Alert! You Need To Cancel Your Travel Plans To These Countries

What started as an unknown virus in the city of China, has now been announced as the Global health emergency and a pandemic. Researchers around the globe have been focusing on developing the cure for this life-threatening disease. Within a few weeks, it has taken thousands of lives worldwide and the statistics have been rising ever since then. All the educational institutes have been shut along with any public gathering places that have been closed down due to the fear of this virus being spread. News and researches have been fabricated to sell themselves and many faux reports are also surfacing in the world. Social media too is flooded with fake reports and fake tips. Everyone is trying their best to stay safe and secured from this pandemic. 


The government has requested to stay at their home and only go out if it is very important. The travel industry saw a great hit due to Coronavirus. Everyone is in fear of getting contaminated by this virus. Your year-long plans have been canceled and many countries have banned travel and flights. The travelers are disturbed as their travel plans have either been rescheduled or being tarnished. The GDP of every country has gone down. The countries claiming to be giant in the economy have seen a major dip too. Not just traveling outside your country has been banned but also the travel inside the country’s territorial border has been restricted.


If you have been planning a trip to the following countries then you might need to think again and cancel all your plans. 



With full regret, we would like to inform you that on a Tuesday meeting all the members of the European Council along with the president and the other higher representatives have enforced the restriction on traveling to the European countries for at least a month. Well, there have been few exceptions if your travel is very essential. For example, if you are a family member of any European national or are a staff of any Health Care facility along with the people transport routes then you might be exempted from this then. People who want to get back to their homes from Europe can also fly outside this directory. But if you are traveling for the vacation purpose then you need to reschedule your flight or cancel that until and unless this Global Healthcare emergency vanishes.


United States

It is a favorite holiday destination and has many citizens of other countries traveling for many purposes like study, job, honeymoon, etc.  The Vice-President announced that traveling from the UK and Ireland will be punished with immediate effect from Saturday. This is not the first country that is banned from traveling, previously they have also banned the countries which come in to send a gun visa, for example, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Poland Sweden, and Switzerland, etc. However, if you are in American president and have gone under appropriate screening then you might be allowed to enter the territory. In addition to this, the Department of Homeland security reported that 20 flying bans don’t apply to the American citizens for their family members. Us have been so strict about the policies that they have not allowed the passengers from China or Iran to enter the territories. Even if you have in American citizenship but have been into China from the last 14 days you can't enter The USA without going into proper health screening facilities. Many airports like Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington, etc have been equipped with proper equipment for the same procedure.



Australia has gone a step ahead and asked the citizens returning from their travel to go under quarantine for at least a tenure of 14 days. Not just flights but the ban has been imposed on the cruise ships too. Even if you traveled to China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy in the previous 14 days you need to go under observation to ensure that you are not a patient of CoronaVirus. However, if you are working as an airplane crew then you will be exempted from it. If you are an Australian resident then you have to be in isolation for 14 days. 



Austria has introduced territorial checks to all their borders and has banned the arrival of anyone who is coming from Italy, China or Iran. They don't want their country to be affected from any damage and hence even if you are an Austrian citizen you need to undergo the checks and if you want to travel in this country you need to have a medical certificate of no less than four days to confirm that you are not affected through Coronavirus and you won't be hampering the country's citizens. However, even if you want to travel through Austria and have the necessary certificate you cannot travel here. The only way to travel through Austria is to fly over it and even if your flight has a stop here you won't be allowed to step ahead from the airport.



Cambodia has taken preventive measures too by not allowing even the nationals to travel from the virus affected countries. The ban was imposed on 17th March. The locals and the nationals are already flying to their respective countries. If you are of Cambodian Nationality then you need to have proper medical clearance.



If you are not a national of Canada, US citizen or a permanent resident of Canada then you won’t be allowed entry in this country. Hence, all the people traveling for work, or study need to cancel out their plans and wait unless this pandemic is in control. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tweeted this order to help the citizens stay safe and healthy. 


Cape Verde

Prime Minister José Ulisses Correia e Silva has announced the suspension of flights for at least 21 days from all the virus affected countries and only the nationals returning from other countries are allowed.



It is where it all started. China has suffered a huge loss due to the spread of coronavirus and to take preventive measures. In a recent interview the government passed the following statement, "From now on, all travelers who have been in South Korea, Italy, Iran, Japan, France, Spain, Germany, the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium will have to self-quarantine for 14 days,". If you are traveling for business then you need to stay at the designated hotels only and if you are returning from other countries then you need to keep yourself isolated for 14 days at the designated healthcare facilities. In both cases, you need to undergo medical attention.



If you are not a permanent resident of this country or a national of Colombia you can’t fly in this country. 



The government has imposed a self-isolation rule for 14 days for the locals, national returning and the airline crew. 


Czech Republic

The country has declared a 30 days state of emergency and all travel either outbound or inbound have been banned to the virus affected countries. The international borders have been put under surveillance and no one is allowed to travel without the proper medical reports. 



Forget about traveling to or from Denmark until 13 April. The government is only allowing the nationals to return to their country. 



Egypt has banned all the entry and exit from the country as a preventive measure for at least two weeks. 



The country has exemptions for its commuters and goods but has denied travel alliances with affected countries.



Only the flights from the US have been allowed and that too after the commuters undergo a complete health checkup. 


Hong Kong

It has suspended flights to the affected countries and only the nationals are allowed to enter its territory. However, travelers need to self-quarantine themselves for a period of 14 days.



India has banned travel to the affected countries and all the tourists have been sent back to their respective countries. All the nationals returning back are asked to go into self- quarantine. 


All the countries have decided to bring back their local and national residents or people with permanent resident visas to return back to their homes and go into a quarantine period of at least 14 days. Also, they have banned traveling to the affected countries. No tourism is supported as of now and will keep on having the same policies until and unless the situation is under control. 


The other countries who are on this list are:






5.Sri Lanka



8.South Korea

9.Saudi Arabia





14.New Zealand









The chart above shows the kind of policies and bans that have been imposed. As you can see some countries are still at stage 1 of imposing Quarantine and some have even imposed the travel ban and most of them have imposed both. We advise everyone to stay home and safe. 

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