Plan A Visit To These Countries If One Is On A Budget

Not everyone can afford the luxury of traveling to amazing landscapes and to expensive countries. If one is given an option to travel to the alternative of these places in a very budget-friendly way then nobody would be seen at their homes. Before proceeding further we would like to inform one that saying home during this time is very much essential and whatever travel plans one makes should be after this Quarantine period ends. This situation in today's scenario is very much different from what it used to be a few days back. Hence whatever travel plans one makes they should be planned accordingly as it is very important as of now to maintain their help and to stay indoors.

Here is the list of countries one can travel on a budget and it will obviously enjoy it.


Vietnam offers many incredible and undiscovered parts that are surely going to amaze one. The only two famous sites are sapa and Halong bay. But as one travels here one would be knowing that these two are not the only places which one can visit. For all those who love Adventures, it is a great spot for one as they have the world's largest cave which one can explore on their visit here. Vietnam is very cheap when it comes to staying and even the food here is very much into their budget. To prevent overspending one can easily score some great food in the local eateries where one doesnt need to spend more than 0.20 dollars. The hotel rooms would also be cheap as they vary from 10 to 15 dollars a day. The cleanliness is maintained and if one wants to avoid the costing of hotel rooms one can even stay with someone like a Homestay. Hence even if one has a budget of 50 dollars a day it would be more than sufficient and could be the luxurious budget for Vietnam.



It is highly believed that the Pacific Islands are quite expensive and may take a toll on their pocket. But when one visits Fiji all these Smith fade away. Fiji is a very inexpensive Island and has great scenery to offer. We are not saying that it is cheap as there are many Resorts which might be considered very luxurious and may even take thousand Dollars a night but if one knows how to manage their budget one can obviously manage in a very small amount too. one just needs to be friendly with the locals as they could guide to the eco-friendly places which will offer one a great view of press time beaches and world-class diving along with some tasty and lip-smacking food. It is very easy to find a flight to Fiji as it is a stopover for many Airlines. If one is a backpacker who loves adventures and water sports and this is the place. 


Central America

Who said that Central America could be expensive. If one wants to wander around and take an adventurous trip like tracking, surfing or just exploring the food varieties then one should visit this essential America. It is a very large country but one can find budget-friendly options on a large scale. one can even score a beer for less than $1. The only key is research one needs to research a lot about the places to visit for their stay and for their adventurous activities. Once one is done with their research one can visit Costa Rica or Belize, which are among the travel-friendly options here. They are totally a backpacker destination.



Columbia has been famous for the drugs but it is a very peaceful place to visit. If one is looking out for a Getaway that can offer one a perfect blend of rural and urban life then one needs to visit it. It has great biodiversity to offer along with some rich cultural sites. one can say here for less than $50 a day. With the passing of time, it has emerged as one of the best destinations for peaceful travel. one can visit this city Medalin which was earlier the place of famous drug Lord Pablo Escobar. Columbia has reinvented itself with flowers and beautiful valleys. one can experience a great temperature here that would keep their spirits up while one travels a lot.



All the Travellers have always been in all of the beauty of Cambodia as it has a lot to offer. The amazing monuments along with some great world heritage sites for an ancient trip to its culture and great food. However, even after being so rich, it is a very affordable place to travel. Just because not everyone is aware of its beauty it has a very less footfall of tourism. It is one of the amazing Asian countries that one should plan on visiting once this social distancing period is even if one like tracking one can travel to the amazing wildlife it offers. It has good national parks that one can explore and the mountains that one can trek too.



Nobody plans to visit this country because it is not as famous as its counterpart. However, if one plans on making a visit here then one should not keep their budget more than $50 a day. It is a very underrated country and one should plan on a visit here because one is surely going to be impressed by the optimistic energy one get here. It has a very positive wife which makes one feel refreshed. It is a Muslim dominated country but that doesn't stop it from being quite open-minded and the beaches there is a must-visit. The architecture and the Heritage Sites there are surely worth visiting. If one happens to visit here in 2020, then one won't be disappointed by what one sees their experience here and that too in a very low budget.

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