8 Amazing Hacks To Follow On Your Next Flight

Woman with travel pillow resting while listening to music during flight

Those long hour travels could be really tiring and are often seen as trouble. The long flights are something we all try to avoid. But, what if we give you some secret hacks to make the flight more comfortable and fun while you travel?


There are a few things that we already know like carrying a power bank for your phones with ample charge to keep your travel fun. You need to keep yourself entertained on the flight as those in-flight entertainments are really boring and sometimes very glitchy. Hence, it is best to fill up your phone with your favorite shows that you can watch during the hours-long flights. In the movies, you must have seen people striking up conversations during flights but thats not going to happen to you on the flight. It is very rare to find some extrovert sitting next to you or passengers making contact with each other. It is always better to keep the entertainment part to yourself. Also, you can do activities before getting on the plane to make your body tired so that you can sleep for the first few hours and relax your body. Flight attendants are always at your help and thats their job. You can call them for help whenever you want and its better to take their help as much as you can.

Well, there are few secret hacks that you must try on your long flights:


1. Read reviews of the flight


You will be on that flight for more than five hours and this could be really tiring if the flight is not good. You need to select a flight for yourself that is comfortable and has helpful staff. One must read reviews of the flight before getting on it or booking it. The reviews are really helpful in understanding the services of the flight. Before paying a hefty amount for your window seat or the aisle seat you must compare the reviews and the prices of the flights to your destination. This helps you to understand the kind of travel you will be having.


2. BYOS 


Bring Your Own Snack on the flight to avoid paying a heavy amount for cheap stuff. There are flights that offer complimentary food still, but you should carry a light snack with you to avoid the hassle of waiting for the food when you are really hungry. You should pack light as heavy food can cause vomiting or sickness.


3. Reset your body clock pre-flight


Whenever you plan to travel to a different country or continent, read about the time zone there and try matching it a week before. This helps in avoiding jet lag and will kickstart your vacation on a fresh mode. The flights also adjust the lighting according to the time zone of the country they are flying to.


4. Keep travel-size products


When we say travel size products we mean products under 100 ml as this is the volume allowed on the flights. Whenever you are traveling you need to prepare a travel kit as you cant trust hotels to provide you everything you need. Your favorite cologne, body wash, or makeup dont deserve to be away from you on your vacation. Hence, the hack to travel right on the long flight is to pack light and carry the sample versions of the products that you can. There is no alternative to your clothing but the best you can do to make your travel light is to avoid taking the full-size bottle as they may not be allowed and no one likes to leave their favorite bottle of perfume and face wash.


5. Pillow and lower back support


The market is flooded with neck pillows to give you a comfortable journey. But did you know keeping a towel or your jacket behind your lower back as support helps in a smoother journey? Yes! This is a travel hack that has been followed by many experts and this is something you cannot avoid. Make a C shape around your lower back and see the difference for yourself. It gives support to your lower back and this eventually helps you to relax. You can also recline your seat a little bit and try sleeping that way. The more comfortable you sleep on your flight the more active you will be on your vacation.


6. Comfortable clothes


You are no celebrity that paparazzi will be waiting for you. So, be smart and wear comfortable clothes. Wearing tight clothing can disturb your blood flow and you would surely not want that. Hence, it is advisable to wear something really comfortable like a pair of joggers with a cool and comfortable T-shirt. This wont hurt your style and you can be comfortable on your flight too. This is a hack that has been adopted by many celebrities too.


7. Seat


Sitting in between wont keep you entertained. Everyone loves a window seat and the ones saying no are lying. Book your favorite seat and make sure that they are recliners. You need to take care of your seating as this is where you are going to spend long hours and we dont think that you would like to travel uncomfortably. This is a really cool hack that you must follow. Your seat is the key for relaxed traveling. Before booking the flight you can read reviews about their seats and try booking a window seat that might cost you a few bucks extra but will keep you entertained with picturesque clouds and an aerial view.


8. Move your body


This is a very important hack. You need to move from your seat and take a walk to the washroom or maybe just to take out something from your bag. But! It is really important to move your legs to keep the blood circulation going. Also, ensure that you dont do it so frequently that the fellow passengers get disturbed.


Well! These were the hacks that you could use on your next long flight without feeling tired and feeling vacation mode on from the first step.

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