Facts one should know about the Coronavirus

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Mar 25,2020

Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic and a Global Health emergency. Having said that, coronavirus is basically a large family of viruses that causes severe diseases that can lead to cold or any respiratory syndrome, it also causes the severe acute respiratory syndrome. It has never been previously identified in humans but has always been sustained in the animals. Coronavirus is basically a disease that is transmitted between animals and people. Earlier it was largely found in the animals itself.


It was never found in humans hence, its cure has not been developed as of now. Researchers are continuously trying to find out its cure but all in vain. There are many viruses that are of the Corona family and have been circulating in society for a very long time. However, they don't have much effect on human beings and hence researchers never paid a close look towards its vaccination. The very common signs of infection are mostly recipe tree symptoms, for example, fever cough short of breath. If the cases are a little serious then the infection can also cause diseases like pneumonia, acute respiratory disease, and in some cases even death.


  • Doctors recommend taking precautionary measures like washing hands, covering their mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing, preparing meat and eggs on the high flame and properly cooking them and Avoiding contact with any person who has the symptoms of any respiratory illness. This virus basically spreads not through the air but through the saliva or any human contact. There are many facts that have been wrongly presented in the news hence we want to provide one and information which is a hundred percent true.
  • As of now, there is no vaccination for the coronavirus. However the scientists are already working on the same, but it is a difficult task to create a vaccination that is safe and effective for human beings and it might take a few months for the same.

  • Many of the shared information recommends swallowing or gargling with bleach for taking acetic acids or steroids, or for the usage of essential oils and saltwater or ethanol and many other substances that might protect one from getting COVID-19 but these all are the harmful practices and might cost one their life. The only way to protect himself from coronavirus as of now is by washing their hands, keeping a hand sanitizer with one, avoiding close contact with people who have respiratory disease. Also, one can keep their self-clean and sanitize as much as one can even when one is at home and before preparing any meals.

  • When the coronavirus had an outbreak in China, people suggested that scientists have deliberately made it which was completely false. We would like to tell one that viruses change over time and it is very common to have such kind of outbreak because the animals are very much susceptible to the different viruses and when one consumes these animals it may pass their diseases to the human beings to, it is believed that coronavirus may have been passed on from pig, bat or any such bird.

  • Few people are asking whether the virus can be transmitted if they import something from China or the countries which have been affected by it. We would like to inform one that it is very common to transmit illness even from a droplet of the infected person’s sneeze or cough. However, it is also believed that viruses like this do not stay alive on the outer surfaces for a longer period of time. Hence it is a very debatable answer if coronavirus can be transmitted from imported products or not. However, we suggest not to take any chances and keep them self safe from this pandemic by taking precautionary measures.


Coronavirus is making headlines in day to day life and everyone is afraid of this. It is not the first time that any virus has made headlines and caused so many deaths. However, it is very risky because scientists are yet to find a cure for it. 


If one opens up any website or any news agencies site one would be knowing that many of the people are claiming that they have the vaccination for it but all have been a faux report. one should start focusing on their health and avoid traveling much as one is more likely to get affected by it when one comes in contact with the other people. one never knows who is suffering from it and hence taking precautions is the only solution toward as of now. 


There are many countries that have actually closed down their colleges, offices, and any public gathering places. People have also started carrying a sanitizer and a mask along with them. Whenever we read out a newspaper we can see almost hundreds of people dying from it every day. There is no country that has not been affected by it. Most of the Carriers of this virus have been in contact with people who once visited China, which is considered to be the center of the birth of coronavirus. The only thing that we would request everyone is to take care of all the precautionary measures that have been told by the government and even if the slightest of symptoms appear one should visit the nearby health center. 


In this article, we tried telling one the possible facts and myths which have been attached to the coronavirus and the actual story behind it. Most of the facts that have been surfacing in the market are fake news which is generated from the people who have very little knowledge about it and just want to create a baffle amongst the naive audience.


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