The Best Destination for Your Perfect Vacation Every Month of 2020

Almost two months of 2020 has already passed nevertheless you are still left with 10 months to plan your vacation for every month. 

All you have been doing for a long time is looking at their pictures from their vacations & regret suppressing your desire to travel. Just sitting inside your cozy blankets in the comfort zone of your room wont do.

This is all enough of it, two months have already passed & the good news is, still, we have 10 months. We can still plan at least 10 vacations - March 2020 to December 2020. 

This article is all about the best destinations for every month of the year. This may look bizarre, but this will help you design your travel plan for the year. This will make sure that you do not have to wait longer!

Check out these top destinations for every month ~ March 2020 to December 2020:


March 2020 - Oman


The best time to travel to Oman is between October and March ~ its when the weather is quite cool & comparatively pleasant. While the Americans are not very familiar with this Middle Eastern country when it comes to tourism, it could be a real escape from your everyday hustle & bustle. For your March getaway, Oman can be one of the best choices. Unlike Dubai, known particularly for the giant skyscrapers, and a bunch of modern-day places to visit, Oman has some magically fascinating villages belonging to the 17th-century. This part of the country looks all frozen in time. The beaches, mountains, and amazing landscape ~ thats all that you will enjoy throughout your trip. With all, this Oman perfectly lives its nickname the pearl of Arab

Other top places to plan a vacation in March: Playa del Carmen (Mexico), St. Lucia, Lanai, Hawaii, Amanemu, (Shima-shi) Japan, New Orleans, (Louisiana), Adelaide (South Australia), and more.


April 2020 - Naples, Italy


Naples is not as popular as the other parts of the country! This southern city of Italy has grown to fame after the My Brilliant Friend, the recent HBO presentation hit the screen and amazed its audiences. The curiosity to explore it all has grown abounds and people around the world seem more interested in knowing more about the place. With streets all adorned with 18th-century buildings & street art, this is going to be the perfect treat for your heart & soul. You will find pizza all across the street thats the perfect treat for your taste buds. Just discover every part of the museums housing Caravaggios and the castles. Make April 2020, a memorable moment for your soul. 

Other top places to plan a vacation in April: Bellagio (Italy),  Bolivia, Miami Beach (Florida), Tahiti (French Polynesia), Bhutan, Kyoto (Japan), Porto (Portugal), and more.


May 2020 - Prague, Czech Republic


One of the amazing things about Prague, especially when you are traveling during May is the annual Spring Music Festival. Happening between the 12th of May to the 4th of June, this celebration of three weeks is all laden with music, fun, concerts, party nights, rock jazz, and performances by popular classical artists. Apart from this, the spectacular urban gardens and the citys wonderful architecture are things to look for. The urban gardens are particularly the charm of the city during the month of May. Its when the frisson of excitement bounds one. The smell of lilac all perforating through every corner of the city is just hypnotizing. At Prague Castle, the annual Festival of Ros Wines is another attractive thing about the city in May.


Other top places to plan a vacation in May: Memphis (Tennessee), Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Louisville (Kentucky), Alabama, South Korea, Morocco, South of England, and more.


June 2020 - Uganda


Ohh Junehere you come! Do you dream about having gorillas around? Ostensibly, a Gorilla vacation cannot be planned at the spur of the moment, but if that has always been a part of your dream then June 2020 shall be the best time to plan Uganda vacation. During this time of the year, with dry & cool weather, theres way better probability to spot gorillas while you trek across the spectacular Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Lake Nakuru.

Other top places to plan a vacation in June: Tasmania, Long Island, Cte d'Azur, France, Peru, Fiji, Tuscany (Italy), Napa Valley (California), Dubrovnik (Croatia), New York City, and more.


July 2020 - Canggu, Bali

With the coffee culture, all flourishing in Canggu and the digital nomads (writers, coders, & consultants) all busy with their MacBooks, the vegan breakfast they serve is perfect for all. The bright & beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding ~ all your July vacation needs is a place like Canggu, Bali. After the perforating but pleasing sunlight as and when the night enters the picture, almost all of Canggu young crowd heads towards the laid-back beach, The Lawn, which serves hibiscus cocktails and the old-school hip-hop. 

Other top places to plan a vacation in July: Corsica, Cartagena (Colombia), Lake Como (Italy), Zurich (Switzerland), Baden-Baden (Germany), Mount Hutt (New Zealand), and more.


August 2020 - Vienna, Austria

August meets almost every travelers dream to Vienna, Austria. All over flourishing food scenes with spectacular beaches, vineyards, every part of the country will win your heart. Vienna is one of the most visited capitals of Europe. If you want to enjoy the real outdoor culture of Vienna then August is the most exciting time of the year. And, the Danube Island is the place where you can go cycling, swimming & more. 


Other top places to plan a vacation in August: Aspen (Colorado), Brussels (Belgium), The Maldives, Edinburg (Scotland), Nantucket (Massachusetts), Croatia, and more.


September 2020 - Barcelona, Spain

It is the annual festival of Fiesta de la Merce ?that particularly makes Barcelona gloriously amazing to visit during the month of September. Its the largest festival in Barcelona. From 12 to 24 of September, every corner of the citys street is all filled with parades, parties & more. The festival is celebrated to honor its patron saint. And, the best thing is that almost all tourists have left the city with a slightly warm temperature to enjoy the panoramic view of the city atop any bar rooftop. 

Other top places to plan a vacation in September: Munich (Germany), Portland (Oregon), Honolulu (Hawaii), Cincinnati (Ohio), Galapagos Islands, Hvar (Croatia), and more.


October 2020 - Jaipur, India


October marks the end of the monsoon season in India! With this, neither too high nor too low temperature, and balanced temperature, giving the perfect space for travelers to explore the city to the fullest. Get to see the incredible elephant sanctuaries, amazing shopping spots, and the unique palaces. There are plenty of hotels & luxury accommodations you could opt for. 

Other top places to plan a vacation in October: Holland, Formentera (Spain), North Adams (Massachusetts), Iceland, Santa Barbara (California), Upstate New York, and more.


November 2020 - Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

This whole planning will help you in the long run with a clear picture of your travel plan for the year. With plenty of picture-perfect beaches, dense forests, and an assortment of luxurious hotels, November in Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica is going to be the perfect thing. However, the place is remote, but ostensibly for winters, remotely located places are perfect getaways. With adventurous activities like zip-lining, four-wheeling, and jet skiing are treat for the adventurers. 


Other top places to plan a vacation in November: Andalusia (Spain), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Patagonia, South India, Egypt, and more.


December 2020 - Venice, Italy

Ahh...This is the end of the year! Venice in Italy is one of the best places for planning a vacation in December. With gorgeous visage, the spot is almost every time filled with tourists. While most people will think of going to a lagoon during the summers, that clearly is not true. If you are lucky, you could even have an encounter with snow curling spookily across a lagoon. 


Other top places to plan a vacation in December: Cologne (Germany), United States Virgin Islands, Kyoto (Japan), New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and more.

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