Best Travel Places To Celebrate International Women's Day

There are many articles on International Womens Day that have been focusing on the success stories of women, be it political, social, or even economical. Every year on the same day, people have a common way to celebrate International Womens Day by talking and sharing about the achievements of women across the globe. However, this 2020 year, break the stereotype and come up with an idea that can ignite every soul and heart. Female solo trips or female-focused trips are quite-in-trend that is so inspirational for those women who believe in having a world surrounding four walls.  


International Womens Day is just around the corner and is the perfect time to discuss the top places to visit around womens day. To be more specific, this post would highlight the places that must be explored by women during this women-centric week. 


The Wonder of Wonders for Women Around Womens Day 2020


Around the world, a lot of places that are getting the attention of the ladies; however, below are some awesome places that will certainly blow your mind up. No matter you are an adventure traveler, solo traveler, or an explorer, this article has something for everyone:


Stay High On Life With Hawaii Vacations 

If you are a woman who is looking for some real happiness while exploring the place in Latin America, Hawaii is the best leisure vacation that one can have while choosing the perfect Hawaii vacation packages. Whether it is Maui or the Lanai, Hawaii is the only place that can please any womens vacation needs. In fact, Hawaii is a paradise for women travelers as the island offers the best spa centers to relax their body and mind. This is not all that this island has to offer, the island serves the best traditional cuisines along with an array of adventure activities. 

The water-related activities are the main attraction of women who like to try their hands on adventure activities. Women with a passion for adventure activities have great opportunities to do surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. 

Best Places For Adventure-Loving Women: Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island are the best places for women to enjoy the adventure-activities. 

Climb Up To Mount Kilimanjaro

Climb it up when you want to be at the top of the world. Ladies always like to rule the world and if you want to be at the top of the world this International Womens Day 2020, look no further and book a vacation to Tanzania. Mountain climbing is one of the best ways to stay fit and keep the stress away; therefore, women who want to have some peace of mind along with some fun and adventure cant afford to skip Mount Kilimanjaro from your travel bucket list. 

Best Routes For Female Climbers: Machame Route (Kilimanjaro Climbing), Lemosho Route, and Marangu Route. 

Chill Around On Peaceful Chiles Lake District

For all those ladies, who are simply just looking out for some chill time out of their busy schedules, Chiles lake district is a place that never fails to surprise you all. The place offers beautiful views of snow-clad volcanoes, green-lush forests, and aqua-blue waters, which make this place perfect for ladies with the desire of chilling around the different moods of nature in one place. And this is not it, there is a big opportunity for shopaholic ladies having love over art to shopping the colorful artistic handicrafts in the form of handicrafts, including handbags, rugs, jewelry, cement pots, and many souvenirs. These handicrafts are the best way to admire Chilean culture. Food-lover female travelers who have an array of options in food to give their tongue a taste of real Chilean flavor. 

Best For Shopaholic Female Travelers: The Chilean art is sold in art fairs, shops, and boutiques in the form of jewelry, handicrafts, handlooms, and clothing. 


Be Calm And Compose In Bali, Indonesia

Known as a romantic destination for couples, Bali is also a perfect destination for solo travelers, especially for female solo travelers. This is one of the best places to experience serenity with its beautiful natural views and beaches. Beach lounging and Spa treatments are ideal activities to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind, which proves to be the perfect thing to do for females if traveling alone or with a girl-gang. Plenty of natural hikes attract many tourists every year apart from Balinese massages in the resorts. From relaxation to heart-pumping adventure activities, there is everything for every traveler; however, most of the people like to travel to Bali for beautiful beaches and soothing Spa treatments. Nightclubs set the mood on fire with its amazing ambiance, eccentric music beats, and foot-tapping dance songs. Bali vacation sounds like a plan for any traveler who wants it all in one vacation.  


Besides, monkey forest and classical neighbors are the main attractions of Bali but there is a lot more to explore while on a solo or group trip. 

Best Places For Rejuvenation: Holy waters of Tirta Empul, Eco-lodges and Resorts are the best places to relax and rejuvenate the mind. 


Play More But Pay Less With Portugal Vacation 

Portugal is best known for cultural treasures that can be explored at cheap prices, hence, it makes quite a place for travelers on low-budget. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, this place is perfect for not punching a hole into your pocket. The accommodations are quite affordable, and when it comes to food, there are many restaurants and hotels that serve the best dishes at low-prices. Be it beaches or fine wines, Portugal surprises everyone with its versatility. 

Best For Budget-Friendly Travelers: Portugal is an ideal place for travelers on a low budget as having free access to numerous historical places and natural sights. 


No Wrapping Up, Only Unwrapping The Travel Desires 


No matter how busy you are, take some take out of your busy schedule this International Womens Day 2020 to spread your wings to fly high on your dreams. 


The aforementioned travel destinations are said to be the best spots for women to cover on this Womens Day.

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