Your Guide To Much Awaited 2020 Spiritual Vacation

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 27,2020

 Why do we travel? Well, the basic answer and the true reason for traveling is to get away from the hustle-bustle of our day to day life. Some find Solace In The Hills and some in beaches full stop but most of us want to travel for natural spiritual healing. When we discover new places or engage in some activities that we have never been before it gives us inner happiness. Wandering around to the unknown places, and the unknown lands are something that will always heal you spiritually and your soul too. This is the best way to relax and rejuvenate yourself. When you are back from any vacation you feel a different level of energy in yourself and feel good for at least a few days.


Spiritual healers have been practicing the meditations and different experiences for many years and are very happy with what they discovered. In the house of city life, people pay heavy bucks for yoga and meditation along with some of the Spiritual healers also known as the gurus. If you want to decide which destination is made for you, in fact, is your medicine to the healing process then it makes everything easier for you. Healing always doesn't mean you need to go Yoga meditation or something like that but it's taking on an activity that will connect you to the inner self full stop it could be a man-made site or a natural one. Traveling to a new destination is always the best remedy for every sorrow that you have. Telling makes you feel refreshed and renewed and open your horizons to think on a broader level.



Most of the spiritual healers are from India and various visitors from around the globe travel to India in the context of finding there in yourself. There are many places here that you can visit for spiritual healing. If you are not in the pursuit of meditation or yoga then you can go to different places where you can find Solace. The Himachal Pradesh of India is a mini Israel as most of the people from Israel visit this snow region for their spiritual healing. There are many things that you can do in this country, for example, you can visit various temples in each and every state, get into some cultural activities here, or visit Varanasi for a dip in the renowned Ganga River. It is believed that a dip in this river could help you release yourself from the sense that you did. It is also believed that if you spread the Ashes of your deceased relatives in this river then their souls are directly transported to heaven. This not just helps them in getting relief from this life but also helps them escape from the cycle of rebirth. When you are here you can witness many devotees who will be taking spiritual baths every morning before or during the sunset. The Varanasi here is mostly famous for the Aarti ceremony that is held every evening. It is believed that nearly visiting this land of God gives you natural healing and you feel renewed again.



Spain is famous for many of its activities and the most famous one is the tomato festival that it holds every year. However, there is more to this country. If you happen to visit Spain for your spiritual journey then you might end up visiting Mezquita which means mosque. It is not just a regular complex. It is believed that during the Islamic conquest of Iberia the Muslims and Christians divided themselves for this conquest. In the AD 784 the construction of the La Mezquita began and what ended up was a beautiful Orange tree Courtyard with prayer halls with a river of striped arches. By the end of the 16th century, the Christians again conquested Catholic beliefs and converted it into a Cathedral by adding a bell Tower to it. It ended up being a mix of architecture and religion. If you are not a fan of religious places and are more into adventurous activities than you need not worry. You can Hike to the famous Camino De Santiago hike which is a very famous route for the pilgrims to reach north Spain. It is believed that it is a route taken to the city of Santiago where the famous Saint James has been a parade. However, it is just a rumor and there have not been enough facts to prove this. When you travel on this trail you will meet many people who are there for just hiking purposes or for The Spiritual seeking to. However, there are many routes that have Camino in it but it is mostly famous for the beautiful scenery it provides. Whenever you visit here you will have some or other different experiences.



Well, Japan is famous for its spiritual retreat. However, if you want to do something extraordinary and take a lesson that is quite different from what every other country has to offer you then you need to visit Japan as soon as you can. They have a new technique known as forest bathing which is trending as of now. You don't have to do anything apart from taking a nature walk in the woods. It is believed that instead of doing different activities outdoors the best method is true to take a walk in the jungle. It does not just help in improving your immunity system but also helps a different Outlook of life which enhances your confidence and self-esteem. Japan has at least 62 forests that are therapy based. All you need to do is take a guided root in these forests which could either be in Japanese or English. If you are not willing to spend a heavy amount on the guide then you can even take a walk yourself. Once you are done with the forest waiting you can visit Kyoto. It is also known as the capital of peace and tranquility. There are almost 1660 Buddhist temples and 400 shrines along with 90 Christian churches here. You can find the remains of Japanese culture in this city. If you are actually looking out for a pilgrimage journey then this is the city meant for you. 



Yes, we mentioned that Israel visits Himachal Pradesh in India for solace. However, Jordan and Israel themselves have a large number of visitors for therapeutic floats. The Dead Sea of this country is believed to have herapathite properties. There are many resorts alongside the bank of the Dead Sea that offer many therapeutic treatments. It is believed that people take the buckets of Dead Sea mud every day so that they can exfoliate themselves and feel relaxed. Will the Dead Sea have mineral-rich substances that help in cleansing your body and relaxing your muscles because of the higher amount of potassium present in it.



How can you forget Indonesia when it comes to spiritual healing or natural healing. The capital of Bali is also known as the island of Gods and having said that there are many spiritual traditions that you may experience here. Also, Ubud is a place that is famous for its spiritual location and the different activities that you can do here. You can even end up taking recreational activities for some art classes alongside yoga.


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