Since diesel cars are out of the road there has been a drop in pollution.


The change needed

The world has been demanding a substantial change in the lifestyle of people so that they can protect the environment and keep the global warming level onto a check, however, the humans were irresponsible enough to not listen to it. If this lockdown continues for a longer period of time then we might face some economic depression but our natural environment will increase to a point that when everyone returns back to tourism one could see the world in a very different form.


What to expect after lockdown

When one returns back to the vacation mode after this outbreak is controlled you can see swans and dolphins in the canal of Italy. The humans might be unhappy about the coronavirus but our nature seems to enjoy it. Our wildlife has seen a very good impact on it. It feels as if nature has just hit the reset button. The analysts have claimed that if this lockdown continues for a few more weeks then our nature would eventually get back to what it used to be before global warming worsened.


We believe that if the government spent at least a good amount on its natural wildlife and on reclaiming the pollution either water or air into the best manners then this situation may have not arrived. Humans have been exploiting our environment and natural wildlife for a very long time. Nature has been hampered for ages and now it seems that nature is taking revenge on earth. One must take a lesson from their mistakes and once this lockdown is completed healthy travel must be practiced


The health practices that should be continued even after this lockdown period are:


Eco-friendly rides

Whenever we land on to any country the first thing we should consider is taking eco-friendly rides. The eco-friendly rides are the ones that don’t run on diesel petrol or any such harmful gases. Use the vehicles that have natural gases or even plan to take a cycle.


Don’t spread the litter

Instead of spreading the litter here and there, you must put them in the dustbin so that you do not harm the wildlife or the water life of the respected country. People are so concerned about the leisure time that we forget the pollution that we are causing.


Travel to the places 

Go to the places which are less crowded. In fact, you should not visit overcrowded places. The government should make rules for limited travelers to be allowed during that time. The airlines should team up with the government and decide on the Limited amount of tourism it will promote. This could help in avoiding overcrowding the places and will also let these tourists enjoy their time.



Don't travel if it is not necessary. We understand that a break is needed once in a while but don't think that the current work from home or the lockdown that you are having with your family is the best time you are spending. Avoid travel as much as you can and avoid spreading pollution. 


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