Top 10 Romantic Destinations to Travel in February

Love & Romance - that’s how you define February! It’s when the roses seem to imbibe their significance in a better way. They fall in love, they fall more in love & it all accentuates to a higher degree. With the young ones finding ways to fall in love and with the ones already spent many years together finding ways to make their partner fall in love all over again, February comes as a month of LOVE.

It’s Valentine’s day that primarily brings about that sense of oneness in togetherness. Couples around the world wait for this season of love to arrive. The excitement & zeal begins all from the Rose day (with which Valentine’s Day starts) and remains till Valentine’s Day. With all that going around, people find different Valentine’s Day celebration ideas. Traveling is on the list of most people! 

However, thinking of traveling is easy, but deciding which are the top romantic destinations to travel in February is not that easy. The article will help with the same and plan a rejuvenating & romantic escape. Here we go:

Here are Top 10 destinations to travel in February:

Ibiza – Spain

If you are looking for the best places to travel in February then you cannot forget the name of Ibiza – Spain. All it offers is amazing pavement cafes, blooming almond trees, and lovely blossoms. During the month of Valentine, drinks & tapas are quite cheap. But, do not think that Ibiza is a cheap city, no matter, in which season you are traveling here, you have to know that it’s an expensive place.

Best Places to Visit in Ibiza: Best Places to Visit in Ibiza, Ibiza Cathedral, Playa den Bossa, San Antonio, Talamanca, and more. 

Top Things To Do Ibiza: Slingshots, windsurfing, partying, and  flyboarding

Best Time To Visit: May to October

Ibaraki - Japan

Usually, people do not think of visiting Japan to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it is actually one of the best places to visit during the season. Japan is particularly known as the “Land of Rising Sun”. Ibaraki is a place in Japan located in Kanto along the north-east of Tokyo. The place is popularly known for the Hitachi Seaside Park, which makes it one of the best places to visit during February. With a huge number of beautiful flowers, this giant piece of land is undeniably an amazing place to visit. For flora lovers, the place is undoubtedly a paradise and it is one of the best places to visit for couples.

Best Places To Visit in Ibaraki: Mount Tsukuba, Hitachi Seaside Park, Fukuroda Falls 

Best Things To Do in boating: Boating, Hiking, and Have sushi

Best Time To Visit boating: October-November

Szczecin – Poland

For all the adventure-loving couples, who love camping and trekking, Szczecin is the best place to visit in the month of love, February. In addition to that, it is complete heaven for the ones who have that immense love for nature. The wide range of crooked trees all in Szczecin makes the nature lovers fall in love with it. With around 400 pine trees, which uniquely grow at an angle of 90 degrees is something very interesting to see and observe. Camping around these crooked trees is an amazing feeling and the best thing is that you do not have to spend your hard-earned money without thinking. 

Best Places To Visit in Szczecin: Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle, Szczecin Philharmonic, Wa?y Chrobrego, Stare Miasto, Szczecin Cathedral, Szczecin Underground, and more. 

Top Things To Do in Szczecin: Visit microbreweries, Admire the architecture, Explore Polish food

Best Time To Visit: May-September

Tropea – Italy

Visiting Italy is always a great idea particularly during February, in the month of LOve & Romance. It can never be a bad idea. Particularly in Tropea, wandering around the Norman Cathedral Franciscan monastery of the 12th century is immensely rejuvenating love emanating. It is this place that is believed to have the best place for Valentine’s day vacation. Into the warm sandy waters that shine like a crystal clear stone where you can swim is an altogether a great feeling. And, that amazingly perfect panorama around the castle is perfect. And, when you are bathing in the sun, the best thing is the view of the coastal cliff. Tropea undoubtedly is one of the best places to visit in February 2020. 

Places To Visit in Tropea: Pizza at Vecchio Granaio, Santa Maria dell'Isola, Aeolian Islands, Benedictine Sanctuary of Santa Maria, and more. 

Things To Do in Tropea: Wander around the streets, Watch a sunset, Tasting tour of the Italian food, explore streets

Best Time To Visit Tropea: June-August

Bahia – Brazil

If you are wondering about the best places to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020 ~ Brazil, Bahia is one of them to consider. With the perfect blend of Portugal & the African culture, you have in the store the perfect February vacation & perfect Valentine’s day celebration. With this uniquely built cobblestoned streets, churches, plenty of amazing things to do, and the impeccably built 16th-century buildings, you cannot have a better February vacation destination. History, culture, that you can all see around those assortments of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is just WOW. And, for a romantic evening, a walk across the waterfalls, natural wonders & the serene coastal villages is the best thing. 

