5 Effective Kettlebell Workouts for Weight Loss

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Aug 25,2023
Kettlebell and dumbbell

The kettlebell is not the most sought-after tool for fitness by the youth, but this underrated exercise has some astounding underlying benefits. This instrument has the lot to offer to those seeking to lose some weight in quick times. They combine the benefits of aerobic exercise and that of the strength training. Overall one must do the Kettlebell Workouts for weight loss because not only this increases the flexibility but also the strength. It can be done in multiple fashions such as Kettlebell swing, kettlebell lunges, single arm swing and the highly famous Turkish get-ups. So, if you stay away from the Kettlebells because you are not sure about how to use them, we would let you know the same here in this blog. You can then lose hundreds of Calories while building the muscle strength.

Kettlebell Workout for Weight Loss combined Aerobic and Strength Training

Kettlebells look like cannonball orbs made of iron with a handle and grip at one of the ends. For a 20-minute workout, you can easily lose up to 270 calories if done in the proper fashion. Combining the aerobic and anaerobic efforts, you stand to lose more such calories. Apart from giving the aerobic workout, it also helps in giving the body the required endurance and muscle strength. This special function of the Kettlebells makes it an excellent option for weight loss. It can count toward your recommended two or more strength training sessions for the week and help improve your aerobic capacity.

How can you plan a Kettlebell Workout for Weight Loss?

There should be the systematic formation of exercises, the time gaps, and the nutritional boosts to plan the Kettlebell workout for weight loss. The American Council on Exercise Research Study found that the Kettlebells were actually useful for a high-calorie burn as well as for muscle strength building. But there should be a proper structure for that as well. The exercises should contain 30 to 45-minute routine of kettlebell exercises like swings, cleans, presses, snatches, lunges, Turkish get-ups. It should be followed by a 10-minute cooldown if you are really exhausted. Here are some of the Kettlebell Workout for Weight loss you must incorporate into your daily routine

Kettlebell Swing with Both Hands

It is important that you learn how to control the movement of hands and legs before moving on to more complex exercises with the Kettlebell. In this form of exercise, you require holding the kettlebell with two hands. Now stand with feet shoulder-width apart and the Kettlebell in front on the floor. The Kettlebell should be centered between your feet. Now lift the kettlebell in your hands and swing between your legs up and back. You should work on flexing your hips as they act as a hinge and the knee as flexion. You must keep the spine in a neutral position by ensuring the back is straight and the neck aligned.

Kettlebell Swing with Single Arm

The single arm kettlebell swing is challenging but you must do it only after having learned the regular swing movement. This is a more challenging core exercise because you need to manage the rotation of the kettlebell too. The setup remains same for the deadlift and the regular swing. This time, only the single hand will be used to lift the kettlebell from the ground and grip it. Now swing it forward as you leverage the hip movement. Twist your forearm toward the front during this movement. Complete as many repetitions as you want to before switching to the other arm.

Kettlebell Lunge for Weight Loss

Once you have learned the earlier two exercises properly, now is the time when you learn the Kettlebell lunge using two kettlebells one in each hand. Here you should start with putting a kettlebell in your right hand as you step forward with your left foot into a lunge position. Ensure your shoulders are pressed back and chest lifted, as you push down and back to the standing position with your forward leg. Repeat as many times as you wish before swapping sides. 

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