Take A Break-Up Vacation Girl With These Tips

Who says that boy should have all the fun? Girls you require a vacation to yourself too. There are times when we just want a break from our life and from the people around us. Traveling destinations can open your horizons and will make you feel really good and take away all your sorrows. There are times when you need a little more peace, a place where no one knows you and you can be yourself, by keeping your phone aside and by making friends, finding friends in the faces of strangers. 


There comes a time when a breakup hearts and we might defend saying that it didnt but deep down we know it did, most of the people advise to find solace in someone elses arms but why to let those things affect and why to let someone else become our medicine or relief. The best healer is to travel. We would suggest just take a break, format your phone and fill it with happy songs and try finding yourself. There is nothing wrong with going on a solo trip to heal from the damage. Pack your bag girl and travel somewhere far, travel to a place that you had been planning for ages. No need to take your girlfriends along as you want to be in your space and should not be nagged about how bad your partner was. 


Things you should keep in mind before going for solo travel:


Pack light

Pack only the essentials and instead of going with all those blingy and strappy dresses, pack something that is comfortable. We want you to look good, but why to take from home when you can shop. Shopping is the best therapy a girl can have and whats better than shopping from a foreign country.


Carry pepper spray and other protective things

Every country is safe and rules are strict but you can never be sure about people. They can change anytime and to avoid any unfortunate event, keep the emergency numbers of the destination country saved on your phone.


Carry Documents

It is very important to carry all your documents and their photocopies as you never know when you need them. The best way to carry documents is to keep your originals and one set of photocopies in your travel bag and one set in the main bag that you would keep in your hotel room. 



How can you travel without research? Being impulsive is good but you cant cross oceans on your impulses. Nobody likes to search for the hotel at midnight or search for food on the streets and instead of eating the best you end up eating the worst. Hence, it is always advisable to do thorough research about the places you would want to visit and the places that people advise. The hotels you could stay back at or the staying options you could explore while you travel. The food options you could try and the must-do activities that locals suggest.


Travel offbeat

Instead of going for the most visited places and the popular spots, try searching for the offbeat places. Instead of going for google rankings, try connecting with the group of people who have been to the same destination and you can then ask them for the places that locals suggest or the one they have discovered. 


Power Bank

We know that we advised staying away from your phone but what if you get stuck into a very difficult situation and want to reach out for help? Phone must be handy and you should always have a power back up too. 

Spend time with strangers

We all have been taught that we should not talk or take things from strangers but sometimes, strangers give you a more homely feel. Try talking to the locals on your vacation and know the homestays are open in what places and which are safe to stay. You can do many things when you listen to the locals and sometimes you make great friends on such a trip.

Oh, girl, its your break up trip, a vacation you needed to find yourself, keep yourself safe and travel to the unknown lands and the places where you find solace and comfort. Its okay to break yourself amidst the beautiful scenery. Trying spending your nights under the stars and in a peaceful place which is secluded and safe. Make the most of your vacation as you never know what might be waiting for you on the foreign land. 

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