World's Safest Places for Solo Female Travelers 2020!

Traveling alone is Empowering! Its the discovery of self! Its the freedom to be who you are..


Oft-visited locations for solo women travelers around the world are the ones which are safe & where the nature of the inhabitants is primarily friendly. For women solo travelers, safety is a primary concern. Most choose their vacationing destination accordingly. 


Solo traveling is amazing irrespective of the gender, the creed, the caste or no matter what!! 


A Solo vacation is as empowering as the feeling of freshly cool breeze flowing right through your body to your soul!! But, at the same time, its all challenging like hell particularly for the women solo travelers. Thankfully, there are places around the world where women can travel safely. 


Over the years, the solo Traveling Trend has been on a high rise and especially among the women. It makes you feel amazing when you ask a stranger to click on a picture of you posing around your favorite museum or the park. Its kind of refreshing, empowering!


Lets find out some of the exciting places across the globe where traveling solo for women is safe and exciting. Here we go:


1. United States of America


You can feel free traveling to any corner of the United States! Be it the peaceful mountain trails, strolling around through the open roads or the New Yorks popular buzzing markets, solo traveling for anyone has got to be exciting. Adventure is what the country is all about ~ you are alone and you have this whole bunch of scary activities to do. You can imagine the freedom and the way it makes you feel fearlessly brave. With over 193,500 miles of a hiking trail and around 59 national parks, and on top of that the cool environment, a solo trip to the United States is definitely one thing one must go for. New Orleans is an amazing place in the United States for every kind of solo traveler. And, for the most important thing is that it is equally safe for solo female travelers. 


2. Indonesia

Indonesia is another safe and most recommended place for female solo travelers. The best way to travel through Indonesia for solo travelers could be joining a volunteer group or tour group. This gives you not only the freedom of solo travel, but it also helps you travel safely. Research data has shown that there are plenty of volunteer opportunities. On top of that, the locals here are amazingly friendly and with a couple of places in Indonesia like Bali that you can safely explore on your own. For quite some time, Bali has been considered one of the top destinations that is a must-have on every travelers list. Indonesia as a whole is all about self-discovery, freedom, and self-realization. 


3. Japan

You may have heard about Japan for the technical development that the country has seen, but you do not know about the fact that Japan is one of the most popular countries for explorers & solo travelers. Be it the UNESCO sites, mouth-watering cuisines or adventurous hiking trails, Japan is all about a bunch of happiness for the solo female travelers. There are undoubtedly a bunch of delighting travel spots for solo female travelers. While when you step here at first, you might feel a little alien because of the language barrier & everything, however, the transportation system is so very efficient that you will love the whole thing. On top of that, the low crime rate is just an amazing experience! For female solo travelers, its just nothing less than a beautiful paradise with so much to taste, explore, and do. Imagine being alone in this technically evolved country with so many other major things! 


4. Spain

Ahhh...another amazing location for solo explorers is the European land ~ Spain. For the fact that Madrid was the first state around the world banning manspreading (the act of man traveling on public transport, sitting with legs spread over the adjacent persons seat). This fact is only and the strongest evidence of what it is going to be like traveling solo (female). Madrid is one of the safest countries where solo female travelers can travel safely. Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of other reasons to explore the country ~ the amazingly beautiful city of Barcelona, huge Mediterranean coastline, exploring paella in different parts of Spain, and the country's spectacular architecture is nothing but a boon for all those who love traveling. 


5. France

Another safe place for solo female explorers is France!! And, you can wander around the city alone & plan your stay without requiring a partner. After Spain, it is only France that maintains its women's rights quite strictly. As per one report, about 80% of the gender gap issues have been resolved in the country. Any kind of street harassment & catcalling in France is banned ~ according to a recent development anyone caught catcalling & harassing women will have to pay an on-the-spot fine of $870. 


And, in addition to it being one of the safest places for solo female travelers, there are a couple of fascinating places which you cannot avoid but plan a vacation. It is a dream location for almost everyone who has ever thought of traveling being an important part of their life. 


So, if you are planning a solo vacation and womens safety is stopping you from finalizing it, then you have got the solution. These are five of the safest places for solo female travelers. You do not have to be bothered every time you step out to explore if you are safe or not. All you have to do is to explore, sink in your surroundings & observe yourself into the vibes of places. 

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