Top Secret Italian Villages to Travel

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Sep 04,2023

Italy ~ also known as Bel Paese meaning a beautiful country, is definitely that part of the European land that will win your heart at every step. 

Be it Rome, Venice, Florence or not so surprisingly, the remotest villages of the country, you fall in love with it. From the amazing canals to that beautiful dance of nature that the country showcases are all amazingly appreciable. 

While the big cities like Rome & Florence are usually talked about in Italy, you must not ever have heard about the charm of the magical Secret Villages in Italy. 

It is these small pretty villages where you get this opportunity to wander through the deserted cobblestone lanes and a bunch of magical places where you can escape the crowd and be charmed by the innocence of the old days living style in Italy. 

Lets explore some of these Italian villages scattered all through the country. From the villages alongside the sun-soaked islands to the mountains in the north, you will love it all. Here we go:


Procida, Campania

Procida is the Bay of Naples smallest island, all covering an area of 1.6 square miles. While most Italy vacation packages are so curated that travelers just get a sneak peek into the island on their way through Ischia & Capri. But, if you are focusing on discovering the beautiful villages of the country then dedicate spending some time out there around the village. Hop on to the Procida ferry from Naples

If you are a photography person, you are definitely going to get a couple of great backgrounds for your photography session. Along with the amazingly colorful buildings and the crumbling ruins found at the top of the highest point of the Terra Murata, its definitely going to be worth it spending time here. 

Top things to Do in Procida, Campania: Procidas harbor, Food tasting tour, Vivara isle, Terra Murata, a dip in the sea & do more.


Chioggia, Veneto

While initially, you might find it super tough to pronounce even its name but make your mind that you are going to love it all. Chioggia, Veneto is a small town located on the Adriatic is even older than Venice. 

Its the best place to visit particularly when the sky is blue and the sun is shining, the place is at its best to relax & enjoy some time with the locals. In addition to that, the local fish market, pretty beaches and plenty of places where you can capture your best moments. Trying out different kinds of seafood is going to be an important part of this part of the visit and the water-lines streets are amazing.


Tellaro, Liguria

The coastal village of Ligurian has similar charm as the popular village of Cinque Terre, which has recently become much congested and has not that charm as before. Tellaro, Liguria helps tourists in meeting the expectations that the charm of Cinque Terre has created in tourists minds. The wonderful cobblestoned streets, pastel-colored buildings, and particularly the pleasant sea view is something to dive deeper into & enjoy. If you want to see the real Italy of the past, then this small pretty village is worth it.


Locorotondo, Puglia

Locorotondo is truly a gift of nature! As and when you enter this beautiful place, you cant resist, but pick the camera & capture moments that have created pictures in your head. The whitewashed walls, from where the red & pink geraniums spill out are undoubtedly the great background for the pictures you are clicking. The attraction of the place is Chiesa Madre San Giorgio, which is the popular cathedral whose tower & dome are things to see & observe. Another important part of this visit is sampling the popular white wine of the place. Do not forget to visit this place, if you really want to experience the pretty & pristine villages of Italy.


Pitigliano, Tuscany

Pitigliano is also known as Little Jerusalem! Pitigliano was once a Jewish settlement that existed in the 16th century. Although by the mid 20th century most of the Jewish people were gone, there are still you can know about Jewish and the period that existed. It was mainly because of the persecution by the Nazis & their economic conditions that they migrated. You have historical places like the Palazzo Orsini (a fortress belonging to the 14th century), which has plenty of historical artifacts and many caves to experience while walking along the way.


Saluzzo, Piedmont

The village of Saluzzo is located near Turin. It is a small historical town that is magic for the tourists. While only a few tourists come to see this place, whoever visits enjoys every part of it including the view of the Alps & the historic centers. Here you have to enjoy the Casa Cavassa that is built around antique furniture and vibrantly beautiful frescoes. Also, do not forget to visit Villa Bricherasios serene botanical gardens. While in popular cities, you can witness the beauty that exists alongside the modern-day developments. You may feel the essence of the real picture lost with all those developments in the big cities. But, small villages like Saluzzo will let you enjoy raw Italy.


Spello, Umbria

Spello is a place where you can truly escape the crowd & enjoy the less-traveled regions of Italy. This beautiful village is just 15 minutes away from the crowded city of Assisi! While you wander around the city there are beautiful churches & amazing Roman walls to discover. 

You will also love Spello for plenty of other reasons including piazzas, Le Infiorate, and an important festival celebrated in the late spring in which flower petals are all laid throughout the city. More than visiting popular cities, you will love exploring these remote areas or charming villages.


Viterbo, Lazio

Located in central Italy, this quint beautiful city is located an hour away from the popular city of Rome. If you are a great observer, a person who contemplates things & places, Viterbo is the place for you. The walled medieval city is where you can stroll around & contemplate. On your trip to visit Palazzo dei Papi in the historic center which once used to be the papal seat. And, one of the most exciting tourist spots to visit is the thermal baths, where the locals & tourists from across the globe enjoy to make their vacation an amazing experience. 

This list contains the list of some of the hidden gems of Italy! There are plenty of other less known villages which offer amazing experiences. Explore the beauty of these amazing places with your next Italy vacation packages. 

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