The Best U.S. Cities To Visit For A New Year's Eve

As the new year is just a few days away, we all get into the childlike spirit to make plans for the new year celebration. They say, home is the most comfortable place to welcome a brand new year; however, the time has changed. We are in the 21st century, so let’s celebrate it that way. The first snowfall forces us to get into the winter gear and make a snowman outside our houses. Likewise, pack your bags and get out of your house and celebrate the big day merrily. 

We all had fun around Christmas time and it is time to plan something for this festive season has something in it that pushes us hard to get out of the house and welcome travel plans suggesting the best destinations in America. There are several U.S. cities that deserve a visit for new year celebrations. If you have decided to ring in the New Year’s Eve in the US, this post accumulates the top destinations to visit in America that would surely put you in the holiday spirit. 

Top Picks For The Best U.S. Cities To Visit During New Year Eve

Christmas has just passed and as we are getting closer to stepping into the next year. We have heard the clear sounds of Christmas carols, now we're gonna listen to music that will force us to tap our feet. The air is filled with sweet sounds of welcoming songs, the aroma of roasting chestnuts and mesmerizing old red wine. This describes the seriousness of the time to plan a trip after the yuletide. Let’s get on the sled and go for the beautiful ride among places to be explored around New Year 2020.    

New York City 

Undoubtedly, New York rocks the list of places to celebrate the brand new year as everyone looks up to Times Square at midnight to witness the spectacular night. Times Square Ball is the preeminent part of the New Year's Eve in Times Square. When the ball descends down, it signals the beginning of the new year that is followed by the confetti, balloons, and fireworks. Before the much-awaited Times Square Ball Drop ceremony begins, the people at the venue to enjoy music, parties, and walking through this major commercial intersection. This tourist destination gets crowded near this time of year when every people gathers to enjoy being a part of the grand celebration with their beloved ones.  

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife and casinos, but the city is also popular among tourists for its new year’s celebrations. The city knows how to treat tourists that makes it one of the best cities to celebrate in the US for New Year’s Eve. Las Vegas Strip is the best party place in the city but it is really crucial to understand the city’s culture. On the eve night, the entire strip turns into a huge block party as all the streets get shut down early in the day. There is a large group of people ensembles to witness the celebration vibes around the strip. The midnight fireworks are an overwhelming display of colors that fills the air with fun. 

Los Angeles

This city offers infinite possibilities for celebrating New Year’s in a big way once arrived at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). There are endless options to explore and enjoy the holiday time, from groovy warehouse party halls to happening nightclubs, to beautiful beaches, this city of Angels gives you all. On the eve of New Year, Grand Park downtown in LA holds the biggest event with mouth-watering cuisines and breathtaking Live music. 

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida

One of the best places for families to visit in the US for new year’s eve parties. The Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney is an ideal spot for kids as it offers exciting and fun-filled activities for both kids and adults. Bourbon Street strip is a fabled place in Florida where the first glimpses of New Year celebration are noticed and a flock of people assembles to enjoy the last day of the year dancing, slurping on the delicious delicacies. 

A giant fleur de Lis drops at the top of Jax Brewery to signal the arrival of a new day of the year and it gives a fantastic view to the people present at the venue. This is also the best spot to cue a spectacular firework show over the Mississippi River. Jackson Square and the French Quarter are some good options to visit during this time of the year. 

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is the perfect place to celebrate New Year if traveling with family and kids. It is a family-friendly holiday destination to enjoy winter vacations. Most of the Hawaiian cities host traditional luau parties on beaches for New Year celebrations; however, the capital city, Honolulu offers the best of both the worlds. Some parts of the city host events with urban feel on the sides of Waikiki and some host events with the tropical side on the North Shores. The temperature in Hawaii is warm in December which makes it perfect weather for people who like to party in summer clothing. A fabulous firework lights up skies at night at the Waikiki Beach and the Aloha Tower Marketplace that are the main reason for attracting tourists. 

San Francisco 

New Year’s Eve in San Francisco is certainly the best option for visitors all over the globe to witness the spectacular fireworks show, especially, between the Ferry Building and the Bay Bridge. Mint’s New Bohemia New Year’s Eve event in San Francisco is one of the famous events in the city to take place around this time of the year. The event starts with the dance party in which the professional dancers perform and the most eclectic community of DJs and Live musicians accompany. It is presented by the Vau de Vire Society that has many elements to make the last of the year unforgettable. The Comical characters, dance performers all over the globe, and musicians are the center of the attraction. New Year's Eve 2020 Masquerade Ball is another place where New Year Eve is best celebrated. This is the best event to gussied up for a scintillating rooftop party at the Hotel VIA. At the event, Venetian masks are complimentary and selection of the seats is on the basis of first come first serve. 

Last Words 

If you are all set to ring in the New Year in the United States, the places that have been in this post would have you and your family talking about his New Year's Eve for years to come. These places are worth a visit on the eve of the new year and ensure to go for travel agent recommendations for accommodation while planning around new year’s eve. 

And The Countdown Begins……

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