Great Places To Visit For Solo Travelers

If you are not a twin or a triplet, then it is quite obvious that you are born alone and if you are born alone, why can’t you travel alone. Around the world, there are a lot of women who want to live their life on their own terms and solo travel is something that they want to have once in a lifetime. Solo travel, by choice or by chance, is a fabulous experience that every woman should have to become more courageous, self-dependent, and confident. Undoubtedly, the solo travel experience is so satisfying, relaxing, and rejuvenating. And this is not all, this experience is so unexpectedly enlightening that it feeds passion and desires. 

Despite being surrounded by so many liberal minds, there are many loggerheads roaming around who think that it is not safe for women to have solo travel. Well, this is of no true at all, the world is a safe place and all females have all rights to explore the safe place. Therefore, if you are a woman with free-will who dreams of exploring this beautiful world on your own, you have landed up in the right space. 

If you are willing to experience solo travel before you get married (don’t be stereotyped) or saying “goodbye” to this planet, look no further, simply read on to unwrap the safest places to explore for a solo traveler:


Safest Places For Female Solo Travelers 

So all you ladies, get up and get going as the below list of safe places would guide to the places that you deserve to explore alone: 


Rome, Italy 

Break the myth and keep Rome on your travel bucket list when on solo travel. They say that Rome is a place for romantic couples-only which you need to prove wrong by taking a trip alone. Simply click the beautiful pictures around the ancient buildings and post it on your social media accounts to make your married friends envy. Rome is a fabulous destination that is perfect for any traveler since it offers sumptuous food, breathtaking places, and romantic views. And who knows you might get a romantic proposal from any romantic guy who will make your solo trip superbly awesome. This Italian city is full of surprises and to get revealed to these surprises, it is suggested to take a solo trip to Rome. 

If you are planning to travel alone, there are many things that a woman can do while on a leisure vacation to Rome. Here is a list of things:


  • - Explore the Roman Forum and Coliseum

  • - Visit the Roman Empire

  • - Visit The Pantheon

  • - Explore The Vatican City

  • - Admire the Saint Peter’s Basilica

  • - Explore the Piazzas and Cobble Laneways


New York City, the United States

When it comes to exploring the amazing places to visit alone for females in America, the streets of Manhattan and the Big Apple’s boroughs top the list. These are the places that can’t be ignored easily as it has to offer the iconic buildings, beautiful galleries, and not to forget, the world-famous museums. Times Square is a perfect place for sightseeing whereas Central Park is the best place for rollerblading experience, so if you plan to travel alone to this American city, you know what to do and how to make your trip absolutely awesome. 


Reykjavik, Iceland  

If you are only thinking about the safest place to roam around as a solo female traveler, Reykjavik, Iceland is the place that you should vouch for. According to the data and facts, this capital city has top rank on the Global Peace Index, which measures the national peacefulness around this complex world. This clearly proves that this city has no crime rates, and the people Proved to be the right places and safe places for female solo travelers so that they are so kind and generous to maintain the peace in the city. Hence, this needs no further proof to call it a safe place to visit for female travelers. The Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights are some amazing places to visit for females to experience the beautiful moments under the starry night and green lights. Therefore, it is highly suggested to visit the city when on a solo trip. 


Amsterdam, Netherlands  

Probably the most vibrant, and safest place to be for a female solo traveler, Amsterdam has a lot to offer that a female feels safe and free. From nightclubs to historical monuments, this city has everything for all. So if you are planning to head out of your city for the serene, safe, and probably the best for female travelers, Amsterdam is one city that caters to all your travel preferences. 

Commonly known as the “Venice of the North”, Amsterdam fascinates solo female travelers with its beautiful bridges, mesmerizing museums, charming canals, and artistic architecture. There is something for every female traveler in this Dutch capital. 


Melbourne, Australia 

Melbourne is by far one of the finest places to explore alone for the female traveler. It is popular for its eccentric live music, lip-smacking delicacies, and indigenous art that attracts more female travelers to visit the city once in a lifetime. Beautiful gardens, artistic buildings, great museums, extensive shopping centers are the key reasons for making this place as one of the best places to visit for female solo travelers. Melbourne is a place that fulfills every desire of a traveler (both male and female) but the law in the city makes it a safe place to be around for females.  

Freedom, fun, entertainment, and safety are things that every solo female traveler desires for and Melbourne are a perfect destination that satisfies every solo soul. Queen Victoria Market, South Melbourne Beach, Melbourne Aquarium are considered the perfect places to spend some time around when traveling alone.


Bali, Indonesia 

The most relaxing place to be on this earth is around the beautiful Bali that is surrounded by the serene beaches, meditative temples, and breathtaking views. This is what makes it a perfect holiday destination for female solo travelers. Spa centers and massage parlors are a relief to the people who love massages and want to desire in a calm environment. 


Last Words

You have come to that part of the section where you can make decisions for the destinations that are safe to visit for a solo female traveler. 

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