Places To Visit in Bahia: Pelourinho, Morro de São Paulo Island, Chapada Diamantina, Discover Itacaré, capoeira, Taste moqueca, and more. 

Best Things To Do in Bahia: watching for the sunset, exploring caves, shopping, observing the architecture, and more. 

Best Time To Visit: December to March

Paris – France

No one will deny the fact that PARIS is one of the most Romantic destinations in the world. When you are looking for vacation packages in February in 2020, then Paris is the first name that comes to anyone’s mind. There is something really incredible in the city’s air, something that will fill your heart with love & romance. With all that mouth-watering cuisines, the evergreen surrounding, beautiful roadside cafes, the uniquely designed wine bars, and there’s much more that makes the city one of the best places to travel in February. 

Best Places To Visit in  Paris: Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Cathedral Notre Dame, Louvre Museum

Things To Do in Paris: Sunset Eiffel Tower, marvel at the architecture, go on a romantic walk along the Champ Elysees, Sink in the history

Best Time To Visit in Paris: April to June and October to early November

Copenhagen – Denmark

With 15 Michelin starred restaurants, Copenhagen is one of the top destinations to plan a vacation in February. And, the best thing about this Danish capital is that there is something for any type of traveler. You have shopping, food, history, culture & other assortments of classical things to indulge in. This clean & green city is undoubtedly a treasure for the ones madly in love. It makes for one of the best places to visit in February 2020!

Places To Visit Copenhagen:  Nyhavn, Amalienborg, Tivoli Gardens, The Little Mermaid, and more.

Things To Do in Copenhagen: Watching the sunset at Nyhavn, strolling around Tivoli Gardens, reveling at the splendid architecture of Amalienborg, and more. 

Best Time To Visit Copenhagen: March to May or June and August

Venice – Italy

Looking for romantic places to visit in February 2020? You cannot resist, but list Venice in the list of the best places to visit the month of love & romance. With exquisite buildings, the Venetian architecture, and the neighborhood that looks all decorated with beautiful churches is something that’s amazingly romantic about the city. No matter where you turn your head, you find something amazingly magnetic. Explore Venice at your own pace with your partner, enjoy the perfect Italian seafood ~ it’s all going to be immensely romantic. 

Places To Visit Venice: St. Mark’s Basilica, St. Mark’s Square, Canale Grande, Ponte di Rialto, Venice Lido, Bridge of Sighs, and more.

Things To Do in Venice: Be surprised by the amazing architecture of the city, move around through the churches, and do more. 

Best Time To Visit Venice: April – May & September – October

Costa Rica – Central America

Costa Rica is one amazing destination to travel in February, the month of love! The rugged mountains, amazing volcanoes, unique national parks & the rainforest, it’s all that makes this place amazing. For lovebirds, this part of Central America is a place worth traveling. From surfboarding lessons to wildlife exploration & strolling through the beaches are among the top things to do in Costa Rica. At the core of the flourishing wildlife & marine life exists sustainable tourism in Costa Rica. This nature’s gifts with plenty of beaches and places to relax is a destination you must consider to travel in February. 

Best Places To Visit in Costa Rica: Puerto Viejo, Cahuita, Tortuguero, Corcovado, Arenal, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio, San jose, and more. 

Things To Do in Costa Rica: Snorkeling, hiking, surfing, trekking, scuba diving, and other water sports. 

Best Time To Visit Costa Rica: December to April

Melbourne – Australia

Falling in love with the pleasant weather and falling in love with your partner all over again ~ it’s going to be the same throughout your vacation in Melbourne. The gorgeous parks, all amazing cafe culture & plenty of popular tourist attractions, this makes for one of the best places to visit during February and the month of valentine’s Day. From the swanky boutiques or the flamboyant bars, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with. 

Best Places To Visit in Melbourne: Eureka, Royal Botanic Gardens, Queen Victoria Market, Federation Square, Skydeck, and more. 

Best Things To Do in Melbourne: Walking around the beautiful gardens, exploration of the national parks, the world’s best coffee, get indulged in street art, and do more. 

Best Time To Visit in Melbourne: March to May

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