Travel The Unique Countries For A Leisure Vacation

Traveling to the countries that our insta-famous and renowned is good, but have you tried visiting the countries that are not that known yet are beautiful and must-visit. You have a whole year to think about your next travel destination and what could be better than vacaying amidst the land of unknowns with the least information and uniqueness in them. We are here to give you new travel goals for this year. 

We all want a vacation with amazing locations and a crowd. How can you achieve the same from the overcrowded locations? Last year a few of our friends decided to trip around the least known countries in the world to make the most of their vacations. Spending some leisure time in the peaceful valleys and gave us a list of the countries that we are excited to visit too.


We have already booked our calendars and packed our bags to visit these lesser-known destinations:

A small Polynesian Island- Tuvalu

Polynesia is a beautiful location but traveling a few miles from the mainland you will find this amazing island Tuvalu. It was earlier known as the Ellice island. It is somewhere between Australia and Hawaii. You will be wondering why not to visit Hawaii which is already on your bucket list? Well, Hawaii may survive for many more generations but this landscape is just 16 feet above the sea level and with the increasing water levels it may soon get lost. You will find the least crowd here and the best of the tropical climate. So, its better to visit an island which is away from the chaos of city life and give you peace and some click-worthy landscapes. If you want to enjoy the best of this island then save your dates from May to October and book your tickets now.

A hidden and unknown jewel- Mayotte

Some places are secluded because they are not known and some because they are hell expensive. Mayotte is both and if you have enough savings then you can visit here from June to November. Memories and traveling are surely important but we suggest to visit here when you have your pockets full. It is not even listed in the world dictionary that adds more charm to this island. When you visit here you will find the French influence as it is still under them. This island was conquered by France in 1843 and converted it, into an expensive island. Well! Our friends told us that it is worth every penny. Ther white sand beaches and amazing water activities without being crowded makes it on our list of unique countries to visit this year.

Quality time amidst Ivory Coast

It is a west African country and a place you must visit. This coast is best visited in November or by March. This island was once a very important route between 1000 and 1,500 AD and served as a major route amongst many kingdoms and cultures. Later it was claimed by France in 1893 and had faced many influences by European nations. Ivory coast gives you picturesque locations amidst the dense forests and white beaches. It gained independence in 1961 and there have been no looking back. This place should be on your list for the next vacation for its cultural and rich heritage. 

A rich unknown country - Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a name you have not even heard. But, its a rich country where you can spend luxuriously and have a history dating back to 4,000 BC. It is famously known as the Transcontinental Presidential Republic and the explorers love spending time here. There are many historical sites here that you can visit to understand the history and culture of this place. The most famous places to visit here are the Maidens Tower and Khans place. The spring season of Azerbaijan is not to miss as the beautiful flowers when bloom here gives you a jaw-dropping view.


Get World War 2 vibes at Kiribati

Nothing can beat the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Kiribati is lesser-known to the world outside and has many memories of World War II still alive. It is a tropical and beautiful island that is surely going to sweep you away from your feet. You can enjoy summers here all year round so dont forget to pack you sexy beachwear and sunscreen lotions to beat the heat. We have heard that this island has ultra-cool beaches and you can not resist the cocktails served here. Relaxing by the beachside, sipping your poison, and getting tanned can you ask for more?


Small wonder Brunei

A majestic Borneo island has a very small and beautiful Brunei country that is worth visiting and after looking at the picture we are jealous too. It is located near Malaysia, and away from the hustle-bustle of the cities lies Brunei. Let the hiker in you get some serious vibes as it is home to nine mountain peaks ranging from 775 feet to 3,772 feet and you can spend some time with the mountaineer in you.


Visit here for the unique mountain ranges and to visit some of the museums. There is not much to know about its past. Its a very hot and humid country so plan your vacation somewhere around the winters like October to February.


Chess prodigies are born in Armenia

Sharpen your brains as this country has many chess champions. Chess is the compulsory subject in schools here and not in secondary classes but from the primary. It is located between Georgia, Iran, and Turkey. The culture here and the natural landscape is to die for. You can experience the best views here. 


Pack your bags and plan travel in the above-mentioned countries. You will surely extend your stay so keep some extra leaves handy. Because you never know where this journey to some unique places will lead you to.

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