Where To Spend Your Spring Vacations This 2020

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Sep 05,2023

Spring is here and it is time for the blossoms everywhere. A breeze of happiness and newness is in the air and the farmers are rejoicing as the thick layers of snow have started melting and you can know what heavy layers of jackets and sweaters it's a season of rebirth and rejoicing. People around the world have started planning on their vacations to experience the spring of different countries. However, most of the countries are now celebrating their spring festivals that you should not miss out on. Every country has its own way to celebrate this spring season. It starts with different kinds of flora being bloomed to mark the beginning of summers and entropy chilly winters. While people around the globe have started making preparations for their native spring festivals we are going to discuss a few of the festivals that are famous around the globe. We hope that you would be interested in at least knowing about them with the digital era. People now know about famous spots to celebrate different seasons. However, most of them are yet to be touched and explored by the people of other countries.


Here is the list of unique spring festivals celebrated around the globe and the places you can travel for this much-awaited spring vacation.



It is the national festival of Thailand and it is the popular national festival here. It is one of the best festivals that you experience here. It usually takes place in April and is quite similar to the Indian festival Holi. The only difference is that Indians play with color and they play with water. In the Songkran festival, a 3 days celebration is carried out nationwide. The whole country shut down and focused only on celebrating this occasion. It was celebrated to depict the cleanliness and pay respect to the near and dear ones. In the morning the young generation gives scented water to their elders to attract good luck and better opportunities. The people from around the nation gather food to donate it to the monks and purify the statues of Buddhas that they have in their home. This festival has a vibe of itself and you could feel the enthusiasm on the streets. The entire nation is on the streets and lanes to throw water on each other and the tourists too can't escape. If you happen to visit Thailand in mid-April then be ready to get wet and join the fun.


Tulip Festival of Canada

There are many stories related to this festival. It is believed that in 1945, the princess of the Netherlands offered 1 lakh Tulip bulbs to the Canadian government for showing her gratitude to the royal family of Holland. Ever since then it has become a Netherlands tradition of gifting tulips to Canada every year. The first Tulip festival happened in 1953 and there has been no looking back ever since then in the month of may more than millions of Tulips bloom In the national capital and 50000 vegetables from across the nation come to have to visit this phenomenon if you happen to be in you Canada during the month of May then you should surely not miss this festival. It is a great site to observe so many varieties of tulips and the beautiful sunrise in this location. Spring is all about flowers and Blossoms hence you should pack your bags and fly to participate in this Tulip festival. There are many Tulip festivals across the globe, however, it is one of the largest festivals and to experience that you can visit Holland from 4th to 12th of May.


Cherry Blossoms

It is a famous festival in Japan and every spring all the Japanese locals gather around cherry blossom trees to celebrate one of the country's favorite spring festivals. In this festival, the families and friends gather together for a small picnic or date as per the cherished traditions. With the blossoming of cherries, the country is layered with beautiful sceneries and it symbolizes the transitions of nature just like life. Japanese are very sober and simple when it comes to festivals. They believe in being together at festivals and relish the local delicacies. The best time to enjoy it is during the evening. When you visit to experience this beautiful view, you can see the people sitting peacefully, playing games or simply cherishing some me time. It is all fun to sit under a cherry tree and forget yourself in the melodious tunes, drinks and mouth watering food. It is also known as the Hanami festival and this marks the beginning of spring season. 



If you love food then you cant miss Cimburijada in Bosnia. It is all about food and happy faces. The locals and tourists gather around the Bosna River to have some free food. It is a foodie festival. According to traditions, people eat scrambled eggs as eggs symbolize the new life and so does the season spring. Locals offer you free scrambled eggs and you can relish with some drinks and make friends here. The town is fully indulged in the foodie vibes that you can actually taste different egg dishes. 


If you are waiting for the much-needed break then head towards this international location to celebrate your spring. Spring is all about warmth and family time. You can book your flights in advance and plan your vacation around these months to any country. Since there are many nations that celebrate it with full enthusiasm you need to plan ahead many more things like sightseeing, the other festivals that might clash with these dates so that you can extend your vacations accordingly. Take back the good memories from here and learn different stories attached to this season. You can even taste the delicacies of various towns and cities. Your spring vacation can be really amazing if you plan it right. 


Explore the offbeat places and cherish the memories forever when you have a spring vacation. 

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