6 hidden beaches of Florida to visit these summers

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Feb 26,2020

As the summers are approaching we all must be thinking to plan our vacation on some exotic island where we can experience the beaches in their purest form. There are many countries or islands that come to mind when you plan for a beachy vacation. Hawai being on top of it. Florida is also one of the top tourist destinations when it comes to having a vacation at the beach. Florida is also known as the “sunshine state” and has some of the most amazing beaches. However, all the beaches are mostly located in the northern area and are an hour’s drive from central Florida. You can take a road trip or commute via public transport to reach the hidden beaches.

Even though Florida is known as the “sunshine state '' the weather here is truly unpredictable. It may be all sunshine and tropical here but, the rainy days can be very susceptible. You may feel the sun on top in one second and in the other, there could be little showers on you. Well! Even the cold weather on the beaches gives you an impeccable view of palm trees and birds.

Vacations in Florida are mostly looked upon for their favorite beaches. There are many places which are the best-kept secrets of Florida. Most of them are the beaches. The beaches here are widely open for the tourists and are mostly overcrowded. But, there are few hidden beaches of Florida that even the locals won’t tell you about. The sole reason behind it is that they want to preserve their heritage. 

Only a handful of people know about them and we are now about to share those beaches with you.

  1. Siesta Beach

  2. Vilano Beach

  3. Pass-a-Grille Beach

  4. Calusa Beach

  5. Lover’s Key 

  6. Navarre Beach 

Siesta Beach

It is not that much unknown or untouched that we wanted it to be but the locals are always wandering here. Only a little crowd of tourists can be seen here and that too not much lively. Most of the people are here just to relax or take a peaceful walk on the coastline. The sands here are white and powdery. This beach has a 99% pure quartz sand that keeps the beach cool even in soaring summer. You can divulge into the scenic beauty of this beach with amazing coral reefs and a beautiful sunset. 

Vilano Beach

People believe that Florida is not a very old country. But, when you visit Vilano beach you can actually experience the historical - 19th-century Spanish touch to it. This hidden beach is located on the north side of the famous tourist attraction Matanzas Inlet. The waves here are perfect for water-boarding. You can simply spend some quality time with yourself when you are here. The calmness here is surely going to attract you and the food near this beach is also, very authentic and you can relish the ancient touch of Florida while you soak yourself in the sun.

Pass-a-Grille Beach

It is located in West Florida and is the well-kept secret of the locals. St. Petersburg beach was incorporated with the Pass-a-Grille Beach in 1957. Most of the residents live nearby this beach and hence, keep this untouched beach to themselves. It has white-sand beaches and pink towers nearby are perfect for touring. The sand here is very clean and you can spot t even from a far distance. The tourists who visit here ensure you pay a visit at least once a year again as you will find solace in the peaceful bliss of Pass-a-Grille Beach. 

Sandspur Beach

It is located on the most famous Florida Keys and you would have not even heard of Sandspur Beach. It is a very quiet beach that can be located nearby and is a hidden beach that is yet to be. The white sands are enough to mesmerize you but the clear turquoise water adds a cherry on the cake. You can travel around for some shopping and eat the delicacies served nearby. 

Lover’s Key 

It has a very interesting story behind it. If the local lore is to be believed, this beach was meant for the lovers and hence, the locals avoided telling about this hidden beach to the world. Lover’s Key is secluded from the tourist places and can only be reached by boat. When you visit there you can get lost in the beauty of it and find a very handful of people and lots of birds especially the eagles and flamingoes. You can have a very quiet time for yourself and enjoy the perfect sunset and sunrise here. If you are planning to do some yoga by the beachside then it is the best place for you. 

Navarre Beach 

This is the best of all and once you visit here you will know why we are saying so. It is situated near the two main travel attractions Pensacola Beach and Destin. Navarre Beach has a very aesthetic appeal to it and when you lay back sipping your favorite drink here you will understand why it is so secluded. The locals obviously can’t share such precious gem of theirs with the world. You can hang out with your friends or spend some quality time with your loved ones at this white sand beach.

Florida has many hidden beaches to itself and the aforementioned are very few of them. We loved these beaches and advised everyone to pack their bags and post these jewels on the world map. People believe that Florida is mainly for the young generations with a happening lifestyle, but very few know that it's an excellent place to live after retirement. The calmness and beauty of this place are unmatched. There are many retirement homes here that are encouraged by the government and the health care facilities of Florida are very advanced. Many ought to believe that only elderly’s should stay back here but there are many business opportunities that you would not miss. It is a great place to invest in properties and healthcare facilities. 

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