Everything about Coronavirus Outbreak Before Planning a Vacation

Wait! Even if you have had plans of traveling to China, it’s time to give it a thought & reconsider. You need to immediately tweak your plans a little. The China Travel Advisory has already floated around news, “it’s not safe traveling to China” due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. 

The China state department has already categorized it under the Level 4 alert. This came after, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared Coronavirus outbreak as Public Health Emergency of the International order. 

Everything About Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the new “destructive newness” in China! The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in China brought about that all, affecting 17,300 people (globally) with over 362 dead. However, all efforts are being made to stop the virus from spreading, but according to experts, the death toll will rise in the coming days given this huge scale spreading of the virus.  Due to this, eighteen of the major cities in Beijing have been quarantine, where more than 60 million lives have been locked up.

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Coronavirus belongs to the family of viruses, which begin from mild effects like cold and can accentuate to more severe diseases. The most common symptoms include fatigue, fever, dry cough, and sore throat. In the later stages, this may develop into different forms of breathing difficulties. These viruses can transform from animals to humans. A human to human transfer has also been registered.                                   

How many people have been affected?

To date, there have been over 17,300 cases (globally) of Coronavirus infections. And, as many as 362 people have suffered the loss of their lives. 

How & where the Coronavirus Infection Began?

It has been investigated and found that the coronavirus infection began in Wuhan from a seafood market. It was between 12 to 29 December that the infection started taking its toll with some of the infectants employed surrounding the market area. However, the animal that transmitted the virus is not known till now with (snakes & bats) being the possibilities.

Spread of Coronavirus

Is it spreading in the surrounding area? 

Yes. The bad news is that the virus is fast spreading in the neighboring countries with (of course) China registering the highest number of cases. Other affected countries include France, Australia, France, Thailand, South Korea, United States, Hong Kong, Philippines, Macau, and Japan, Taiwan. The virus is found to have spread through over 25 countries!

Because of this increasing menace, many of the top tourist attractions in China like Disneyland in Shanghai have also been closed. 

Is there a vaccine?

There is no vaccine available to date, and in years to come, it could take years to make a vaccine for the same. However, China has already begun building a hospital that treats only patients affected by the virus. 

Announcements by the China Travel Advisory after the Outbreak of Coronavirus!

China Travel Advisory

The China travel Advisory has warned travelers from planning China vacation packages until the spread of Coronavirus comes into control. Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, it is really not a good idea to plan a china vacation in any case. 

This announcement came after the WHO (World Health Organization) categorized coronavirus as a public health emergency (of the international order). A part of this announcement by the China Travel Advisory says, “Travelers should be prepared for travel restrictions to be put into effect with little or no advance notice. Commercial carriers have reduced or suspended routes to and from China." It also says that "Those currently in China should consider departing using commercial means."

This announcement was floated, the first case of human to human spread of the virus in the United States when the husband of the Illinois woman (coronavirus affected) was found affected by the virus. Initially, it was Wuhan in China where the virus first originated, but it has now registered as many as over 100 cases of coronavirus in other countries. Some of the countries that have registered the case of this spreading virus include India & the Philippines. 

The travel advisory has imposed a prohibition on Americans traveling to China after seeing the increased cases of virus infections. The travel advisory was raised from level 2 to Level 4 in the Wuhan district of the Hubei province of China. 

The US State Department has also called for the departure of the employees at the Hubei embassy and also for the ones working in Shenyang, Guangzhou, and Shanghai consulate. 

More than 60 million people from Japan, the US, and many other nations are stranded in China after the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The respective Governments are working to bring their citizens safe from Wuhan. 


For now, it is not safe to travel to China! If you have no idea about Coronavirus and how the cases of infection & death have been escalating rapidly, you must read this article. And, if you are already in China, get a returning ticket as soon as possible or confine yourself indoors as much as you can.

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