The Best Destination For Your Zodiac Sign - 2020

The heavens do speak their own language!! Gaze high into the sky and you will understand why it all matters. Those who understand the language of stars and astrology, science can establish that communication.  


You may wonder whats the point about Zodiac signs when its all about traveling & vacations. However, it may not matter to you.


Those who understand astrology do have an answer to what its all about. However, people do not pay heed to the fact that their zodiac sign can largely affect the best country for them to travel. 


This article is all about how you can benefit from your vacation the most. Knowing which is the most important country for you as per your zodiac sign is crucial. There is a term like travel astrology that you must know before you plan your next trip. 


Lets discover the interesting fact and be mindful while you plan your vacation:


Japan & China  for the Aquarians


Aquarians: January 21 to February 18

Aquarians personality: Technology-driven & forward thinkers.

However, its important to explore everything and every flavor of the world that you can. But, its important to know what matches your personality the most. For Aquarians technology is something that is in their blood. And, both in terms of career & personal experience vacationing somewhere one can get their real self is essential. 


As per the most astrologers, technologically developed nations like China & Japan are quite some of those places that will for sure attract all Aquarians. Places like this captivate the heart & souls of every Aquarian. The national science Museums & the progressive vibe of the cities is itself something to dive deeper into. 


Puerto Rico for the Pieces


Pieces: February 19 - March 20

Pisces personality: Sea & water bodies captivate their heart.

For the fact that the Caribbean gives travelers the chance to take pleasure in the breezes makes Puerto Rico a must travel place for the Pieces. For this group of people, its the huge water bodies all surrounded by plenty of fresh air, swimming beaches, music & more. San Juan is all about discovering the real self for the Pieces. Plenty of beaches here will have you fall in love with the palm trees and the pleasant waves that flow all through the day. 


Spain for the Aries


Aries: March 21 - April 20

Aries Personality: They appreciate bright colors & vibrant colors. Full of energy & enthusiasm.

For the Aries, its the country where the colorful festival of Flamenco is! For every Aries, the colorfully beautiful vibes of Spain that make them fall in love with the place. These bunch of people are all filled with energy & enthusiasm, which makes Spain one of the best places for them to visit. Aries love festivities & Spain has it all! Gastronomy & culture you can enjoy in Madrid & Barcelona and there are other parts of the country to get them engaged with other flavors. At the Flamenco Dance Museum, the impeccable dance performances and music that brings out that vibrantly amazing energy. 


France for the Taurus 


Taurus: April 21 May 21

The personality of people with Taurus Zodiac Sign: Those who believe in feeding their senses for pleasure.


For this bunch of people, who are keen on feeding their senses, France is one of the most perfect vacation spots. As many say you will feel the love & romance all through the air in France making all Aries feel like home. At the brasseries, sitting and discussing romantic tales, strolling around leisurely. The art & culture thats found everywhere accentuates the beauty of the country. 


Brazil for Geminis


Geminis: May 22 June 21

The personality of people with Geminis Zodiac Sign: The  Adventurous Sun Sign

Keeping in mind the personality of people with the zodiac sign Gemini, Brazil is found to be the most perfect vacation spot. Brazil has plenty of hidden adventurous spots that make it the perfect location for this bunch of people. People belonging to this Zodiac sign are the ones who love spontaneity & are keen to explore the world. For all these people, Rio de Janeiro is the most perfect choice to go for, which is all filled with culinary options & more. 


New Zealand for Cancerians


Cancerians: June 22 July 22

The personality of people with Cancer Zodiac Sign: They love being near lakes or oceans.

For any Cancerian person, its like being in heaven when they are anywhere near lakes or oceans. They are also gravitated by natural beauty ~ with this enormously huge amount of beauty in New Zealand, this vacation is going to be etched in the heart of every Cancerian around the world. For beach lovers, a coastline nation is an amazing place and for the Cancerians, the North Island, from where you can base yourself in Auckland and visit the Coromandel Forest Park. Theres a lot of fun for people with Cancer Zodiac signs. 


Greece for the people with Leo Zodiac Sign


Greece: July 23 August 23

The personality of people with Leo Zodiac Sign: This bunch of people is absolutely traveling geeks. 

Every Leo person has that special fire inside to travel! Leos are quite expressive, creative & are quite inspirational. And, in terms of social legacy & cultural charm that feed every Leos creativity, inspiration & expression. Athens is that part of Greece thats great for the ones who love and appreciate the natural beauty of a place ~ the Aegean islands. The cobblestoned streets and the ancient castle is something where the artists & the poets find peace. 


California for the Virgos


Virgos: August 24 September 22

The personality of people with Virgo Zodiac Sign: This group of people enjoys being in. nature and they prefer a planned journey more than an unplanned one.

Virgos will definitely enjoy wandering around the streets of California. The opportunity that it offers to travel along the coast is amazing. And, when you are in the middle of the city you are all free to move along the different parts of the city. Road tripping is never a bad idea, that always fascinates Virgos. Without realizing, you can move from the mountains to the oceans and all in a day. Beginning from Sonoma County and moving across the Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve, its all a wonderful experience for every Virgo person. 


Canada for the Libras


 Libras: September 23 October 23

The personality of people with Libra Zodiac Sign: They are fascinated by recreational activities & steady fun. Socializing & enjoying the nightlife is important to their life.


Libras, as per their personality are fascinated by places where they can party, enjoy the nightlife, engage themselves in recreational activities, and enjoy fun-filled vacationing. In that regard, places in Canada including Montreal and Quebec are the apt places culturally rich & with plenty of places to enjoy. The Botanical garden and the Mount Royal are the spots where Libras can satiate the recreational self within them. Theres much more for them here in Canada for this bunch of people (Libras). 

Egypt for the Scorpions

Scorpions: October 24 November 22

The personality of people with Virgo Zodiac Sign: Magic & mystery is all that fascinates them. 


The Scorpions are more often attracted by magic & mystery! Egypt is considered an amazing vacation destination for the Scorpions for its bewitching ancient history that showcases all about the mysterious tales from the past. Particularly in the magnificent pyramids of Giza, the Scorpions have got to get their heart captured. And, the mystique passageways at the Red (or North) pyramid in Dahshur, for most Scorpions is all fascinating. 


South Africa for the Sagittarians


Sagittarians: November 23 December 21

The personality of people with Sagittarius Zodiac Sign: They are Explorers. 


The travel astrology says that people who belong to the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign are more of explorers. It makes out that South Africa is one of the most amazing vacation spots to help satiate their wanderlust. From the pretty magical beaches to the wine-country excursions and more, theres amazing beauty to explore in South Africa for Sagittarians. Be it Johannesburg or Cape Town, theres something new to explore in every inch of the country. Apart from these fascinating places, there are plenty of things to do including bungee jumping and more. 


Iceland for the Capricorns


Capricorns: December 22 January 20

The personality of people with Capricorns Zodiac Sign: Nature is their love!


The planet of ice rules people belonging to the Capricorn Zodiac sign. With Iceland having an amazing scope for nature lovers, it is one of the most suitable vacation spots for the ones belonging to the family of Capricorns. From the waterfalls to the majestic glaciers, sea cliffs,  and hot springs ~ Iceland offers a great deal of charm and beauty for its travelers. And, the awe-inspiring wildlife that includes Arctic foxes, puffins, whales & more are all amazing. 

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