Everything You Need To Know About The Quarantine

The WHO has declared the recent Coronavirus as a pandemic and a Global Health Emergency. For the protection of their citizens and economy, the government is joining hands. As of now 203,843 cases have been registered worldwide and have caused 8,231 deaths. 


The graph below shows the number of active and closed cases ever since the outbreak was caused. The cases are rapidly increasing and we are only asked to take care of ourselves. These data give a deep insight into the current scenario and if reports are to be believed the situation may worsen in the near future. 




After looking at the statistics you must have understood the severity of this virus. As a precautionary measure, the government has asked its citizens to stay indoors and only go out when it’s very important. In a few of the countries, you need to have a valid reason to go out otherwise they might need to put you under observation. 


Many flights have been canceled and many have been rescheduled. Different countries have imposed different restrictions on travel and are calling all their nationals back. 


You may be hearing ‘quarantine’ word a lot and most people are comparing it with isolation. Some are not even aware of this term and are using it recklessly. We would like to clear some air around this word and how is it different from the isolation and social distance.


Quarantine: If you thought it means being infected and not being able to live with your family then you are mistaken. Quarantine basically means restricting your movements if you are being exposed to this disease. The government is suggesting their citizens go under a self-quarantine of 14 days as the symptoms of Novel Coronavirus-19 become visible and once you figure that out you can take a good healthcare facility. 


Isolation: When you are affected the government takes you in a better healthcare facility and will not allow you to roam around freely until and unless you are cured. You are not allowed to have any physical contact with anyone as they might catch the disease too. You are separated from your family members and every possible connection that you can transfer the virus too.


Social distancing: You can distance yourself socially like avoiding public places to keep yourself away from getting contaminated. 


After understanding the difference between these three terms, you need to show some support to the efforts of the government and this would help you in staying healthy and safe. 


If you are worried about survival in self- quarantine, then you need to stop worrying about it right now. It is very easy to survive this phase as you just need to keep yourself indoors for merely 14 days. Before giving you the survival tips you need to understand the conditions when you need to go into self-quarantine.



1.If you have traveled back from any of the affected countries.

2.If any of your close relatives have traveled back.

3.If you have been exposed to such affected areas or zones.

4.If you have any symptoms


How to prepare yourself for this phase:


Keep enough supplies

You must keep enough supplies of food and snacks along with essential household items as you need to avoid going outside. The economy outside is facing the wrath of this virus and there are very few options. Most of the essentials like toilet paper, food items are only available for a limited quantity only. Just like you, there would be many people who are going to keep themselves away from others. Hence, you must have enough supplies with you. If you live with a family it becomes easy for you to survive but, when you are on your own you need to be prepared beforehand.



It is very important to keep yourself sanitized and also your surroundings. If you live with your family or a flatmate you need to shift to another room and use different bathrooms and clothes. You should even sanitize the knob or the doors. Even your cutlery must be cleaned. If possible you must disinfect your house on a daily basis. Also, when it comes to you, wash your hands every 30 mins. Since you are staying at home and chances are that your family or your closest ones might affect them too.


Social media

You are not allowed to roam around but you can surely stay at home and keep yourself entertained. Also, you can ask your near and dear ones to stay safe and spread the word regarding safety and the tips that they might follow during this pandemic. You just need to refrain from spreading any false news and any faux update. For at least 14 days you need to take care of yourself and stay updated regarding the new theories and news that are unfolding every day. Social media played a huge role in giving out the news and making people aware. There are many influencers that played a huge role in spreading the words.



First aid kit


The first aid kit is very important when you stay at home to prevent the further spreading of this virus. You must keep yourself ready for any medical issue you could face. You need to understand that you won’t be able to go out and even if you go out for medical emergencies there is no assurance that doctors will be free to treat you. As the situation worsens the doctors need to choose between an emergency or a regular disease. 



Water purifier and mask


It is not important to carry a mask only when you are outside but you need to be extra careful at home too. The water should be purified so that there are no chances left for any illness. 



Find a hobby


You need to find a hobby and make most of it. You can either work from home or take on a hobby that will keep you entertained. Either jump into some crafts or make podcasts. You can even write a blog or finish off the book you had been reading and were not able to finish.


Take this 14 days house arrest as a way to keep yourself entertained and to rejuvenate. You need to worry less and relax. The more you will take care of your health the better it will be. Avoid any kind of contact with the outer world so that you can help prevent the virus from spreading. Even if you are marked safe, you will protect yourself from the contamination. 


Ever since the virus has spread and the world is filled with all the necessary updates, there still are people who are mocking the entire scenario. If you are one of them you need to hold your sarcastic horses and understand that this is not just a global health emergency but a disease that could hamper the globe not just by killing people but also by taking the economic growth of the country backward. In the 2 weeks itself, it has taken a number of lives and that could be your near and dear ones too.


Everything was easy to control when it was on stage 1 i.e only the people who traveled to China perfected. However, as the time changed not just the Travellers from China but the people who even came in contact with these people were suffering from it. It is afraid that it is being carried out in the outer world and we are doing nothing to stop it. That kind of trolls and campaigns that many people are being run just to get the media Hype and convert it into something comedy doesn't understand the real effects of it. This virus has the ability to take your basic rights from you. People are not able to move out of the houses just because of the fear of getting contaminated, people out there who love traveling and parties are not sitting idle at home. It has not just affected the growth of the nation but if it continues for another two or three weeks it might have a negative effect on the world economy. Your country might not be sufficient to tackle the issue and this will slow your country's development.  This virus is not just killing people out there but is also affecting your country as a whole if it continues to spread on this growth rate then there will be no employment left in the country. The export and import business has been affected really badly and the recession is coming back. Many Industries have been affected so badly by it that they have to go for Mass firing hence we could say it is not just hampering your life but it also has the efficiency to hamper your basic capability of meeting the daily needs. The only thing that the government wants from your side is to keep yourself safe and healthy and follow the protective measures that they have told you. 

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