Top 5 Coldest Winter Destinations in Europe - Temperature Under 0c

If you want to feel the extremely chilly weather in Europe then planning is a prerequisite. While there is an assortment of destinations where winters are different ~ these top 5 Coldest Destinations in Europe have an unimaginably pleasant temperature and an altogether different winter experience.

These are destinations where just putting on an extra layer will not alone manage the shivering. The temperature drops extremely wild with bone-chilling feeling! From Russia to Norway to Italy, to Germany & Austria, theres no dearth of places with ice-cold temperature.

Heres a precise list of Countries in Europe where Temperature is below -10C:

Country Name

Average Temperature




-19.1 C

UK (Scotland)

-27.2 C


-27.8 C


-31.2 C


-32.0 C


-35.0 C


-37.9 C


-41.9 C


-47.1 C

Russia (European part)

-58.1 C

Lets throw light on the coldest winter destinations to visit in January 2020 which are part of most of the Europe vacation packages

Lowest temperature Recorded so Far -41 F/ -40 C


Located approximately 280 miles away from the Arctic Circle, Yakutsk is one of the coldest cities in the world. The average temperature of Yakutsk during January is -40 C. For those who love the season and being in the bone-chilling weather, this place is simply heaven.

Lowest temperature Recorded so Far: -30C

Average Temperature during July: 18.9C

Innsbruck is known to be the snowboard & ski capital ~ it wont truly disappoint you if you are looking out for places with chilly weather. The climate of Innsbrucker is dominated by winter with long bitterly cold days, low humidity & precipitation in the form of snow. Being the host of the Winter Olympics two times, theres no dearth of tourist attractions in the city. From the amazingly beautiful architecture to the rich-history ~ everything is amazing. And, thankfully Austria vacation packages during the winters are affordable

Venice, Italy

Lowest temperature Recorded so Far : 49.6 C (In Trentino-Alto Adige)

Average Temperature during July: 19 C

Best Things to Do in Venice in Winters: Campo San Polo Ice Rink, Saint Marks Basilica, Venice Carnevale, Gondola Rides, Teatro La Fenice, and more.

Throughout the winters, there are definitely bizarre yet entertaining events that cannot be missed. If you are someone in love with the uncomfortably cold weather then Venice is the place for you. In addition to the costumed events, there are plenty of free ones you can definitely enjoy and save a few bucks. The advantage of visiting Venice during the winter is that you can soak up the culture, the antique architecture, and the wonderful atmosphere.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Lowest temperature Recorded so Far: -31.2 C

Average Temperature during July: 21 C

Best places to visit in Copenhagen: Christmas Markets, fairytale castles, winter wonderland in Tivoli Gardens, Kronprinsensgade, visit at the food markets, and do more. 

We all know that Copenhagen is one of the most fairy tale cities in the world! And, particularly during the winters, you will love every part of it with Denmark vacation packages usually available at affordable prices. The chilly weather giving you that immensely rejuvenating feeling can make you fall in love with the place. The concept of coziness is an important part of the city when people relax, enjoy coffee and breathe in the pure surroundings. Coziness is promoted in Copenhagen and that's one thing that makes the city love the chilly weather during the winters.

Bled, Slovenia


Lowest temperature Recorded so Far: -20C

Average Temperature during July: 17C

Best places to visit in Bled, Slovenia: Ice Skating, Skiing on Straa Hill, Sledding at Bled, Snowshoe at Pokljuka, Snowboard Lessons at Vogel, and more. 

Bled, Slovenia is particularly a place for the winter lovers ~ winters in Bled are the perfect relaxing escape. The inexplicably incredible beauty coupled with the peaceful surrounding, there's nothing that will disappoint you. Bled is particularly known for its healing climate, the tucked away ambiance, and amazing thermal lake water. In addition to being the perfect place for skiing and other activities, you have a medieval fortress, the Bled Castle to visit ~ which is the oldest castle in the country.

These are some of the cities in different European countries and they are simply heaven for people who love the pleasant weather during the winter! In addition to this, there are many other parts of the continent that gives thousands of reasons for travelers to plan a vacation during the winter.

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