Your Travel Guide For March 2020!

Traveling is an amazing experience ~ the realization comes only when one starts traveling. Unless & until you step out of your comfort zone & start living your life, you will not understand What traveling is? 

But, before you venture out, its important to have a plan. If you still do not have the blueprint of the March Travel Plan '', then you may miss a lot of things. Planning your travel is a pre requisite!!

This article is going to be helpful in that regard. It has a list of some of the most exciting places to travel in March 2020. With March the sun begins to heat the earth & the summer starts to rise. So, that needs you to choose places mindfully where you can beat the soaring sun and the heating up around. 

Lets read about these best places to travel in March 202o. Here we go:



Do you know why we say India is amazing to travel during March? Theres one important reason and we call it HOLI! Its an important festival of India when the entire country looks colorful. 

Its amazing traveling to any corner of the country during this uniquely celebrated festival Holi. Its great wandering around attending Holi parties and observing people playing Holi. 

In different parts of the country, the traditions & customs that are followed vary. So, if you want to experience all of it, just make sure that you are visiting at least the important parts of the country where Holi is celebrated on a grand level. 

Top places in India where you must visit in March 2020: Mathura Vrindavan, UP, Bihar, Punjab, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Delhi, and Karnataka.


Northern Italy

While there isnt any bad time to travel to Italy, but March is without any doubt one of the best times of the year when everything is set for tourists. Its when the summer tourist rush wont bother you and spring is all set to enter the countrys boundaries. 

With all this, it is great to begin this Italy Vacation Packages from Venice. As plenty of festivals are organized during the month of February and therefore, the crowd is unbeatable during the season. March is definitely an amazing time both in terms of saving money and the reduced crowd. 

Then you have to consider taking up a road trip along La Strada del Prosecco. Cruising through the rolling hills, sipping bubbly and exploring the way along is going to be an amazing experience. 

Another beautiful attraction is the Verona, which is the place where Juliet & Romeo budded & grew into a beautiful love story. March is an amazing time to experience the love & romance in every part of the city in peace.


Death Valley, California

There are some valid reasons that make March a suitable time to travel the death valley in California. The death valley is located in the lowest position in North America. And, with this, the temperature goes to all its extreme - the winters will have temperatures as high as 120 degrees in summers. During March, the windflowers appear that makes it wonderful to discover and explore amazing things. The 

the Furnace Creek must be your first spot where you have this opportunity to discover the history of the place. Then the sunrise from the Zabriskie Point is incredible to experience. Watching for the light under the moon with starts spread all through the sky has to be a gift as you say. 

You cannot miss visiting the Borax Museum, which is historically a valuable part of the place for the visitors. You will be amazed to see the historic mining equipment like locomotives and wagons. It is the Keane Wonder Mine where you would learn how gold mining was used to be done in the death valley during the 1900s.




Texas is one of the most visited places to visit during March! And, the best part of a visit to this place is the performance by over 2000 artists that perform during an assortment of media, music & film festival. This event is organized from the 13th of March to the 22nd of March in Austin. Another important place to visit during the trip is Houston for the rodeo which happens from the 3rd of March to the 22nd of March. Here, you will find everything from concerts to carnivals, wine tasting, barbeque, horse riding, and more. 

If you want that proper feel of the spring then Miraval Austin is a must! Here you have plenty of things to enjoy including yoga, horseback riding, hiking, a spa day, and much more. And, you get the opportunity to enjoy the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas, which Southwests largest Celtic event.



With the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign, Nepal is on this amazing mission to promote tourism in the country. We say that March is an amazing time to plan a vacation to Nepal for the fact that it is when most of the hiking trails get opened and the temperature starts rising pleasantly.  While high in the mountains you can see snow, in the lower you will feel spring all through. 

It is March when the days start growing, but the great thing is that tourism has not yet started growing. It makes out that you have to face only a lower crowd making it a good time of the year to travel to Nepal. 

Everest base camp hiking is one of the most popular treks of the country. While you may just know about the popular Everest Trek, there are plenty of other small treks that are amazing. But, make sure that if you are gearing up to go for the Everest base camp hiking then choose the second half of the month when there wont be any problem because of 

Traveling to Nepal during March has another advantage when you can participate in the festival of colors, Holi that is falling on the 9th & 10th of March. It is celebrated widely in India & Nepal as a way of acknowledging the triumph of good over evil. This March vacation to Nepal when people enjoy their time throwing colors on each other, singing, dancing, and enjoying great food.


So, this is a precise list of some of the most exciting destinations for your March travel plan. It has been designed keeping in mind the important events, weather & the tourist crowd. While there are many more destinations that can be your best travel spot for March 2020.

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